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Just got an email from themFYI30% off anything from 11/20 - 11/24. Coupon Code: friendfamily Giants Pro Shop - ( New Window )

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NFT: Peleton or alternative

Here is a coupon code for $100 off Peloton accessories - 5BVDA9 Echelon Sport Connect bike after looking at a bunch of reviews for 500 bucks off the Walmart website. Solid quality and easy to put together. I subscribe to the peloton app and use the echelon app to track distance cadence and resistance on my phone while watching the peloton

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NFT: Where to buy outdoors equipment for great price

Bed, Bath and Beyond has been sending me 20% off coupons since 1812, and they have a camping section, along with just usual stuff that can be used. Part of the USA Today Sports Media Group BigBlueInteractive SM provides news, analysis, and discussion on the New York Football Giants.

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NFT: Home Depot Prices

A lot of stores have sale prices and coupons for online only. SoDev : 6/19/2014 1:55 pm : link In 2014 you should always consider checking online for any large purchase before you buy it at a store, or understand that you could (probably are) be paying more for the convenience of having it now.

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NFT: Rick Pitino and AD Tom Jurich Out at Louisville Big

"Russell Athletics officials meeting with two-star recruits in parking garages, telling them that if they commit to Georgia Tech they can make it worth their while, flashing coupons for 50% off any item with the purchase of an equal or greater value item from Dick's Sporting Goods." hahahahaha

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NFT: Yankees trade deadline discussion Big Blue Interactive

The deadline is 4:00 pm Wednesday. Minor League baseball has just released its updated Top 30 prospects for each team, with changes based on 1st half minor league performance and the recent draft and international signings. For the Yankees, the list remains filled with right handed starting pitching. This updated list shows 16 of the Yankees Top 30 are right handed pitchers. On the trade …

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NFT: Yankees prospect watch after a month (rankings are

Gleyber Torres is in the Bronx (#1 prospect) --Estevan Florial (#2) off to a slow start in Tampa (High A) .224/.352/.329 in 20 games --Justus Sheffield (#3) doing well in Trenton despite the 1-2 record 4 starts, 2.86 ERA, 22 IP, 13 H, 11 BB, 30 K. He'll be in Scranton soon --Miguel Andujar is in the Bronx (#4 prospect) --Albert Abreu (#5) wowed in the Arizona Fall League but is on the DL I

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NFT: Name something you miss that is no longer relevant

Not COVID related, just saying in general Maybe technology has eliminated, or companies have folded or processes have changed to save money. Just a few examples. - Friendly customer service, (is there such a thing anymore in retail?) (Budget cuts/greed) - Video Rental Stores (Streaming killed) - Toys R Us (Walmart and Amazon killed)

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NFT: Marlins at Mets Game 2. Peterson Big Blue Interactive

Coming back off TJS to put up a top 15 season isn't exactly a slam dunk either. Conforto is trickier because of Boras but no chance he gets $180m from anyone. None. He's a COF'er. Ozuna only got 1 year 18m last year in an offseason with no revenue issues and his numbers weren't far off

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NFT: Mets @ Jays; Game 1, Trying to Continue July

Mets are perfect in July so far. They look to keep it going with Wheeler on the bump. Boom! 2-0 Cabrera dinger. Estrada is hurt and out for the Jays after 3 batters.

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NFT: It might be time for me to bid the Mets adieu Big

before jumping off the ledge. But yea, that doesnt sound good. Wilpons have always been the problem The Coupons blaming analytics for their shitty team

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NFT: Have you ever met a celebrity

I haven't met any A Listers. I was a production assistant out of college so met some C and D listers. Janeane Garaofolo, Patrick Stewart, Bruno Kirby (spoke about the Godfather nonstop). Met Trump a few times (was nice in person). Nicest one was Carson Daly who I met on set of MTV Live (when they did that Times Square countdown), dude was very friendly, low key and appreciative.

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NFT: Mets in talks to sell up to 80% of the team Big

to Steve Cohen. Yep, when they said 'business as usual' for now they meant it. Thins out an already thin farm system for essentially a bum. /shakes head BVW and the Wilpons can't go soon enough. This is the type of crap an amateur sitting in the GM's chair with Jeff Wilponsi in his ear makes.

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NFT: Know what the Mets need

Bobby Valentine Delusional post of the day? Probably but deal w it. who cares if he isn't w the modern millennial ways. Obviously modern doesn't work w the Coupons. Lets face it, he worked best w the NY Mess of anyone the past 30 years.

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NFT: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day Met fans Big Blue Interactive

Quote: Michael Mayer ‏ @mikemayerMMO Happy MLB Deferment Day! This thread is dedicated to all (shocker Bobby Bonilla isn't the only one!) of the current and future deferment payments given to MLB players. 1:37 AM - 1 Jul 2018 484 Retweets 724 Likes Joanne Chris Crawford Sheldon Higgins Eric Monacelli Jeff Word on Willets Pt Nelly Etienne Katz Barktist 42 replies 484 retweets 724 …

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NFT: Barry (HBO) *possible spoilers* Big Blue Interactive

I didn't see a thread on the return of HBO's Barry on Sunday night. I am so impressed by the quality of the show, and it seems to have picked up at the same very high level at which it left off last season. Even though there's a lot of overt comedy, it reminds me a bit of Breaking Bad in some ways, in terms of the suspense and the increasing stakes for the show's protagonist, especially in

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NFT: Mets chat Big Blue Interactive

-absolutely brutal loss last night -on the bright side, bullpen is starting to come around. Lugo was fantastic, Gsellman hitting 99--wow; diaz strong as usual. Will be getting Wilson back shortly, and hopefully familia can pick up his game when he is healthy as well---would still sign kimbrel if that's a possibility -there are too many good hitters to get super concerned about the offense

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What are the odds about Bill Belichick being our next GM

Judge gets wacked, limps back to New England.A group hug takes place with Belichick,McDaniels,and Patricia(also canned) They follow that up with a Subway lunch,in which Belichick is treating.He also hands out coupons to the table.

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NFT: Mets announce Omar Minaya assistant to the GM Big

Remember he pulled off the Niese-Walker trade early in the offseason. With Walker on board, it made it harder to retain Murphy. But then Murphy gave the Mets a chance to match the Nats offer and they didn't. Murphy had been a Met his whole career and never wanted to leave the organization. This was Sandy's huge mistake.

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NFT: NYT: Who Ruined The Mets Madoff or the Katz/Wilpons

Quote: "Fred Wilpon, who recommended Madoff’s supposed financial wizardry to many close friends, including the Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax, called it the biggest betrayal of his life, and once likened it to a serrated knife being plunged into his heart." I don't buy that he and Katz didn't know what was going on.

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NFT: A little pre-game Mets-Yankees talk: Marcus Stroman

Jorge Mateo is killing it this year. With the caveat that he's playing for offense-boosting Las Vegas, he's put up a .330/.361/.578 line with 10 HR, 11(!) 3B and 15 2B. His stolen base prowess has been off, though, caught seven times against 14 steals.

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NFT: Mets-Rockies Big Blue Interactive

The Mets are basically running a scam where the Coupons are using the team to pay down their personal debt at the expense of their customers. Fuck them. In any other business, if the company you are investing resources in is actively looking to fuck you over, you'd jump ship, too.

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NFT: Mets Talk: Would you trade Syndergaard

I began thinking about it after this tweet, not sure what precipitated it, but I think I would. Noah is clearly a top of the rotation starter with tremendous stuff and he's the kind of player you normally build around, not trade away, so I wouldn't shop him per se. But I believe in the philosophy no one is untouchable. No one. So, while I would trade him I'd need to be blown away.

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NFT: NY Mets injuries Big Blue Interactive

I feel this is an organizational player evaluation flaw. They seem to continue to rely on guys who have lengthy histories of DL time. This is a GM issue more than an ownership issue IMO. This is The one hope I have as a Mets fan the team isnt doomed unless the Coupons sell or move them. Ugh.

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NFT: Phillies to sign Andrew McCutchen Big Blue Interactive

as per Trade Rumors. Don't have a link on it tho. I know if you look at McCutchen's numbers, he looks decent on paper. But that is mostly because he draws a ton of walks, which boosts his OPS+ and other analytics.

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