What is Sales Promotion

Coupons – Giving away coupons to customers upon purchase means that they will be enticed to buy the product. It could be in the form of a gift voucher or a discount voucher of some sort, giving more value to the original purchase. sometimes giving even a 50% off on selected goods! This is an effective method of clearing inventory. Some of

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Clever Networking Formula CLEVERISM

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Shutterstock Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

Lastly, Shutterstock offers a one-time coupon code to visitors offering 10% off their next order. The company offers customization by making its website available in 20 languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Visitors can browse images by category or by keyword, and payments can

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How to Monetize Your Podcast Effectively Cleverism

If an organization has no affiliate program as such, a coupon code can be negotiated with them. In this way, you may get a part of all the orders through that particular coupon code. A promo code is a good option since it acts as a great incentive. Monetization #4: Product Resale

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Benefits of a customer rewards program

Definition Customer rewards program is a key marketing tool that is used by businesses to encourage and motivate customers to return to stores and make repeat purchases. This is achieved by offering them some incentives like discounts, coupons, early access to new products, and other types of rewards systems. It mainly targets customers who exhibit loyal buying behavior.

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How to Recognize & Reward Your Employees Cleverism

Every employee working at your workplace - from a simple technician to a richly experienced manager expects you to recognize his/her work and appreciate the efforts he/she puts in day after day for the success of your business. Employee recognition and rewarding is a process through which employers or business owners make a conscious effort to reward and award your employees …

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Mobile Commerce Basics: What, Why, and How Cleverism

Mobile ticketing, vouchers and coupons. Tickets, vouchers, coupons and even loyalty cards are now sent to users on their mobile phones. Since they are in digital form, all that is required would be to present these tickets, vouchers or cards, in order to …

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Understanding and Managing Customer Perception Cleverism

Understanding and Managing Customer Perception. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perception is reality for the individual. The way we think of ourselves has, sometimes obvious, sometimes surprising effects on our market decisions. Whether we think of ourselves as successful or not, rich or not, beautiful or not, safe or not – in a

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An Introduction to an Effective Promotional Mix Cleverism

Step 7: Define your promotional mix. Once you have determined your budget, you can then use it to define your promotional mix. Defining your promotional mix includes sectioning it into a percentage of the overall budget. Example: a promotional mix for a new dog toy with a budget of $10,000 might be 50% direct mail campaign ($5,000), 40%

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M-commerce further revolutionized the e-commerce concept by facilitating trading of products and services anywhere anytime using handheld devices and wireless internet services. It’s not very different from e-commerce, in fact, the only difference is that this kind of trading is done on a hand held devices instead of desktops. It can be best described as placing your shop in a potential

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5 Surprising Ways to Make Your First Million Dollars

“Buy Today and save 85% off your total shopping bill”. A once in a lifetime offer that’s too good to be true. Take advantage of the offer or you’ll fear missing out. You make the purchase and a week later, another offer pops. “Hurry 90% off, don’t miss it”.

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Types of Marketing Strategies that Attract Customers

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The Basics of Money Management Cleverism

Paying Off Loans. There is a useful tip on paying off loans and it says: pay off first the debt which charges the highest rate of interest. This includes credit cards, store cards and personal loans from the bank. The last one charges a lower rate of interest than the …

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12 Ways to Increase Online Sales Quickly Cleverism

Therefore, in order to increase sales especially for a long-term, do pay attention and take care of the information that is posted online. 2. UPSELL & CROSS-SELL. One vital way of quickly increasing online sales is through Upselling and Cross-selling strategies. These two ideas are accountable for an average of 10 – 30% of eCommerce revenue.

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Definitive Guide to Loss Leader Pricing Cleverism

Retailers, such as Walmart, K-mart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy, just to name a few, give promotional offers on selected things like toys, apparel, and electronics. There are instances where buyers can grab something at 50% off the usual price!

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10 Secrets of the Human Brain to Use in Your Marketing

Coupons enable you to become eligible for a discount. It’s a way of making savings and that’s a deal. If you tell someone that buying a product gives them an opportunity to get a $10 coupon, that’s a real deal. Rejecting that is not easy. Consider the below statistics about coupons: 36% of millennials and 29% of Gen Z often use coupons

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How to Come Up With Hundreds of Business Ideas Cleverism

This definitely paid off, with Chinese Brand Huawei surpassing Apple to become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Just like the Chinese smartphone brands, you can come up with a business ideas by looking for products that are in high demand and have prices that keep a large chunk of consumers out.

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How to Create Trust for Your Marketplace Cleverism

Trust is one of the key ingredients of the most successful and lasting relationships. It is what friendships and partnerships are mostly founded on. It has also been referred to as the most valuable business commodity because, without it, a business cannot expect to succeed, much less thrive. Online marketplaces are no different. If you look at the biggest online marketplaces today, you will

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The 4 L’s of a Successful Lead Generation

Offer either a membership to a discount club or give real discount coupons for purchases. Send Promo Codes to attractive offers in the inbox as this works as a brilliant Lead Magnet. Free Shipping – Like Discounts, even the idea of Free Shipping works as a good Lead Magnet. Many customers are wary of buying products online as they fear

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How to Generate Leads Online and Turn Them into Customers

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Job Interview Magnet CLEVERISM

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Job Interview Rockstar CLEVERISM

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Operations Management: Definition, Principles, Activities

Since all companies have operations, i.e. certain ways to create an optimal output from various input sources, whether it be manufacturing physical products or offering services, it is good to be familiar with the basics of managing these operations. Especially as mastering these basics can directly support your business goals. In this article, we will introduce you to a historical background

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Master the Art of Salary Negotiation CLEVERISM

The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available! INCREASING YOUR SALARY BY $5,000, $10,000, OR EVEN $20,000 IS SOOO POSSIBLE! HERE’S HOW…

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32 Proven Ways to Make Money Fast Cleverism

Being a personal trainer during your off-work hours is a great way to earn money and also to keep yourself in a healthy and fit shape. With websites such as Ebates offering a cash-back or gift coupons for every time you make a purchase, shopping doesn’t need to feel like a sinful delight.

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6 Creative Tips that New Entrepreneurs Can Learn from

6. Most Importantly – Have Fun! And the most important tip for new entrepreneurs is to never forget to switch off. Richard Branson has a plethora of hobbies – Yachting, Hot Air Ballooning, Biking, etc. A successful entrepreneur isn’t just someone …

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Mobile Marketing for Dummies Cleverism

Today’s phones have advanced far beyond the simple devices used to make telephone calls. With text messaging, internet connections, camera and other applications available anywhere in the world – all in the palm of your hand – the cell phone has become more than a communication device, it is a full service piece of technology. In an effort to leverage every avenue of reaching potential

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How to Make Your MVP Truly Cost-Effective Cleverism

You draw up some pictures, bounce off a few ideas from the pâtissier industry, and come up with the following vision for your product line: An example of the Piecemeal MVP is Groupon, a service that helps users find coupons for different retailers.

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25 Еmployee Incentive Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Give Away Coupons and Gift Cards. He released a study соnсluding bоѕѕеѕ аnd workers аrе bеttеr off when thеу саll each оthеr by thеir first nаmеѕ. “This is a very important dеviсе and a ѕуmbоliс lеvеlling of status,” Dаvid ѕаid. “Your rеlаtiоnѕhiр iѕ supposed tо bе collegial, this ѕеtѕ

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8 Major Mistakes During Salary Negotiations That Kill Your

Salary isn’t the only perk for an employee, during a budget crisis, ask for quality of work life improvements such as work tools, additional break time, lunch coupons, etc. Educational programs or training programs are extremely expensive, ask your company to fund a program you think can add expertise to your skillset.

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Rite Aid Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

The company reduces costs through a variety of options. It operates the wellness+ with Plenti loyalty program, through which it offers consumers in-store savings and the ability to redeem coupons. Members can also earn points for puchases that can lead to up to 20% off non-sale prices. The company has established a powerful brand due to its

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The 50/30/20 Rule of Thumb for Budgeting Cleverism

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Staples Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

The company reduces costs through a variety of options. Its website offers “Daily Deals”, a “Weekly Ad” with discounts, and online coupons. It also maintains the Staples Rewards program through which customers can get 5% back in rewards and free shipping on orders costing over $14.99.

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DHgate Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

When customers create an account on its website, it offers suggestions tailored to their tastes based on past experience, including personalized products and promotions, recommended stores, and highlighted coupons. The company reduces costs by offering “Daily Deals” that can provide discounts on items that are as high as 75% off.

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How to Perform an Efficient and Effective Market Research

Market research has become a buzzword within the business world. The advent of the internet makes it possible to quickly and easily reach thousands of people within your target market – and you can quickly drown in the resulting information deluge. Consumers are fickle – should your business change to keep pace with every whim and demand of the customer’s desire?

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ConAgra Brands Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding

In 1993 it purchased $500 million worth of companies, and in 1998 it bought $480 million worth of brands from Nabisco. It thus added numerous well-known names to its portfolio. In 2000 its name changed to ConAgra Foods, and in 2016, after spinning off its Lamb Weston business, it was renamed ConAgra Brands. Benefits at ConAgra Brands

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How to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive Sales Cleverism

Long-term commitments are efficient for both – the influencer and the brand owner. The audience is likely to trust your product if the influencer is in collaboration for a long period. Builds and strengthens the relationship of your product with the influencer. The long-term relationship allows the influencer to gain knowledge at marketing

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An Exceptional Action Course to Stay Motivated as a Young

Day Off Pass – Imagine rewarding your employee with a day off for a job well done. Nothing gives them more happiness than spending time with their families or taking the day out to pamper themselves crazy. Gift Coupons – Sponsor travel tickets to the most hard-working employee every month and watch them work the hardest for the company.

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Six Common Print Marketing Myths Debunked Cleverism

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OpenTable Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

OpenTable offers four primary value propositions: accessibility, convenience, cost reduction, and brand/status. The company creates accessibility for consumers by enabling them to save a spot at restaurants over the Internet. This provides an additional booking option when the …

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Zalando E-commerce retailer Cleverism

Zalando is one of Europe’s largest fashion retailers. In this article we will look at 1) what is Zalando?, 2) products, 3) business model and key components, and 4) learning from Zalando’s success. WHAT IS ZALANDO? The Company Zalando is an ecommerce retailer in the fashion industry that sells shoes, clothes as well as other related fashion and lifestyle products.

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Email Marketing Localization: How to Optimize Your Global

You can reach people anywhere and everywhere with email marketing. Email knows no geographical bounds. Still, you have to pass several hurdles to get to a conversion (think: subject line, copy, CTA, landing page, etc). Now throw a language barrier into the mix. It may be the hidden bottleneck in your conversion rates. A survey revealed that 60% of global consumers “rarely or never” buy

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Surprising Facts About Customer Loyalty Marketing Cleverism

You could offer coupons, gift cards or redeemable loyalty points. To decide on these, you may have to understand your customers. It would be best to give them what they prefer. Still, you could avail a combination of these options. For example, you could offer points which can be redeemed for coupons, gift cards or product purchases. 3. The

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How to Perform an Insightful Primary Market Research

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The Internet of Things The Future of Data Cleverism

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Hulu Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding Story

Hulu was established in 2006 by NBC Universal executive Beth Comstock (“Comstock”) and former Amazon executive Jason Kilar (“Kilar”). The Company was launched as a joint venture with AOL, Comcast, Facebook, MSN, Myspace, and Yahoo as its founding distribution partners, with Comstock and Kilar appointed to oversee its establishment and

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Tractor Supply Jobs, Benefits, Business Model, Founding

In 1938 he decided to start his own enterprise – a mail-order tractor parts supply business called Tractor Supply Company (TSC). He identified a list of products and created a catalog for the firm called the Tractor Supply Co. Blue Book. The gambit paid off – within its …

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An Impactful Guide on How to Rise Up from Common Startup

An Impactful Guide on How to Rise Up from Common Startup Failures. A New-York based company CB Insights came up with an interesting research on why startups failed to take off. The report claimed —. 42% of startups failed due to zero market demand, 29% ran out of funds even though they were in a profitable state,

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