Coupons for specific Listings

03-18-2019 03:16 PM. coupons can be used on any item in your shop, & not many people will see a coupon code if you mention it on your hoe page. you need to do as …

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Solved: Discount code for just one item

When you do a fixed amount off it appears to be off the whole shop. It would be interesting to know if it is supposed to be that way or if the system bugged out. Meanwhile, …

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Please add your coupons and promotions here.if your coupon needs updated, please leave a message and I will update.

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Coupons to Existing Customers

Community Maker. 01-02-2022 09:35 AM. You can add a coupon code to the printed receipt you include in your package. When you go to print the receipt select "customize …

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Any way to limit use of coupon codes

25 Replies. 08-17-2018 10:27 PM. No way to limit the use of the coupon code 08-17-2018 10:33 PM. After the purchase, you can email you customer an offer something like …

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Solved: Buyer asking for a discount code

Buyer asking for a discount code. Jump to solution. by TheWhimsicalClaykery. Post Crafter. 01-15-2022 09:50 PM. Hello everyone, I recently had a buyer (the buyer's …

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Solved: Implement a limit on how many times a discount …

I have done those in the past too. For example, I may have a new release and I would promote that listing and say, "15% off the first 10 orders" or "$10 off the first 10 orders". …

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Multiple coupon codes

Free shipping is the one exception to the rule. If a buyer uses a coupon code (or if you advertise a discount sale through the Sales and Coupons tool) and also a free shopping …

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Automatic Coupon Discount for 3+ Items

yesterday. Shop manager > marketing > sales and coupons, select new special offer. Select "run a sale." Chose the % off you want to offer and then select a minimum quantity of 3. Fill out the …

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Solved: Do you offer discounts on bulk orders

When I asked I will offer a discount, New customers are welcome to 10% off by using the coupon code on my shop banner. And I also offer a wholesale discount on orders of …

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Make a one-time coupon

Translate to English. 06-09-2016 07:02 PM. Just create the coupon code, and send it to your customer to use. I've created specific codes using my customer's initials, and …

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Coupon Fraud, is this a thing

She found the coupon code on a website that offers coupon codes; She has an app like Honey that searches for codes; Here is some information you need to know about coupons. Less …

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coupon code not working

01-04-2021 02:56 PM. OMG, thank you for this! I'm a new shop and just had this issue last night because they were buying the new listings. I had no idea I needed to manually …

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How do I delete an old coupon

@FabByGoldenGal . This is a very old thread. Starting a new discussion would probably work better for you. If you change the date range in the upper right of the coupon …

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Invalid Coupon Codes Being Redeemed

Set expiration dates on coupon codes and make sure they get deactivated. Check your active codes regularly. Know there are sites where people can obtain codes (I've used …

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