Accor Coupons & Sodexho Pass

We have been approached by Sodexho Pass for distribution of their coupons to our staff. We had a mixed opinion from our staff and are thinking of distributing Accor food coupons for one month and in the next month we distribute Sodexho food coupons. We doubt if this kind of arrangement works well with tax depts, our vendors ACCOR &/ Sodexho.

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Food Coupons When Canteen Is Provided

Food coupons are not divised to get income tax benefit. Income tax benefit was provided if meal vouchers are provided to buy food (not grossories in departmental store), if free food is not provided to them. Canteens are compulsory for a factory employing 250 workers or more and hence for all other catagories, meal voucher concept was introduced.

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End Of Sodexo Vouchers

Provided that nothing contained in this sub-rule shall apply to free food and non-alcoholic beverages provided by such employer during working hours at office or business premises or through paid vouchers which are not transferable and usable only at eating joints, to the extent the value thereof in either case does not exceed Rs. 50 per meal

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Mostly Inexpensive Ways To Reward Your Employees..

Day off Reward with a goodie bag Ask for input Open door policy Solicit staff ideas Free 15-minute massage at work Use staff ideas Training retreat Temporary parking space Highlight in brochure Kudos reward program Staff volunteer award Party at your house Feature staff in training videos Monthly potlucks Staff jackets/shirts Gold stars Pay

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Salary Break Up & Bonus Calculation

The bonus percentage will be calculated through set -on & set off method. Pls go through the payment of the bonus act for detail. bonus act salary break up bonus calculation compensation policy minimum bonus diwali bonus statutory bonus labour laws sodexo coupons it companies Country-India. Other Similar User Discussions On Cite.Co

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I Would To Know Details About Sodexho.

Sodexho, Accor coupons are the meal and Gift coupons which is being provided for the employees to get rid off with the Tax (Amounted to Rs. 1250/-) 2nd August 2007 …

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Salary Structure

To reduce the income tax amount, we are providing Food Coupons, Medical Reimbursement, LTA, etc. But I want to know what are other heads which can be non-taxable heads. Please suggest your views. Regards, Devang Pandya 8th April 2011 From India, Vadodara

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Salary Breakup With Allowances

Meenu: Sodexho, Accor coupons are the meal and Gift coupons which is being provided for the employees to get rid off with the Tax (Amounted to Rs. 1250/-) Thanks - Mirza 31st July 2007 From Saudi Arabia, Jiddah

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Fbt Implications On Salary Components

Sodexho Meal coupons - Rs 18 k p.a. PF Total of the above :- CTC Besides this what you can do is to give selected employees in higher tax bracket ,benefits like transport reimbursement /allowance on which the company would have to bear the FBT of 1.64% which can be a part of salary structure to ensure higher take home.. Cheers, Rajat

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Dear Friends, Our company wants to introduce LTA from next F.Y i.e. from 2010-11. They ask me to form a policy about LTA. Please help me to form the

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Meal Vouchers

Hi. If u offer meal cards from salary it will be taxable. But if u offer apart from salay it is exempt. 20th June 2007 From India, Mumbai

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Need Suggestion3

Off course,I am not suggesting that those who fail to log in should loose pay,but system where in someone fails to log in has to approach his HOD to ensure there is no loss of pay. I would also suggest introduction of Sodexo coupons for employees where the log in details ensures that they get one coupon for the day.This incentive and a time cut

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Non Taxable Salary Ctc Components

food coupons INR 1500 pm Helper Allowance - on actual paid Leave Travel Allowance - Actual cost spent (It is limited to economy class of air fare or AC first class fare) Any more that you are aware off.. 8th December 2010 From India, Pune. Raj Kumar Hansdah. 1427. 7. SHRM, OD, HRD, PMS. Dear soomanighosh

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Recognition Schemes

3. Birthday off 4. Longer coffee breaks 5. Flexible work schedules 6. Training for better jobs 7. Earned time off Tokens Reinforcement 1. Telephone credit cards 2. Points backed by prizes 3. Coupons redeemable at local stores ihope it will help you 14th February 2007 From India, New Delhi

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Help To Design Salary Structure Format Without PF

Performance commission = to balance off the gross you can put Special allowance in your salary structure and pf goes optional if your basic salary is equal to or more than 6500/- then its on the discreation of company to deduct the pf or not as pf contribution includes equal part from company side. 13th February 2010 From India, New Delhi

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Take Home Salary In My New Offer

2. The tax saving components you choose from your FBP plan. it may have elements like LTA, HRA, Food coupons, medical allowance, conveyance etc. You have mentioned them here so, i am assuming that the full amount of FBP is taxable. A. Assuming, you joined the company on 1 april, 2012, your take home would have been: Rs. 71,250 per month. B.

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10 Perks Employees Love

1. Grocery Coupons (Various Denominations) for the BIG Bazar, Reliance Mart, More and Etc. Please add on to this if you know such practices. Regards, Maq, …

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Try It! You Get Paid To Open & Read The Contents

You also receive special discount coupons, promotions and free passes to various events in your city. Join now and get Rs. 99 instantly, just for joining. What more, as a special bonus you get paid for inviting your friends also! Create your PaisaLive Account & refer your friends to earn launch referral bonus on every new registration.

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* Turn off your cell phone when having lunch with friends. * Ask your friends to turn off their cell phones when they are with you. * Volunteer at a soup kitchen. * Set up at least three dates with friends or acquaintances at the beginning of each week. * Take an acting, singing, or dancing class - even if you have no talent whatsoever!

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Team award called the "Project of the year"

Non-monetary rewards are given for going above and beyond as a team player, perfect attendance, or learning a new skills. Examples of non-monetary rewards are movie tickets, restaurant coupons, certificates, thanks from the bosses, flexible schedules, a day off, picnics, recognition of birthdays, and free lunches. Other Rewards

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Re: What Are The General Components Of Salary In India

Off the record, a known person workin for sodexho has informed me that it cost SodexHo approx 5 Crores to clear themselves from FBT as it had ruined their business totally. Chidambaram is a richer man by a few couple crores for sure ;) Cheers, ~MAVERICK~ 6th June 2005 From India, Pune

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How To Include Free Food And Accommodation In The Payslip

1. Free or subsidised food either in the Canteen or thru' food coupons, (sodex etc.) 2. Free or subsidised transport 3. Free or subsidised houses/quarters 4. Free or subsidised provisions and house hold articles, vehicles directly or thru' employees' societies 5. …

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Ideas & Suggestions

Hello Seniors, This post is to seek your guidance and more knowledge regarding my concern described as below. Few months back during my interview at Big Bazaar for the position of HR officer, the HR have given me a problematic situation for which i have to provide out …

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Calculation of Salary

Apart from this Food coupons, Holiday package and Furnishing items are included in their CTC. Hope it must help you to clear your queries up to some extent. Regards, Amit Seth. 12th October 2007 From India, Ahmadabad

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Sudexo meal pass

So i think it is rather an unwise plan to accumulate Sodexo meal coupons for purchase of a TV without making thorough assessment and enquiries for the same. A one -off case like what Mahr states could be true, as some over-zealous dealer or Hyper market to show sales could accept coupons for all items including durable goods.

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Sodexo Pass

Most companies give these food coupons to the employees from their CTC's to save the tax.There is no limit on Sodexo pass but you have to specify some reasonable amount, say Rs.50/- per day(50*22=1100,75*22=1650) or Rs.75/- per day . Just because it is a tax free component you cannot give them coupons huge worth and something unreasonable. Thanks

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Employee Retention Program

- Corporate Credit Cards and Discount Coupons - Cellular Phone / Laptop and other latest technology on-board - I nterest free loans for higher educations - Employees of school-age children might appreciate the option to work nine months a year and have the summers off

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Letter Formats..some Useful Stuff

4. Food Coupons: You will be entitled to food coupons worth Rs. _____/- per month. You may choose to opt out of this, for which you need to indicate your choice to your HR manager. For details where these coupons are applicable, you may refer our directory on …

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Idea For Rewards And Recognitions

10. Lunch-on-me coupons. 11. Take the person to lunch as a form of thanks or to mark a special event. 12. Doughnuts, bagels, or rolls as an early morning starter. 13. A "funny" trophy that is passed among team members based on "inside" criteria. 14. Submit the person's name for a Wall of Fame award. This will result in a one-time increase on

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Salary Structure For It Company

Hi Shwetha First tell whether you have enrolled with ESI & PF. What are your deductions, other benefits like food coupons etc. only based on those you shall prepare salary …

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Policy On Staff Birthday

- A half day off on the bday; this policy gives employees enough time to spend with their family and friends. - Coupons for shopping/ Lunch/ dinner with family could be another option. Also, you could publish the name of the bday boy/girl on the notice board or intranet etc.

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Best Tax Saving Salary Break Up

Hi! U can add CCA, HRA, Medical REimbursement, Incentives or Bonus, PF, u can even opt to take Sodexho coupons which would be really useful. Apart from this you can also have LTA, Transport Allowances, Education allowances, Telephone expenses, Newpaper Books & Perodicals, refreshments.

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Suggestions Required For Ctc Break Up For 5 Lac

Food Coupons 15,000 Special allowances 1,32,000 GROSS SALARY (A) 4,82,400 Performance Bonus 24,120 Leave Encashment 11,100 If a plant is running for 4 days can the company call 2 days as lay off? How to calculate the salary changes due to COVID 19 - we need to pay different percentages of salaries to different staff

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Salary Breakup [Thread 372283]

Conveyance allowance, Children Edu Allowance, food coupons, are missing. Those are tax saving components. Pon 5th November 2011 From India, Lucknow. mshrr77. 3. Hi Pon1965, Thanks for the reply. I guess those things are included in the Benefits package and my friend needs to get a break up of the same. Compensatory Off Form - Pdf Download

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Sodexho Passes Given By Companies Are Exempted From Tax

Sodexo coupons or any other food coupons are like usage of credit card as far as the accepting establishments are concerned. The coupon service providers charge some % (say 4%) of commission from the merchants while settling the encashment of coupons. Some merchants pass on the commission to the users where they keep less margins.

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How To Get On Roll

Similarly, if a causal worker has been employed for 5 years with 240 days in each year including days of off, leave days etc, he is eligible for gratuity also. But he need not be called as a regular workman and he may not be entitled to benefits which a regular employee is entitled to, such as accommodation/ staff quarters, lunch coupons

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Value Of Time : Crk's Desk

Pay bills, clip coupons, iron, or work on tomorrow's to-do list while watching your favorite programs. √ Make doctor's appointments for first thing in the morning. Run errands and grocery shop early morning also. Do everything you can during off-hours to save LOTS of time (and stress!).

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How To Motivate 50yrs Old Employee To Get Work More

14. Offer incentives for your employees to show them you care about them. Allow them time off to volunteer for community projects your company supports if they produce quality work. Offer flex time to those qualified people who need it for personal reasons (a sick child, a semester of extra education, etc.).

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Draft A Policy For Excess Consumption Of Coffee!

Follow the coupon system and order for a coupon book as per the number of coupons required in each book which will be valid for only one month. Dharaneesh Kumar.V HR / Admin Executive 18th December 2009 From India, Bangalore. parulkakkar. 5. 4. Lock/ switch OFF the vending machine for the rest of …

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6 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Credit Card

Good points above. The system of gaining points for use of credit card also makes people spend more to get more points. I know of a person who used his credit card for booking his boss air tickets(off course boss would pay him immediately) to get credit card points,but all he got was an Income tax notice.

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Need Formula/procedure For EPF / PF Calculation Excel File

Dear Madhvai, thanks for the reply. What i exactly need is some formula by which we can caculate how much amount will be accumulated at the year's end at a fixed epf rate (say 8.5%) on the combined monthly EPF shares of Employee and Employer (i.e 12% + 3.67% of {basic+DA})

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Could Some Body Help Me In Knowing The Salary Calculation

Hi, Please find the basics of Compensation. 1) Basic is 30-50% of CTC not more than that. 2) HRA is taken 40% of Basic(for non Metros) and 50% for Metros, as it is the HRA exemption limit as per tax.

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Zero Leaves Per Annum. . .How Illegal Is That

By giving two Saturdays off, in fact management is giving 24 days off per annum unnecessarily. Rather than this let them follow route of law to avoid legal hassles of any kind in future. Your management can declare that for every 20 working days employee is …

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How to reduce the late coming and make sure every

Hi Sriram, I have solution for late comers but on employee breaks will suggest some feasible solution shortly. As a part of company HR policy, you can add a clause to limit/restrict the number of times the employee use the grace time in a month say for example employees are allowed to use grace time (12:30PM) for 2/3 times in a month.

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Can anyone help me know my take home salary with

The values of food coupons, L.T.A and Employer's contribution for EPF are not included as they are not actually paid to the employee. 19th September 2017 From India, Salem noctro15

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Intern Should Be Paid

The location was a far off place. I was a little low before joining about the expenses I will have to bear. But once I joined, in comparison to the immense learning I got, the people I worked with, the work-life balance I got and the enthusiasm I was filled with was nothing compared to getting few bucks.

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Salary Slip Is Fake Or Genuine

It is fak for the following reasons 1. PF Calculation is wrong It must be minimum of Rs 780/ ( 12% of Rs 6500/) 2. No IT deduction is shown. 3. Sodoxo is never shown in Pay slip.

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Non Taxable Salary Heads / Incometax Rebate

Sir, i am working in small factory as a assistant manager, here is one biggest problem which is the break up of the salary, from the beginning the basic of …

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Maternity Leave [Thread 139809]

Sodexo coupons issued and remaining in hand unutilised shall defenitely be used by a woman employee while on maternity leave. However, if it is issued along with pay and if the value of such coupons is not a component of her pay, there is no legal right to cliam such coupons during any period (including maternity leave) of leave. Regards, Madhu.T.K

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