MSC 10% off Coupon

Posted March 1, 2019. Virtual Tour - Click me. Go to "Perfume and Cosmetics Deck 6". You will find a heart, just click on it to get a 10% coupon. PROMO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 10% discount for new individual cruise bookings only excluding government fees and taxes (GFTS). Not valid for group bookings. Valid for all departures, excluding the MSC

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promo code ENCOFF

The agent saw that I had two 10% coupons applied. One was from a cancellation and the other one was the one from the Encore booking. I just have to make a note of that for my own records in case this cruise gets cancelled.

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Coupon Discounts

25% off Royal Lahaina Luau up to 4 people. 50% off Boss frogs weekly snorkel rental. 2 for 1 body glove cruises. 2 for 1 surfing or windsurfing lesson from Kaanapali Windsurfing School. 50% of any "off the rack rate" (whatever that means) at tons of resorts.

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Shore Excursion coupon/promo code

Promo code GNOME12, will get you 15% off your excursion. Link to comment Share on other sites. More sharing options craftygrandma. Posted July 28, 2017. craftygrandma. Members; 458 July 6, 2012; Casa Grande, AZ #7 Share; Posted July 28, 2017. did you find a coupon code for Shore Excursions Group? did you take their excursion? I'm

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princess coupon book

The Shops of Princess: 15% off your purchase of any three Princess logo apparel, souvenirs and accessories. Port Day Special: $40 off Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow with 75-minute Massage. Port Day Special: $40 off 75-minute Aroma Stone Therapy treatment. Port Day Special: $35 off 50-minute Elemis Biotec Facial.

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Shore Excursion Coupon Code

Shore Excursion Coupon Code Shore Excursion Coupon Code. By TypeRCop, August 14, 2012 in Carnival Cruise Lines. Recommended Posts. TypeRCop. Posted August 14, 2012. TypeRCop. Cool Cruiser; which actually took 10% off my order. $52 bucks!! I didn't check out, but they save your info. So the next day the discount was still on there, but when

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10% FCC discount

Posted. I'm thinking that there is a difference between the 10% discount coupon that they were issuing (to be used on a future, more expensive cruise, and then decided would only be one to a customer) - and a 10% fcc that the newest cancellation letter mentioned. Sounds like they are giving you FCC based on the fare for your cancelled cruise

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Celebrity Promo Codes

Promo2c. Bevclingrat = Beverage Classic including gratuity - that's inclusive of the 18% gratuity on drinks, NOT the free prepaid daily gratuities. Celebrity generally states that their sales, in addition to including one or more perks, include a fare reduction (whether or not this is true or merely smoke and mirrors is another matter.)

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Excursion Promo Code!

Upon research, it has been determined that the promotion code "bgd001" was due to expire in 2012. It was the first shore excursion discount code that was able to be inputted on Carnival's website. RetailMenot, similar to Cruise Critic, is a community based website. Users like you and I have the ability to share our findings to such providers to

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Beware Of Chankanaab Coupons

November 3, 2004. #1. Share. Posted March 25, 2008. Hi, I read about the $2 off coupons for Chankanaab Beach on various websites. We decided to give that a try. I was quite disappointed to arrive and find out that they needed to *KEEP* a photocopy of my ID before they would let me use the coupon. I understand that they need to verify the ID in

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Coupon Savings Booklet

It was mostly spa coupons (10% /20% off) for specific services, a drink coupon buy one get one cheaper like happy hour, 10% off bottle of wine etc. Pretty disappointing. Link to comment Share on other sites. More sharing options catl331. Posted October 25, 2019. catl331. Members; 11.6k September 27, 2006;

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$1 latitudes coupon

August 1, 2011. #1. Posted June 27. I just signed into my latitudes account and see that under my account, under the coupons and credits section, I have an “exclusive coupon” for $1.00, LoL. Anyone have any idea what that’s about?

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Spa Discount Code

The code is still working and will save you $20 off your spa treatment! The discount code is SPAJON. Link to post Share on other sites. mikel24m. Posted May 20, 2017. mikel24m. 5,000+ Club; Is there a current coupon code for spa services on Carnival? Link to post Share on other sites. 1bellamarie. Posted July 5, 2018. 1bellamarie. Cool

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20% off Spa Treatments Code

Depending on the time slot you choose, anyone can get additional savings. I booked a 75 minute massage that went for $160 in the evening of a port day but $145 at 4PM. Then I was able to use the 20% off to get the price down to $116. The 20% off will cover the tip! I see an offer now to bundle three services and preorder to save 30% on the package.

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TA Won't Allow Use Of My Coupon!

The Coupon Code is DAUJ. It is for a discount of $125. Please advise if I can still receive this discount. We did finally get her to take the coupons after I said we expected that she should still get her commission on the coupons..she took off 16% off of the coupon amount and we got the rest back on our credit cards.

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