Check Your Inboxes for This 20% Off Coupon From PlayStation

For those that took part in the Day 1 Digital Coupon Offer that started back in September, one of the best incentives aside from getting a few new games was the promise of a decent percentage off

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ThinkGeek's 50% Off Sitewide Sale is Coming Back For Four

Starting at 1pm EST today, December 3rd and running through 5pm EST, the 50% off sale is back on! A new coupon code will be available at launch (check the homepage for the code reveal) and

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These Massive Comic Bundle Deals Are 20% Better with an

Note that the coupon code expires 7pm EST (4pm PST) on June 3rd and cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. A description for each of the …

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Here's How to Get Free Amazon Credit For Prime Day 2021

One of the easiest ways to earn extra Amazon Credit For Prime Day was through a $10 bonus gift card promotion that Amazon started at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, that promotion has

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Build-A-Bear Workshop Offers Vouchers for "Pay Your Age

Build-a-Bear Workshop has been a staple of childhoods everywhere for generations, but it looks like their latest promotion has caused quite a stir.This week, the company kicked off its 'Pay Your

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The Mega Sale on 'Dungeons & Dragons' Books Ends Tonight

The GIFTBOOK18 code allows you to take $5 off the price of any physical book shipped and sold by Amazon that's priced at $20 or more (limited to one use per Amazon account).

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Here's How to Get Free Fries from McDonald's for National

Checkers: Giving out a coupon for a free large fries with purchase when you join its email list. Del Taco: $1 small fry when you order through its app. Farmer Boys: $1 fries with any order placed

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Here Are the Food Chains Offering Free Delivery During

Interested parties must use the coupon code CARLSJRNOW on Postmates to get the free delivery between now and April 6th. Uber Eats automatically gives y'all free delivery here. Chipotle

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Epic Games Store Is Offering 12 Days of Free Games

The #EpicGamesStore Holiday Sale is here, bringing you up to 75% off great titles, $10 Epic Coupons, and 12 Days of Free Games! The usual …

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Capcom Offers A Stellar New Package Of Games On Humble Bundle

The package also includes a number of coupons that apply towards other games, including Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Dead Rising 4 and Street Fighter V.The discount varies between 40 and 50 percent

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Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 2/19/2020

If it draws any ire at all it may be for its depiction of the Justice League, who come off a bit like the grown-ups in every '80s and '90s kid movie, a little too smart for their own good and very

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Marvel Passes 3 Million Facebook Fans [Updated]

Check out the Facebook page for more details and a coupon code. DC Comics, Marvel's cross-town rivals, have historically had some trouble with their social networking presence and have just …

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EBay is About to Launch a 25% Off Sale

Starting at 8am PST (11am EST) today, November 29th, and running until 11:59pm PST (2:59pm EST) December 1st / 2nd, eBay will be running a 25% off sale on "eligible items" when you use the code

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Dungeons & Dragons: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything is 40% Off

If you were waiting for the book to come down off its $49.95 list price, today is the day. At the time of writing, Amazon has Tasha's Cauldron of Everything on sale right here for $29.97 (40% off

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Xbox One and PS4 Games, Plus Accessories 50% Off Using

It also can't be combined with any other coupons, codes, or discounts. But for 50% off, we think that's a fair trade! Here are a few of the offers available: 0 …

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The PlayStation 4 Pro Just Got a Black Friday Level Deal

In fact, this deal is part of a Rakuten sitewide sale that offers 10% off off any order using the code SAVE10, and 15% off orders of $100 or more with the SAVE15 code.

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Buy A DC Comics Movie For $5, Get $8 Off Your Batman V

Digital movies provider Vudu is running a couple of promotions right now, which can allow fans to buy discounted HD/HDX copies of DC Comics movies and …

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General Mills and Got Milk

Hot off the heels of announcing over a dozen new Each of the "limited" boxes will even include digital coupons on the back that will allow a $2 rebate when …

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Get 30% off a Loot Crate Subscription With a Deadpool

Get 30% off a Loot Crate Subscription With a Deadpool Bunny Slipper Bonus. and use the coupon code that corresponds to your shoe size as …

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Get the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook for Only $18

If you’ve been thinking about getting into (or back into) Dungeons & Dragons, you'll need to get the Player's Handbook. It just so happens that a brand new copy of said Player's Handbook is on

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This GameStop Code Will Give You Ten Percent Off Pretty

Our good Twitter friend Wario64 recently posted some tweets talking about a special coupon code that can be used on GameStop’s website that will give you an additional ten percent off

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Pokemon Go Is Being Shamelessly Ripped Off By Garfield

0 comments. Okay, I’ll admit, the fact that you find coupons for Domino’s Pizza instead of cute monsters makes sense. Garfield doesn’t give a crap about a Pigeotto, he wants pizza.

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Dark Knight Rises Prize Pack Giveaway At SuperHeroStuff

In addition to the Dark Knight Rises giveaway, is also holding a 12% off site-sale plus a free Dark Knight Rises button. Just enter "12SAVEBUTTON" as your coupon code

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McDonalds Giving Away Free McRibs for Those Who Shave

On Monday, the fast-food titan announced that it would be giving away a free McRib to the first 10,000 people who show a clean-shaven or baby-smooth face. k …

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Last Call for 30% Off 'Discover' Loot Crate With Deadpool

Loot Crate has a very popular promotion running right now for new and returning subscribers that offers 30% off a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plan on …

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Upgrade to a PlayStation 4 Pro for 20% Off

There are also a couple of additional rules that go along with the 20 percent off deal such as an in-store only restriction, but you can combine it with other coupons and such to save even more

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GameStop Pro Membership Price Is Being Raised And Making

I saved more in that ten percent off with as much as I buy. 5 bucks a month is more like 50 cents. — Eddie Packineau (@EddiePackineau) May 21, 2019 Seems like pre going out of …

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Get Started With 'Dungeons & Dragons' for Less Than $10

If you or someone you know wants to get into D&D, the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has everything you'll need. Plus, it's ridiculously cheap at the moment - only $9.59 on Amazon. That's 52% off

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Here's Where to Find the Best May the 4th Star Wars Day Sales

Inkkas: 20% off Star Wars shoes with coupon code "maythe4th" at checkout. Lovepop: Get 5 Star Wars cards for $50, a $75 value / Use code "STARWARSDAY" at checkout. 0 comments.

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It's the Five Best Peanuts Specials, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts Movie comes out this weekend in theatres, an animated film that mixes CGI with Peanuts creator Charles Schulz’s distinctive minimalist art style and “shaky” linework. The Peanuts

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HarperCollins Offers Free eBook of Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped

Offering a free digital copy of movies and comic books to fans who buy a physical DVD, Blu-ray or comic book is a pretty common practice -- but it …

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Getting Started With 'Dungeons & Dragons' Has Never Been

If you or someone you know wants to get into D&D, the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set has everything you'll need. It also happens to be on sale for only $10.98 on Amazon, which is 45% off

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Fanatical Kicks Off Hourly Black Friday PC Game Deals

Fanatical has been offering a number of great PC gaming deals since it relaunched from its previous BundleStars set-up, and Black Friday is no …

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Marvel Unlimited: 15 Binge-Worthy Series to Keep You Busy

Marvel Unlimited: 15 Binge-Worthy Series to Keep You Busy During Coronavirus Self-Quarantine. The world is struggling right now to deal with the global COVID-19 …

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Steam's Dates for Its Next Big Sales Have Leaked

A final sale will take place at the end of the year and into the next to give everyone a chance to get their games at some steep discounts during the holidays. Leaked upcoming @steam_games 2019

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Krispy Kreme Giving Away Free Green Doughnuts on St

Krispy Kreme has released a new Luck O'the Doughnuts collection of new, St. Patrick's Day themed treats but more than that, fans can get green O'riginal Glazed doughnuts on …

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Jessica Jones Recap With Spoilers: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

Jessica gives out hoagie coupons as a little girl almost gets hit by a cab. She saves the little girl by stopping the car. The men grab Kilgrave from the van and take off. The cop tends to an

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Red Dead Online Halloween Update Reportedly Leaked

It looks like Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2's next major update on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia will be a Halloween-themed update, which means it's …

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Hunt a Killer Review: A Challenging and Complex Mystery

With Hunt a Killer, true crime fanatics will be able to put their investigative skills to the test in hopes of solving a fictional murder, with the month-to-month puzzle weaving together a complex

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One-Punch Man and the Myth of Meritocracy

One-Punch Man offers two responses to the inadequate, meritocratic system provided by the Hero Association in the forms of its noblest hero and deadliest villain. The former is Mumen Rider, a …

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Get Sonic, Mega Man Games and More In the Capcom x Sega

This tier also includes coupons for Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package, Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, Valkyria Revolution and Yakuza 0 in the PlayStation Store, so …

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Pulp Fiction Stars John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson

John Travolta also popped up in a Captial One commercial as Santa, but this ad had a special twist. Travolta was reunited with his Pulp Fiction co …

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Get a $10 Amazon Prime Credit on 'Pokemon Sword' and

It seemed as though Amazon was abandoning their $10 Prime credit deal on video game pre-orders in favor of offering a combination of modest discounts and coupons

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Evangelion Pilots Cameo in the Latest MapleStory Update

Maplers can interact with Shinji, Rei and Asuka to earn EVA Coins to spend on limited-time items and must fend off waves of invasions from Angel enemies to …

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