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The resources helped me to build a profitable side hustle (I've made an extra $20k in six months) and pay off four credit cards!!" Read More. Meet our founder. Bola is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), money expert, and best-selling author. She's also the recipient of the 2021 Financial Education Instructor of the Year (FEIY

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30 Money Savings Ideas For Moms On A Budget Clever Girl

4. Use coupons and cash-back apps. Good old coupons are still alive and well, helping moms on a budget everywhere. You can find coupons online nowadays, or even cut them out of the newspaper like you used to do. Try Groupon for discounts on activities and events.

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How Much Money Should I Save Each Month

Find coupons. Coupons can allow you to save money on items without sacrificing quality. Check out our favorite coupon websites here. Try the 24-hour rule. If you find an item you like, then consider waiting 24 hours before making the purchase. You …

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Planning A Trip To Disney World On A Budget Clever Girl

Not only that, but you may be able to find a coupon code or discount site to buy your tickets from. One example: if you have a membership, Sam’s Club can save you up to $80 off gate prices when you buy tickets online. 2. Visit during non-peak times of year.

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25 Ideas For How To Save Money Each Month Clever Girl

7. Pay off debt. Debt is costly, especially high-interest credit card debt. The interest can rack up hundreds to thousands of dollars a year! Paying off debt can save you a bundle because you aren't wasting money on interest. One of the easiest ways to tackle credit card debt is using the debt snowball method.

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How To Get Out Of Debt On A Low Income Clever Girl …

The ONLY way to pay off debt fast with a low income is to make payments above the minimum requirement. If you have multiple sources of debt, focus on tackling one at a time. Pay off that balance as quickly as possible, while still continuing to make minimum payments on any other debt. You might want to prioritize your debt with the highest

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How To Save Money Fast With These 21 Ways Clever Girl

For example, I can get 12% off my cell phone plan, and last year during a bad breakup, I used my employer's free counseling service for a few sessions. Check with your HR department to see what you have access to so you're not leaving any money on the table. 10. Focus on …

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6 Things to Do Now if You Have No Savings Clever Girl

5. Pay off your debts. If you have a large debt burden on your balance sheet, then it can hinder your other financial goals. If you want to save money for the long term, then any debt is only going to hold you back. Since you are ready to build a better …

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35 Frugal Living Tips To Save A Ton Of Money Clever Girl

35 Frugal living tips. Here are some frugal living tips and strategies to help you get started on this new path! 1. Start budgeting. Creating and sticking to a budget is fundamental to your financial success. Although budgeting isn’t necessarily fun, it is a critical piece of the puzzle.

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15 Ways To Stop Buying Crap You Don't Need Clever Girl

Remember apps, rebates, and coupons. I can't say enough about apps, rebates, and coupons for a reason: they help me save so much money! Check your weekly mailer to see if there are any coupons for household items. Don't forget about cashback apps for grocery shopping, like Ibotta. And utilize those credit cards for cashback.

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13 Ways To Save Money On A Low Income Clever Girl Finance

This app allows you to stay on budget while enjoying your shopping. You can earn cashback from over 5,000 stores. Plus, it will help you find coupons that apply to your purchase. Check it BeFrugal today. These are just a few couponing sites to help you get started. Check out our full article for more ideas. 13. Increase your income

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35 Productive Things To Do Instead Of Spending Money

You can digitally clip coupons and load them to your grocery rewards card and print them off of sites such as Make even more money with these 26 money-making apps while you’re at it for additional savings. 32. Start a YouTube channel Do you have a skill you can teach others or hilarious videos of your animals doing crazy things?

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Worksheet Library Clever Girl Finance

Our mission is empower women to achieve financial success. Voted one of the top personal finance websites for women, Clever Girl Finance® is a financial education platform aimed at providing women with financial guidance that will inspire them to pursue and achieve their dreams of …

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How to Plan a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget! Clever Girl

How to plan a wedding on a budget. Wedding budget template. There are currently women on our platform from different parts of the world including Canada, the UK, Australia, Nigeria, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain & France.

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Social Media Distractions And The Effect On Your Finances

Turn off your notifications, Lastly, another way to save money on online purchases is to scour social media for coupons and offers. Sometimes you can even get discount codes by reaching out to a brand directly on their Twitter or Instagram account – it never hurts to try! You’ll be surprised at what brands will respond to and offer

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How to Catch Up On Bills You Are Behind On Clever Girl

GoodRx is a comparison website that collects prices and discounts from thousands of pharmacies. There is no cost, just download the app or visit the website to find coupons, yes coupons, for prescriptions. Step 5: Earn extra income. Housing, food, and transportation expenses tend to make up the bulk of our monthly expenses.

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Grocery Shopping On A Budget: Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

7. Search online for manufacturer coupons. Many of your favorite grocery brands sometimes offer manufacturer coupons on their websites or on coupon sites (like or that you can use in-store or online. Just do a quick google search before you go grocery shopping to see what you can find.

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How To Be Fashionable On A Budget Clever Girl Finance

3. Use online resources to find coupons. Before I buy any item, I always do a quick google search for two reasons, discount codes and lower prices. I have saved hundreds of dollars from adopting this simple rule. For example, there were a pair of Black Stuart Weitzman sandals, which cost $498. I purchased them for $195! I also always use

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25 Best Items To Flip For Extra Cash Clever Girl Finance

Here's the list of the 25 best things to flip for a profit. 1. Chairs or sofas. Furniture is one of the best items to flip. You can sometimes find a chair or sofa with good bones and reupholster it, or just clean it really well. Check Facebook Marketplace, yard sales, and thrift stores for pieces to flip.

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Money Mishaps: My Designer Collection Of Handbags Clever

You can add to your handbag collection without breaking the bank by shopping sales, using promo codes and coupons. The best sales are said to be May-July and November-January. During the holiday season, you will also notice epic sales on designer collection handbags before the launch of …

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Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone! 35 Comfort Zone Challenges

11. Turn your phone off for an entire day. There’s nothing that screams “comfort zone challenge” quite like turning your phone off for the day because we tend to check it more than we think. No text messages, phone calls, or apps. Just you and the great wide world.

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How To Get Rich From Nothing Clever Girl Finance

Pay off debt. Debt is expensive. Personal loans, credit card debt, and student loans can rack up thousands of dollars in interest payments. The secret on how to get rich from nothing is first becoming debt-free. By implementing a debt pay-off strategy, you can quickly pay off your debt and start working on becoming wealthy. Start saving money

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52 Budget-Friendly Ways To Treat Yourself Clever Girl

Turn the alarm off on the weekend and catch up on rest. 47. Make a nice yourself a lovely brunch. Take time to make pancakes while blaring your favorite music and eat to your heart's content. Don't forget to dress up your space with some flowers and nice syrup. 48. Bake a new treat. Brownies don't stand a chance when you're making fresh cupcakes.

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9 Things To Do On Sunday For Your Finances And More

Another way to kick your week off to a good start is to make sure all bills due that week are scheduled to be paid. It might be helpful to note when all of your bills are due on a monthly calendar — some people like using digital tools like Google Calendar and iCalendar, but some prefer actually writing this information out on a whiteboard or

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Christmas on a Budget: 5 Easy Ways to Save Money Clever

They offer coupons and discounts, and it’s easy to upload your photos and order. You can save up to 50% off retail prices by shopping secondhand. Summary. With these tips, you should be able to put a solid plan in place to avoid holiday debt and come out on the other side of the Christmas season with your financial goals intact.

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20 Best Passive Income Ideas Clever Girl Finance

Without further ado, let's dive into 20 of the best passive income ideas! 1. Investing. Investing is one of the most common and accessible methods of generating passive income. Over the long term, the stock market has consistently generated steady returns, even if it has ups and downs in the short term. There are a couple of ways to earn money

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How To Leave A Relationship When You Have No Money

4. Use coupons and shop sales. Don’t go to the grocery store without a plan. First, shop your refrigerator and pantry. See what you already have and what meals you can make out of it—only shop sales for the items you need and use coupons or digital coupons as much as possible. 5. Trade services with friends or family

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What To Do At Night When Bored: 55 Budget Ideas Clever

20. Clip coupons. You can do this literally if you get the paper, or more likely, use some other coupon apps to find deals on things you already need. 21. Check on your investments. Investing is necessary for the health of your money. Take a look now and then and see if your investment portfolio needs to be rebalanced or is good the way it is. 22.

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How To Live Without A Job Until You Get A New One: 5 Tips

Use coupons. If you haven’t used coupons for your groceries before, now is the time. You can find these online or in your grocery store’s weekly ads. Saving a few dollars can go a long way. Reduce utility costs. Your utilities include the cost of electricity, water, gas, and more.

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Meal Planning On A Budget! How To Do It! Clever Girl Finance

5. Seek out coupons. Coupons can be an easy way to save money without sacrificing quality. You can save money by finding coupons to cut down on your grocery expenses. Check out our full article about coupons to take advantage of this strategy. 6. Make a …

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Create your debt repayment strategy Clever Girl Finance

How to select the best debt repayment strategy. What's included with your course: Bite-sized explainer videos & live coaching call replay. Applicable infographics & worksheets. Access to the Clever Girl Finance community, book club and approved resources. …

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How To Live A Champagne Lifestyle On A Lemonade Budget

An easy way to use coupons is that anytime you’re about to make an online purchase, stop and go search for coupons first. Browser extensions like Honey can automatically search the web for coupons on your behalf. Other sites share coupon codes that you can enter into your shopping cart. More often than not, you’ll be able to find a way to

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The new business owner bundle (x course bundle) Clever

This is a 4 course bundle which includes the following courses: 1. Earn more, start a side hustle (QUICK START) 2. Manage your business finances the right way

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How Much Does Having A Baby Cost

To really save on this expense, consider buying diapers in bulk (hey Costco and BJs), using coupons, or accepting diapers as part of your registry. You'll also need to remember wipes! Baby food. Depending on how formula your baby needs, costs of baby formula can come up to $1,200 to $3,000 a year or $100 to $250 per month.

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Living Stingy to Achieve Your Financial Goals Clever

Start by cutting out one meal a week. Since the average cost for a meal at a restaurant is about $12-$15 (sometimes more), that can save you $48-$60 a month, that's $576-$720 in a year! See how much living stingy can save you simply by eating one meal at home a week! 10. Use cash-back apps and coupons.

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How to Live A Luxurious Lifestyle On A Budget Clever

Look for discounts and coupons. If there’s a pricier item you’ve been wanting, do a little research and see if you can find any online coupons or discounts, or check to see if the store has an annual sale of any kind. There are plenty of online discount sites that can help you find coupons

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25 Cold Lunch Ideas Your Budget Will Love Clever Girl

Onion powder. Sea salt. Black pepper. Bread. This classic chicken salad sandwich is one of the tastiest and cheap lunch ideas you can make. 2. Ultimate club sandwich. This ultimate club sandwich is one of the best cold lunch ideas for work. You can whip up this scrumptious sandwich in under 25-minutes.

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8 Tips On How To Afford Luxury Designer Items Clever

Top 8 tips on buying designer items. Here are a few tips to follow so that you can afford to buy luxury things such as designer clothing and handbags without feeling guilty about it! 1. Save for luxury things. Make sure you are consistently saving for …

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