Lies to get you got sign up on reduced shipping and 10% off

I received a catalog from Heartland America about 2 months ago. There's a coupon at the bottom of the cover page which says $10 off plus free shipping, with promo code and expiration date:07/31/2010. But when I tried to use the promo code on my order(way before expiration date) the computer didn't give me $10 off and free shipping.

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Harbor freight fraud complaint scam ripoff overcharge review

Rep assured me I could apply all my different 20% off coupons. Got invoice and they only applied it once, cheating me out of $13.00. Off I go a posting and emailing all about the HF SCAM Harbor freight fraud Harbor freight complaint Harbor freight scam Harbor freight ripoff Harbor freight overcharge Harbor freightreview! Comments. 0

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taste for savings complaint

First off they say it is a voucher to get a gift card. Not a card, not that a card will be sent. A voucher. Very different. Second it, they say you will get 1000 in COUPONS. I am a coupon shopper so ot is whay it is. Reply! +1. JD. 5 Mar 2015. This is purportedly a legitimate business. If so, it is the last word in sleaze. I eventually

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Heartland America (catalog and on-line store) complaint

I was doing it online as one item I wanted was $10 cheaper via online and was to receive free shipping. But when I went to checkout I noticed a $6.95 charge for shipping. I was also going to use a coupon code I found at a reputable site for $10 off for first-time customers, but when I tried to use it my price was actually RAISED $10.

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ultimate savings plus complaint

2) Believing that I was talking to my bank I electronically signed up for their promotional of a free $200.00 gasoline voucher plus a $25.00 restaurant gift card. By the way all of the people that lead me to slaughter had foreign accents but had anglo American names, another red flag. (definitely an off shore operation)

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Direct Buy complaint

21 Jun 2007. Country: United States. We attended their presentation and after some calculation decided to pay for the membership which was $4990. We wanted to update our kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as bedroom furniture. We put down about $1000, and the rest was financed through their lender Beta Finance.

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ultimate savings plus complaint

Today was different; I contacted the same 1-800-955-7070 on the back of my card and was re-directed to an unusual recording stating that I was selected to benefit from an offer where for the fee of $2.95, I would receive $200 in gas vouchers and other bonuses, followed by toll-free directory assistance.

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Heartland America (catalog and on-line store) complaint

This is an evil company. They intentionally deceive. I ordered a clock from their catalog a few months ago. The price was $39.99 with a $10 mail-in "rebate." I know how companies pull off the "great rebate scam" as it is known as. So I VERY CAREFULLY followed directions so they couldn't come back later and claim I forgot to dot an i or something.

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WC Mon ValuePlus complaint

Aleksandra Kudyba. 12 Aug 2014. Country: United States. I have noticed monthly charges from WC Mon ValuePlus in the amount of $24.95, did not pay much attention to it because I was sure these charges were for gasoline, one of our gas stations has a very similar name therefore all of these charges have been ignored by me, until most recent

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Mega Millions Sweepstakes complaint

Received a call from a Mr. Brad Miller - 876-295-6054 - stating I was the winner of 2.5 million. He told me I had to be home at 3:30 p.m. and I would get the check. Additionally 3 armed guards would take me to the bank to verify the deposit. I told him how did I win, he stated my name had been drawn and they had missed delivered the check

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ultimate savings plus complaint

It was a representative from Ultimate Savings Plus. They stated their location was in Phoenix, Arizona. I listened to their spiel. I was told that because Capital One's phone lines were busy I was being directed to them in the meantime. As a result of my inconvenience, I qualified for a $200 gas card for only $2.95.

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ultimate savings plus complaint

they called my cell phone with promises of sending me a gas voucher and more coupons charged me 2.95 for setting up my account and i recievd some crap coupons that are uless to me because the stores are in other states.! Comments. I immediately got off the phone and my debit card was cancelled and i am receiving a new one. So glad the bank

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I called customer service and spoke with Becca---she set up an ra number, and said she would try and to hold the proper size coat (only one left) for me. I ended up getting my buddy to buy the larger one from me, and order me the size I wanted---but couldn't figure out how to enter a coupon code---so I just paid the extra 25---

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P&G Cascade dishwasher detergent (new box) complaint

2 Nov 2010. after much searching on the internet this morning I just re-washed my dishes with straight powdered borax, and white vinegar added to the rinse dispenser. I didnt clean my dishwasher yet..washed on the "heavy" cycle, hot water..about 1/2 of the film I've had for months is gone.

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Direct Buy complaint

Personal Loans, Student Loans,Car Loans And Loans To Pay Off Bills. contact us today by e-mail at: ( Reply! 0. We went in the other day for a free $100 gift card to the store, 2 resturant coupons (which i already knew those were crap), and $500 savings (not gift card) to a vacation booking site.

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Canadian Pharmacy complaint

stop harassing calls from online pharmac replies to tim. 12 May 2015. yes their numbers are 1855-840-0584 1800-532-4808 1-619-908-1418 x 104 james, x106 Dwayne, ext 102 Max. GET THEM BACK. 0. Bob replies to tim. 15 Jun 2017. 1-888-860-6650 ask for "Gary" I call him 20 time in a row for each time they call me.

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WC Budget Savers MN complaint

You would not believe how much money has been taken out of our account since nov.2009 This is april.2010. I have went threw our bank statements and found charges from these companys WC budget savers,MVQ Travelmember,WC Value plus, Mvq privacy matters, the funny thing is this account im talking about is in my boyfriends name i have a seperate banking …

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Ray Larkin, Campus Concepts USA complaint

Claims to be in business since 87 Cannot find any thing on Google but for few years as CHANGED name to throw off the honest truth seekers. Do NOT do business with them and for sure do not besmirch your school's honest reputation!! Reply! 0. Kelley replies to Mike Smith. 19 Mar 2015.

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Great Clip Haircut complaint

19 Feb 2013 | 1 reply. I go to Great Clips all the time. I always go to the same stylist and she does a good job. I usually tip $3.00 but I am wondering whether the stylist is paid less when I use a coupon. If the stylist is paid only a percentage of the coupon price I should tip more to make up for her loss.

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