Parent reviews for Adventure Academy Common Sense Media

Luckily you can turn that option off but my kids tried it just to explore it and they don't say anything interesting at all. Thats a probability for inappropriate dialog waiting to happen. What I really hate is how they offer these "great deals" of 75% off or 50% off or 30% off. When you tru the free trial.

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to TikTok Common Sense Media

On both phones, tap the three dots next to the user profile; tap Family Pairing and sync your account to your kid's via the QR code. Keep in mind kids can always re-download TikTok and create a new account using a different phone number or email address, so …

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The Lion King 1 1/2

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive Messages. The other meerkats make fun of Timon. Some potty humor--jokes about passing gas, burping, nose-picking. Violence & Scariness. The hyenas attack the meerkats. Some comic violence (the friends fall over a waterfall, almost fall off cliffs, etc.) The hyenas may frighten some children.

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Mr. Mom

Jack and his mommy friends play poker with coupons; Caroline applies domestic know-how to land a tuna campaign; Jack conquers a wayward vacuum cleaner; and Caroline fends off her randy boss. In the end, Jack realizes his wife does more than he can ever imagine while he is away, and Caroline realizes she can hold her own in the corporate world.

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Adventure Academy App Review

Adventure Academy offers beautiful graphics and an impressive breadth of academic topics in a variety of engaging formats. The environment itself is very impressive, with a setting that mimics a real campus. Kids can watch funny videos, play games, read books, and more.

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Kids want to buy those songs online once they've heard them. Users can purchase up to $100 worth of in-app currency. Branded content, ads, hashtag challenges, special offers. TikTok Rewards lets teens invite friends to use the app in exchange for points, which they can redeem for coupons for brands like Target, CVS, Sephora.

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IXL offers more than 7,000 practice modules on Common Core pre-K through high school math and language skills. It also features language arts, science, and social studies for second- …

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Parent reviews for Red Dead Redemption 2 Common Sense Media

Bad honor- game off. Good honor- game on. this in turn will keep the player from mercilessly rampaging, killing and torturing many innocent NPC's in the game and stealing which makes it far less violent. Otherwise it is quite possible to do some extremely heinous and cruel inhuman things. I even think I heard you can skin people and lynch them.

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BrainPOP Website Review

BrainPOP includes videos, audio prompts, graphics, games, and use-what-you-learned activities in a blended format that will be very familiar to most kids. Kids can spend hours on this site exploring many of the main topics that contain more sub-categories, like the science and math sections.

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Codecademy Website Review

Teens can learn the computer programming languages JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which can be used to create web apps, games, and websites. They'll need to flex their problem-solving muscles, since one stray character can throw off a whole program. Exercises include …

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Kid reviews for Papers, Please Common Sense Media

If you are worried about this, have your child pause the game and turn of nudity. Language includes frequent sh*ts, the occasional f*ck, and of course simple uses of hell and crap. People also offer to have sex with the main character to get in the country, and females can give coupons to strip clubs.

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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue Movie Review

Tinker Bell and Disney are huge brands with merchandise nearly everywhere. There's a line of Pixie Hollow products (dolls, toys, etc.), a website, a video game, a book series, and even a magazine. The DVD package comes with coupons and a booklet of other …

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Renegade Buggies

RENEGADE BUGGIES challenges players to gather the items from their shopping lists while dodging obstacles and trying to nab as much money and as many coupons as they can on the way to the store. Once there, they'll need to compare the prices between like objects to see which one is the best deal.

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Kid reviews for Warframe (2) Common Sense Media

Every once and a while, the game awards coupons for 20-75% off a platinum purchase, which might entice someone to buy platinum. I myself have spent $25 on the game (when I got a 75% off coupon), but I have no plans to spend any more money, because I have all the platinum I need.

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Parent reviews for Big City Greens Common Sense Media

It's like an adult cartoon without adult jokes. All in all it's an entertaining show. The dad is by far the most annoying. Like c'mon dude, lighten up, he's all about "teaching lessons" which is completely off track from the rest of the show bc you'd think his son would be …

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Build-A-Bear App Review

Violence & Scariness. Sexy Stuff. Language. Consumerism. This app features a ton of commercial content. It has blogs that list new Build-A-Bear products and accessories, offers coupons for merchandise, provides codes to be used on the website, announces sales at Build-A-Bear stores, and more. Drinking, Drugs & Smoking.

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Kidz Bop Dance Party: The Video Game Game Review

Kidz Bop Dance Party: The Video Game is what other less successful dancing games, like Just Dance, hoped to be.Basically, all you need to do is hold the Wii remote in your hand as you follow along with the onscreen choreography -- but what's different here is that the moves are very clearly demonstrated for you (in two visual ways) and the controls really work well at picking up your movements.

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Kid reviews for Clarence Common Sense Media

the best cartoon ever! Clarence is my favorite cartoon ever. Clarence is very sweet and nice and i think he shows kids how to be kind, and to be creative and just have fun! Clarence is a very unique and creative character. its a very funny and fun show to watch. i give it a 10/10 would recommend. XD.

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On the Menu TV Review

Hosted by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington, ON THE MENU is a competition series featuring everyday cooks competing for money and a chance to have their dishes featured on a popular eatery's menu.Four amateur cooks face off in the kitchen, where they adapt and cook up recipes designed to match the flavor and style of the foods served in that episode's featured chain restaurant.

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Foyle's War

The show's action does take place off the battlefield, however. Scenes take place in pubs, where characters drink liquor and beer. Characters smoke cigarettes on-screen. smart stuff -- plot points hinge on citizenship classifications, ration coupons, and the location of safe houses. It requires that viewers watch carefully and pay attention

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Smart Devices Common Sense Media

These types of products can save time, effort, money, and even human life. They make it easy to play music, get homework help, and make a grocery list. Smart thermostats and lights, for example, can reduce your energy bill. And smart medical devices can alert your doctor when your kid's asthma flares up.

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