Rayvolt Is Not-So-Secretly Plotting An eBike Revolution

Rayvolt Is Not-So-Secretly Plotting An eBike Revolution Powered By The Sun. A former boat captain might not seem like the most likely person to …

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Could Walmart, Costco, & Kroger Become Some of the Largest

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The Haoqi Fat Tire E-Bike -- CleanTechnica Review

Haoqi has burst onto the e-bike scene with a lineup of fat tire e-bikes at a budget price. The company sent us the Haoqi Black Leopard variant for us to test out and after several weeks of fun

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EVs & Hostageware: The Push To Sell Stuff Over The Air

The local tire store on your way to work may invite you to take advantage of a limited time offer to switch out your old treads for brand new rubber at 30% off (mounting and balancing extra).

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The Rayvolt Cruzer Is A Turbocharged Work Of Art On Wheels

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Automakers Paid Me To Show They Lag Tesla CleanTechnica

If you want to do this, google “best test drive offers July 2019” and several blogs give all the instructions on how to print out the coupons you need to get the gift cards.

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Nissan & DeNA To Begin Robo Taxi (Easy Ride) Pilot Service

Field testing for the new robo taxi service being put together by Nissan and DeNA in Japan -- which has been dubbed "Easy Ride" -- will begin on …

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Spam Wasted 33 Billion Kilowatt-Hours of Electricity in 2008

Spam Wasted 33 Billion Kilowatt-Hours of Electricity in 2008. By. Timothy B. Hurst. Published. April 20, 2009. Conservationists have long been uncomfortable with …

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Zoom Electric Scooters: First Impressions (A Great

First off, a lower power vehicle like this doesn’t require registration in my state, or insurance. Also, I don’t need a motorcycle license (but a regular license is required). For neighborhood

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Want Cheap Solar Cells

Divide $28 billion by 1.1 to get 25,454,545,454 Watts, or 25,454.5 MW, with 6 x 25,454.5 = 152,727.3 MWh of storage included. Since Atlanta, GA has 5 …

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