Save Money With Online Coupon Codes from Old Navy

To my disbelief, she found a coupon code for 20% off our entire purchase. All that was necessary was to tell the cashier the code word “SWEET†to enter into the terminal. It seemed too good to be true, so we asked the cashier once we reached the register. She was a new employee, and thus turned around and asked a manager that happened

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Coworkers make fun of my coupons, but

Honestly, the only times I use coupons are for dining; I don’t cut coupons for groceries (Stacie might though). Also, I normally don’t bother with just 10% off or $1 off-type coupons, but I figured I would try the place out since I’ve only ever had their bagels and Smores dessert.

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Forgot Your Coupon

SHOOT! exclaimed my wife as she slammed her hand down on the dashboard of our van. We were on our way to shop for new athletic shorts and a swimsuit for our son, and she had forgotten the flyer for Shopko on the kitchen table that contained a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase.We were already 15 minutes away from home, and decided against turning around to retrieve the forgotten coupon.

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Three Steps to Saving Big Time at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

$5 off $15 is acceptable for items $14.99 and over, or multiple items that add up to $15. If you have an item that’s $24.99 and under, you’re better off using your $5 off $15, it saves you $1 more. % off coupons MUST be scanned before $ off coupons, because the system is old and not smart enough to do the math.

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Save While You Shop with Cash Back Rewards

As plenty of sites offer coupons for this retail and resale behemoth, eBay is an almost guaranteed place to find savings on anything you want to buy. Sites like Ebates offer eBay coupons with a cash back reward of 5% for toys and hobby products, 4% …

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I Gave Extreme Couponing A Try – You Should Too

About half of all people who redeem coupons make over $150,000 a year. Additionally, those people coupon over 50 times a year. The coupons printed in 2017 were worth over $500 billion in redemption value. Less than $5 billion worth of coupons were redeemed. There is no reason to be embarrassed to publicly redeem coupons.

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Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Following Businesses On

The internet is a vast resource for finding ways to save money. Shoppers can find coupon codes to apply to online purchases or coupons to print out and bring to a traditional brick and mortar shop. It should come as no surprise that a business’s social media account could tip consumers off to special sales and deals.

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Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Bed, Bath And Beyond Patio

My wife had 3 coupons in her hand that would give us 20% off a single item each, not enough to get 20% off each item. My wife being unsatisfied with that discount, asked to talk to a manager. She explained what we were contemplating buying, and asked if they would be wiling to work with us, and give us a little extra discount.

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Convenience Store Chronicles: Three Ways To Save!

$1 off 12-pack Of Soda : This essentially brings the price equal to my grocery store. But, it does allow me to pick one up at the convenience store when I’m crunched for time and not over pay. I then noticed that he gave me three of the fliers, and the coupons didn’t expire for several weeks.

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Costco Cash Back Rewards: What You Need To Know

Two important things happen to me in February. First, it’s the month in which I receive my Costco membership renewal notification, which means I also receive my Executive Membership Costco cash back rewards check. Second, it’s the month I receive the annual cash back rewards from my Costco Anywhere Visa® by Citi. While both of these may be described as cash back rewards, they are two

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Tips on Making Real Money Online

Act now and score 40 percent off text books when you use this code. Right now, get 40 percent off NFL coupons, discounts, and codes. Enjoy 25 percent off bestselling movies and TV series when you use this code. Use this promo code and get a $10 eBay coupon. Act now and get up to 65 percent off Adidas shoes and clothing when you use this code.

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That’s when they emailed us a coupon code for 80% off a $25 gift certificate for our favorite Ethiopian restaurant (Langano in Silver Spring, MD). I read up on all the fine print and decided it was a good deal, so I actually purchased two gift certificates for $2 each : one to use with our guests and one to use for ourselves another time.

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Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Party City Edition

The third coupon code she found was for $25 off a $100 purchase. My wife turned the phone around and showed the cashier, who pointed her scanner at the screen of the phone. And with a high pitched, “beep,†our bill was reduced by $25.

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Save Money on Water if You have a Pool (Utilities

Even though $34 is chump change when you’re talking about thousands of gallons of water, it’s still money. And it’s something we have to deal with each year. While this is the first time our pool has been empty, we DO need to top it off each year, multiple times, thanks to …

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6 Ways a Single Parent Can Save Money After Divorce

Shaving just $10 off your monthly Internet bill saves you $120 annually. If you have a premium television package, you can definitely save money by simplifying your TV package. If you enjoy watching movies, consider checking out free DVDs from your local library, or join Netflix and pay a small monthly fee to watch unlimited films.

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Clever Posts Of The Week

If you’re digging your way out of debt, Becoming a Debt Free Family (Paying Off $90,000 in Los Angeles) from On Target Coach might just give you a little inspiration to keep going. I’ve tried using coupons with limited success, Peter from Bible Money Matters gives me hope that we can all use coupons to save a little money in Even A Lazy

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What could you give up when you're in financial trouble

I’d also use water less, 5 minute showers and if it’s mellow let it yellow…, etc., saving a good $20 per month. I’d cut out all gifts and charity as well, $80 a month on average. I’d keep tithing though to my church. I’d put off all home improvement projects until my finances were ok again, saving about $100 per month or so.

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Gift Cards Are NOT Free Money!

Before buying anything, he should check if the item is less expensive through the retailer’s online portal, OR if he can find an online coupon code that would make it less expensive. Gift cards work online too! Use A Waiting Period. Before I make any discretionary purchase, I usually wait at least 24 hours to allow for extra contemplation.

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Do NOT Pay Full Price For Tax Preparation Software

Never buy anything online without searching for a coupon code. Typing some keywords into my favorite internet search engine quickly turned up a 35% discount for any H&R Block tax software. Instead of paying over $76 for their premium version (with taxes and fees), I paid about $52. Spending less than 30 seconds searching the internet, I saved $24.

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Extreme Ways to Save Money

Look for coupons, free movie passes, sales and promotional rates for everything you buy. (Editor Note: But be careful to not buy stuff just because you have a coupon) Buy according to the season: You’ll save money on produce if you buy fruits and vegetables in season , but you can find the best deals on Christmas decorations, travel, clothes

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Creating Financial Stability with 3 Helpful Tips (and 5

The car begins making noises and shuts off. You’re forced to visit a clinic because your child is running a high fever. You’re suddenly laid off. What do you do? These are troublesome times few Americans can handle due to their limited budgets. In fact, 49% of Americans are …

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It Pays To Complain

To make it up to me, they included a coupon code for $25 off my next order. Honestly, I had consciously made a decision to never use that company again. However, with their admission of making a mistake and their attempt to make it up to me I’ll likely use the coupon to order flowers for my wife for our upcoming anniversary.

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In addition to the above mentioned types of coupons, Nordstrom also offers other discounts in form of coupon codes that enable the buyer to; get a percentage off the total purchase and an amount discounted from an item’s cost among many others.

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Not All Store Rewards Programs Are Created Equally

Sometimes you’ll get coupons for a percentage off on top of all their other discounts, and there are times when you need to use your Kohl’s credit card, and other times you don’t. I’m sure they do it knowing that a certain percentage of people won’t pay off the card and they’ll end up making money on the interest charges.

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Save money on dining out

I then got a second book for $15 and $5 off for the renewal program. They notify you at least 30 days before they send you another book, and cancelling the plan is very simple. The entertainment book offers Buy 1, Get 1 Free coupons on many local restaurants, depending on the regional book you buy.

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Papa Murphy's Is Giving Away FREE Cheese Bread!

I paid the $3.50 cost, and grabbed a cheese bread off the rack. As I turned to leave, the cashier reached out his hand to give me my receipt. “If you call the number on the bottom and do a short survey, you’ll get a free cheese bread for next time.â€

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How To Budget When You Aren’t Making Enough Money

Use Coupons. Companies all over the globe market their products through coupons. The coupons will appear in local newspapers, online, and monthly magazine issues. Couponing is a great way to save a lot of money. However, you will most likely need to spend money to receive these amazing money-saving benefits.

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Battling the "Pay-Per-Pound" Buffet Bar

Many of you know those “pay-per-pound” buffets where you, well, pay for food by the pound. You find them at the local deli or supermarket, and they’re always flush with foods like fruit, chinese food, prepared pasta salads and other pretty or tasty foods. You get to choose from any of the foods, and any […]

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Save Money on Contact Lenses

Plus, if you add in a coupon, you can get up to another $25 off, $10 off, or free shipping depending on how much you spend. I also bought through a FatWallet link for an extra 6% back. After all those discounts (rebate, free shipping, and 6% back), your grand total for 8 boxes of Acuvue Oasys comes out to $124, or $15.50/box.

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Review of Zaycon Fresh

Even with a 22% coupon code, I received in an email it is still more expensive (although barely). However, the chicken breast product is a different story. The Zaycon Fresh regular price is slightly less expensive, but purchasing chicken breasts during a flash sale produces significant savings.

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I need advice: Help with finding the right laptop

I used to be in the IT department and we would just buy Dell laptops on their site using those $500 off $1500 or similar coupons. They are all over the web (try to google it). These should be a great bet if you are looking to buy a decent laptop at a discount.

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Which concealed carry insurance should you pick

On top of that, your membership also earns you some coupons and passes for a wide series of shooting range access, weapon shops, and many more. The basic plan costs US$10.95/month or US$131.40/year. On top of that, it comes with a one-time primary start-up fee of $19.95 per member.

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Tips for college students: saving money

Cooking at home is cheaper and healthier than eating out with group mates or ordering pizza. Get some easy recipes to cook in the evening. Try to shop smarter using coupons and codes, buy light meal options and make your own coffee; Don`t buy a car. If the car is not absolutely necessary, put this purchase off until you have enough money.

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Buying Bulk Gravel

Over this past weekend, I began work on the first of 3 planned retaining walls at our home. The first wall is a “practice run” since it’s small (about 50 bricks) and easier to pull apart and put back together. However, it’s not going to be a cheap effort. I’ve already spent about $200 on […]

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coupon Archives

Coworkers make fun of my coupons, but… October 11, 2007. By Clever Dude - Leave a Comment. guess who are the ones gladly accepting them when I offer? Yep, my coworkers. When I saw a $2 off coupon for Cosi a couple months ago in the Washington Post Express newspaper, I grabbed a couple of the papers at the end of the day (when they were …

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10 Great iPhone Apps for the Fiscally Frugal

This app saves you time and money by combing the Internet and organizing the best coupons for you based on you preferences. Plus, this app allows you to save all your coupons and present them electronically, saving you the hassle of carrying around a bulky coupon

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10 Ways to Save on Holiday Shopping

5. Apply Coupons, Rewards, and Codes. You can also hold down the costs of holiday shopping by using coupons, reward codes from prior purchases, and special sale codes from emails or websites. Combine as many of these savings tactics as you can to …

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Ways to Save Money #3: Buy Used

I also use coupons whenever I can. I buy my cars used. You lose $$ just driving a new car off the lot plus insurance is usually cheaper. I could never afford the car I currently drive with all the extras it has if I bought it new. It had been used as a rental car and it was 2 years old with only 4,000 miles on it when I bought it.

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5 Ways to Save Money in College

Top off your spending with a necessary food budget, and you’re near empty! While they may be the best four years of your life, the time you spend in college leaves your wallet exhausted. What’s a student to do? Find ways to save money, of course. But penny pinching isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have much

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Ways My Wife Saves Us Money: Liquor Store Edition

My wife and I have very different perspectives when it comes to saving money. I take a much more passive approach, content to hunt for coupons or search for the lowest advertised price. My wife, however, takes a much more direct approach preferring to negotiate a deal with whomever she’s talking to. She’s spent half […]

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How Frugality Super Powers Doubled My Savings

$10 off a purchase of at least $50; $15 off a purchase of at least $75; $20 off a purchase of at least $100 “How much does our stuff add up to?” my wife asked. “About $280” I replied. “Sweet, we’ll get $20 just like that!” she explained as she snapped her fingers. “We’re going to get more than that,” I stated, “Go get

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Money Saving Tips You Might Not Realize Work

The app features a convenient shopping list that lets you jot down what you need each week. By sticking to the list, you can avoid temptations that inflate your bill. It also suggests the latest coupons and deals offered by the grocery stores in your area. Tap open the Play Store and you’ll find more than just 2 apps.

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How To Create An Inexpensive Bug Free Party Garage

Jo-Ann fabrics seems to always have coupons available online, in their print ad, or in store. An employee that helped me find the material I was looking for said she could get me a coupon for half off one regular price item. My 6 yards of toole cost $8.97. Duct Tape. My next stop was Walmart, where I picked up a roll of duct tape for $3.97.

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Tipping Etiquette When Your Restaurant Bill Is Reduced

@MoneyBeagle – Agree… you implied, we should all keep that in mind when using coupons and groupons. AND if the restaurant is having a sale (like $5 burgers for lunch) I always “wing it” and tip a monetary amount I think is appropriate since the …

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Why bother picking up pennies

ERE: At 2 seconds per penny, you would only earn $18 per hour if you had a line of 1800 pennies that kept you busy for that entire hour. Like I said, I’ll take a clump of coins if they’re offered or available, but I don’t think I’d just pick them up off the sidewalk or other perceived dirty place because the cost in handsoap and water or Purel is more than that one penny, I’m sure.

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Appreciating Your Own Financial Education Experience

It wasn’t until both kids were off in college before they decided to just keep the cars for more than 4 years. So, my parents had car payments every month for 18+ years! (you need to count the time to pay off the Pathfinder). You can figure out that I “learned” that it was ok to have a car payment; that it was even weird to drive an old

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Warranties, Good to the Last Day

“Dad, one of the buttons on my phone doesn’t work anymore.†I took my son’s iPhone as I asked him to point out which specific button wasn’t working. At his direction I pressed the volume down button and noticed the absence of that “click†action that would normally accompany the visual indication on the […]

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Teaching A Teenager How To Budget

That last phrase made alarm bells go off in my head. My son needed a budget. We agreed that he could have his first two paychecks for whatever he wanted. I know he had been eyeing some upgrades for his computer, and I wanted him to also really enjoy the fruits of his labor. After that, he would be responsible to pay some bills.

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Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Home Expenses

Many people head off to the grocery store unprepared. They don’t make a list and never use coupons. This practice is costing you a lot in your wallet. Before you go food shopping plan out meals for the week and then prepare a list of the foods you need to make these entrees. After you have your list composed, gather the local flyers from the

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