coupon code for online travel store

10/18/15 06:49 PM. 2786 posts. If you are looking for a coupon code for the RS travel store, I have been shopping there for maybe 14 years and have never heard of a coupon code for the RS travel store. I will watch for any replies you may get that provide a coupon code, however, with their new policy of giving tour members $100 certificates to

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2 for 1 coupons

Hey Marguerite, I just posted the same answer on another question today. Scroll through the Classic View or The North-Ireland-Britain. Go to There are coupons that you can print out before you leave the USA. Also the TI on Regent St. in London has 2 …

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Walks of Italy Promo Code

FYI : Walks of Italy has a 20% off promo code good until Monday 5/20. MAYSALE20

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Interrail Pass discounts offered by

But I have never managed to catch sight of a coupon code! All their links lead only to the current 10% off deal by Interrail. I even found a table quoting 340 euros for a 2020 Senior Global Pass, but clicking on it still didn't help. The standard price is 444 euros, the 10% offer 400 until end 2019, the price I paid last year.

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2 for 1 coupons

They have all the brochure information you would ever want. Take a backpack so you can carry them. There were several 2 for one coupons but you can also get on-line now and print some off before you leave home to the sights you want to visit.

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Buying Campania Express tickets in advance

Both On the italian and the English version of you can continue to the payment page without filling the coupon code field. Did you turn Chrome's auto-translate off? Did you tick the terms&conditions box? Posted by paaru.pandit OP 05/27/19 04:52 PM. 10 posts.

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RailEurope 30% Discount 1st Class E-Swiss Passes

Just saw it today and booked mine. Promotion: For a limited time, get 30% off all First Class Swiss Travel Pass e-passes with coupon code 30SWISS17. Amplify your Swiss itinerary with this exclusive offer! First date of validity must be on or before June 30, …

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Salzburg Card Discounts and Value

Back to report--it was a good deal for us! We saved around 20 Euros per adult and 8 per kid, so 56E total. We used it at Hohensalzburg, Mozart's birthplace, the Salzburg Museum (which was an impulse-my son saw a billboard for a special exhibit and in we went), the Mozart dinner concert (10% discount), and Hohenwerfen--plus the bus lines, which we used constantly.

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Flixipass Options

Note the current coupon code that allows you to take $75 off each order for 1st class passes; supplies are limited, so don't count on the offer lasting through July 15. Posted by Joanne. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 06/09/15 12:34 AM. 158 posts. You mention only five days of travel but 3-4 days in each location. I can't imagine that you actually

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Toilets in Italy are superior to those in the USA so

I agree with par.pas75, I would rather pay for a toilet (participating vendors for some "toilet chains" have 50%-off coupons, can't believe I am writing this) that's clean rather than take my chances at most public toilets in the US. Posted by wayne. LaVerne, Ca, usa. 11/20/15 07:52 PM.

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Will my Garmin work in Italy

Cricket - I just bought the Garmin Nuvi 275T from for $239 (I found a $20 off coupon code on the web). I bought it now in advance of a trip to France in September so I would be familiar with its use. To me, it's perfect for my needs - …

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What are your recommendations for pocket wifi rental

There was a coupon code I used for 9.95 euro off the shipping which I could probably locate if you want it. Shorter rental terms they are a better value, these longish trips they get pricey compared to say a SIM card.

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discount coupon books for Europe

Posted by Kathie (Colorado Springs, CO, USA) on 05/09/09 06:30 AM. When we were traveling in Alaska, we ran into folks who had discount coupon books they had purchased ahead of time for the area. They had coupons for huge discounts for major sight seeing attractions, events and tours.

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International Response Coupons

I was looking into getting tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower of London. I had a horrible time getting the International Reponse Coupons. I went to 9 different post offices in Mississipi and Louisiana. Reponses ranged from they do not exist, they are only sold at the main post o

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Senior discounts

There is a senior rail card in Great Britain that costs 30 pounds for one year. Then, 1/3 off fares. If you are taking several train trips that may pay off. About half the sights we have gone to have a concessions price (what a senior discount is called here). I think you just need to …

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Best deal on your Shutterfly photo books isn't 50% off

415 posts. I made a big 8X11, 111-page book with the deluxe lay flat pages from Shutterfly, and it is magnificent! They usually do the free page promo roughly once every 6 weeks or so. You can stack that promo with the free shipping plus the 50% off

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Has anyone used this cell phone service

And you can use this coupon code to get 15% off your purchase from Telestial: FROMMERS01. I found it on and it works. Posted by Micky. San Francisco, CA, USA. 06/02/10 09:38 PM. 97 posts.

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alitalia--E-COUPON CODES

Alternatively, you will have a horrible trip - marked by poor customer service and lost baggage, topped off by them not really caring. IMO the chances of the latter are way too high to risk flying with them. Posted by annette OP scottsdale, arizona. 02/06/13 03:35 PM. 73 posts.

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Pacsafe Daypacks Worth The Cost

I recently got some new carry on luggage at 20% off then another 20%, I checked the site daily for a few weeks but it was worth it. (and they just sent me a coupon code for $25 off a $75 purchase for my birthday) Posted by Gela. San Jose, CA, USA. 06/26/09 05:38 PM. 423 posts.

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London Pass

I think you can get a lot of the coupons off the internet. Do a Google search and download them BEFORE you go. Also some of the coupons are in the booklets you can get from the Visitors Center IF you don't print them out before you leave on your trip. We LOVED England and Wales. Posted by Joel.

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framed photos from your trips

Unless they are having a sale, I use their 40-50% off coupons. In this day of digital cameras, you are able to edit, crop and print just about any size. I typically will look at what is available in the stores before having things printed. 11 x 14 is a rather common frame size, you should be able to find something already made.

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Eurail Global Pass sale

Eurail tends to do one or two sales every year, most often in winter, but not completely predictable, and usually less generous than that. Our supplier, Rail Europe, has also had a few coupon code offers, up to $100 off, again not predictable.

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Swiss pass or 1 month half fare pass

Unfortunately, you are traveling too late to use the current coupon code offer (for travel completed by June 30). The 3-days-in-a-month pass is less coverage, but only 25% off from Wengen or Grindelwald to Jungfraujoch and return. Jump to top. This topic has been automatically closed due to a period of inactivity.

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Tower of London Keys Ceremony--Int'l Response Coupons

I would like to attend the Tower Keys Ceremony, and have written a letter requesting tickets, but you have to include international response coupons for them to send the tickets to you, and I've had two PO's tell me that USPS no longer issues them. …

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Booking flights well in advance to London.

If you sign up for their Chase credit card, you will get a coupon code for 10% off any flight in 2013 booked on the website using the card. You also get 50,000 points plus another 50,000 if you meet certain spending requirements. That is enough for a business claa trip ( with some $ required too) or an economy flight if you prefer.

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7 day travelcard with 2/1 discounts

Just need to check the details. When we arrive at Heathrow, we can buy two consecutive weeks of paper 7 day travel cards. This will allow us to use our downloaded coupons for the 2 for 1 discounts..even though we will not have a train ticket for each day of usage.

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Packing Success and Failures

With the coupon code it was $20. It is a little bigger than I typically carry, but I ended up really liking it. I kept my phone in the open pocket, cash in the zippered pocket inside, receipts in one outside zippered pocket and my masks in the larger zipper pocked. I didn't worry about securing zippers, but it would be easy to do so. 3.

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Transportation within Europe

If ordering any of these soon, then be sure to use our $50-off coupon code. You should make seat reservations to and from Paris in the same booking, to be sure that they're available. Seat reservations for all four legs add up to $65 or 70 per person in 2nd class.

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Swiss Travel Pass Question

The only mountain trip where the Half Fare Card gets you a better discount than the Select Pass is the Jungfraujoch, where you get 50% off the whole tripmwith a HFC. The Swiss Pass and select Pass give you 25% off the section above Wengen but 50% up to that point.

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Mozart dinner concert

Are you trading off a visit to enjoy your fave Austrian beer and sausages which has had you salivating for a year or are you all about the music - plus the food was good, just not beer hall (smile). I may not opt to repeat the dinner, but what it added to my experience was an appreciation of something I know very little about; drove me to dive

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Randa to Zermatt and Swiss rail pass

They occasionally have seasonal pass specials and Rail Europe occasionally offers dollars-off coupons, but none that I'm aware of at this time and never announced in advance. Posted by Sam. Green Bay. 09/02/16 08:36 PM. 15824 posts. Then a Swiss Travel Pass might work for you. You will still need to pay 50% cost for the ride from Muerren to

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Packing tips, airline tips, travel photography tips, even an RS $100 Coupon Code for trips booked by the end of this month, we'll see if I can get it together to plan some future RS trip, I do love a discount! Enjoy it all, Chani!

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Switzerland / Italy Rail

For most trips to Switzerland and Italy, we do recommend just a Swiss Pass, as you are thinking. I would consider the e-ticketed version for 8 consecutive days and use Rail Europe's 20% off coupon code, which would bring that price down to about $304 per person.That gives you more coverage and lift discounts on your "in between" days.

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Oyster Cards for London

The travelcard that offers discounts is the paper card you get at the railway station. You can get a travelcard put on an oyster card, but it will not give discounts. 24 GBP for a 7 day travelcard on an oyster card, and an additional 1.80 GBP to get you into London from Heathrow for …

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Seven countries

Thanks, Pam, the AutoGrills sound very different than what we are used to for a 'pit stop' ;). Good info about the travel pillow - I always have the 20% off coupons so I'll have to make a trip the BB&B. I will make a note of the St. Chapelle concert. I am not sure yet how the evenings will go yet. One evening has the river boat ride.

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France (slightly) off the beaten path: Paris

The one with the travel books is on your left as you're facing the fountain with St. Michel on it. A huge ion of Micheln as well as the very useful iGN road maps. We rented a car from Hertz (I had coupons from a credit card that knocked a lot off the price) and we rented from Orly. That worked quite well since we were heading south.

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Rome, first timer fasmily

It is our first time in Rome. We will stay in rome for 3 nights. November 13-16. I was thinking to get a hop on hop off bus tour on first day, What do you think? Is it a good idea? If yes where is the best place to buy it? Any coupon code available? Our kids are 11 and 13. I like to know what

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Restaurant recommendations

Of course, we also encourage you to buy Rick's Italy book with your tour member coupon code and it includes more restaurant detail than the guide can rattle off. Posted by stan. The Heartland USA. 06/13/16 09:12 PM. 5720 posts.

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Retired Military Access to American Bases in Germany

It depends (on buying gas here). We don't have a gas station on base here so it's strictly coupons for us. For people coming from Germany, you go to the fuel point (or MP desk after hours) with you ID card, leave/pass form and registration/rental agreement and you will be authorized to buy a limited amount of coupons.

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Photo book recommendation

The only limitation we've found with Milk is how many pages their albums can accommodate (determined by thickness of chosen paper stock) with premium paper the capacity is about 40 pages [~20 sheets]. They routinely offer online coupons, which can be as much as 30% off

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Petite women, backpack carryon with hip belt

The bag is almost always on sale (currently $99, use coupon code "VIP" to get 20% off) Posted by Frank II. Freedonia. 11/18/15 09:50 AM. 9122 posts. When a bag is referred to saying it "opens like luggage" means it opens on three sides with the "hinge" on one of the longer sides.

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Paris hop-on hop-off bataboat on Seine

The hop on and off bus is called L'Open Tour,, in fact there are two companies that do this, the other one is called "Rouge Cars". I think L'Open Tour buses have more routes , we tried them two years ago and enjoyed them . They have two decks,, and sitting on the top deck is …

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Orange Holiday SIM card

The third day I couldn’t text photos. The fourth day I couldn’t text anything. Between 4 and 5 texting worked but no photos end of day 5 no texting at all. I’ve rebooted, reset network connections and finally powered off Removed and replaced the SIM card and powered back up and I still can’t text.

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Swiss Travel Pass Deal on Rail Europe

Just a heads up that if you are interested in a Swiss Travel Pass for the early summer, Rail Europe is starting a deal for 20% off the STP if you purchase an ePass. Travel must be completed by June 30. It's saving my husband and me a little over …

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Shipping Medication from USA to Portugal

If you're not using insurance for the medication, you can use the GoodRx program. Go to their website or download the app, and you will get a coupon to use for a discount, as well as finding out which pharmacies near you have the best prices for the medication. It's very variable: sometimes you only save $1, but sometimes you get 2/3 off!

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London- 7 day Travelcard and 2 4 1 Discounts

We're (DH and I, 30th Ann.) in London 5/8-18 and I'm trying to firm up our itin. I've used Rick's seven day plan, just switching a few days around to match the weekends (flea markets, etc.). I was planning to buy the 7 day travelcards (zones 1-2) and t

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Question about skipping one leg of flight in Germany

tickets - general ua rule: 0100 b) flight coupons will be honored only in the order in which they are issued, and only if all unused flight coupons and the passenger coupons are presented together. cancellation of reservations ua rule: 0135 b) failure to occupy space.

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Parking at Boston Logan Airport

There is the off site lot Logan lot I know people use but rate is really not that much better there, you can find coupons that help a little. Not sure the town you are coming from? If you don't care for Uber ; I have walked to a hotel close by and then used Super Shuttle based on that hotel since they don't care if you are staying in the hotel

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