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Welcome to Coloured Contacts! We are an online retailer of colored contact lenses dedicated to giving customers the opportunity to totally transform their eye color. Our contacts are perfect for helping customers achieve brand new natural eye colors and to add some extra detail to …

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Scary Contact Lenses, Cheap FX Contacts, Halloween Lenses

White Blind Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily) Become a ghostly vision with the White Blind Daily Contact Lenses. These horror lenses do not have a pupil hole, so please note that your vision will be obscured during wear. Perfect for SFX makeup and Halloween looks. $ 19.99.

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Green Contact Lenses, Natural Eye Color Lens Colored

The Mystic Turquoise Colored Contact Lenses in 30 Day offer you the chance to try a totally new eye colour in a natural iris design. As well as offering a bold colour pigment for everyday cosmetic eye colour enhancements, these contact lenses are a great choice for a Cosplay as Ciri from The Witcher. $ 17.99.

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Blue Contact Lenses, Natural Eye Color Lens Colored

Check out our extensive range of blue contact lenses and you’re sure to find a brand new eye color that you’ll love.This selection of blue contacts is perfect for anyone in search of a temporary new eye color.A brand new natural eye color could lead to a whole new look for yours truly. Trust us when we say that our blue eye contacts could totally change the way you look and style yourself!

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Creepy Lenses, Get Cheap Halloween Contacts, Scary Lens UK

Channel your inner superhero with the Daily Colored Contact Lenses in Hulk Green, perfect for finishing off any gamma-charged costume! $ 19.99 In Stock

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Halloween Contact Lenses, Halloween Contacts, Colored Eye

3 for 2. $ 19.99 In Stock. Red Mesh Colored Contact Lenses (Daily) If you are creating your next spooky costume then be sure to take a look at the versatile design of our Red Mesh Daily Colored Contact Lenses. These Halloween contact lenses feature a screen design that can complete a …

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