Coupons:$6.92 billion

Plano, TX-based Dr Pepper/Seven Up kicked off its sponsorship of the Grammys with a Sit On Your Can at the Grammys under-the-cap game that sweetens the offer with 55-cent on-pack coupons. To back the opening of its new California Adventure Park in February, Walt Disney Co., Burbank, CA, teamed with Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and grocery chain

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Coupons Take to Third Screen

Coupons Take to Third Screen. Twelve Subway sandwich shop franchises in Buffalo, NY, broke a campaign in mid-August that offers consumers alerts and discount coupons via customers’ cell phones. Customers opt-in to receive periodic coupons, last minute specials and event alerts from their frequented Subway locations by texting 7299 (SBWY) to

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Coupons: Recession Poof!

Standing Off. That’s heartening news for many retailers, who have long considered coupons a threat to the bottom line. “Coupons and one-day sales are now seen for what they are: a means of educating consumers to wait for the lowest price,” says Tom Holliday, president of the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Mill Valley, CA.

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Bon-Ton Swaps Coupons for Clothes

Bon-Ton stores are trading coupons for gently used clothing and textiles to promote its latest Goodwill drive. Customers who make a donation through April 7 at Bon-Ton and participating Goodwill locations will receive a 20% off coupon toward the purchase of new merchandise for each item donated.

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Counterfeit Coupons Flood the Internet

The coupons cover a wide variety of brands and involve mostly free product offers. “The problem is there are new ones appearing literally everyday,” he said. One coupon offers a free 12-pack of any Pepsi product with a maximum value of $4.50.

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Blockbuster Settlement Awards Coupons to 38 Million

Consumers who spent more than $60 on extended viewing fees will receive three coupons for a free non-new release movie rental, six $1 off coupons toward a rental or non-food item and a rent-one, get-one-free coupon. All coupons are transferable. Blockbuster began issuing coupons on Aug. 1. Eligible customers receive their coupons upon checkout.

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CPGs Offer Fewer Coupons with Lower Offers: Study

CPG marketers still find that FSIs are the best media to distribute coupons as evidenced by the report finding that 89.7% of coupons reach consumers through FSIs. Another 4.1% can be found in in-store handouts, 2% through direct mail, 1.8% via magazine ads and 1% through on-pack offers.

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Cingular Dangles Mobile Coupons for Customers

With the coupon, customers got a free appetizer or $5 off a purchase of $15 or more. To date, 700 coupons have been redeemed, said Judy Schumacher, VP-marketing, Main Street. Cingular promotes the service on its Web site.

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Denny's Offers Free Breakfast, Coupons

In an effort to boost its breakfast business, Denny’s is offering free Grand Slam Breakfast to customers who visit its restaurants between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. today.

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Catalina Bypasses the Register to Offer Online Printable

Catalina Marketing, known for distributing its coupon offers bundled with register receipts at grocery and other store checkout counters, has launched a new Web site,, which will let users select and print off online coupons on the same CPG goods. The newly-launched Web site constitutes a scalable solution to the problem of declining newspaper readership and the

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Two in Three Consumers Use Online Coupons: Survey

Two-thirds of consumers using online coupons means that there is one-third of consumers who don’t. Since the Morpace research shows almost total awareness of Internet coupons, the study asked non-users to explain why they don’t print them off. The most common reason given (35% of non-users) was that coupons did not seem appropriate for

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Coupons Use Soared in '09 at All Stores: Nielsen

Coming off a three-year average of 2.6 billion redemptions in the period ending 2008, coupon offers saw a record increase to 3.3 billion redemptions in 2009—the second highest year-over-year growth ever recorded in coupon use, according to NCH Marketing Services, a Valassis affiliate.

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Coupon Crimes

Coupons are still auctioned off or sold in bulk at a flat rate on countless smaller sites, Miller says. And it’s not just paper copies that are passed around. Counterfeiters use e-mail to distribute electronic coupon files, which can mutate and spread like a virus. Legitimate Internet coupons, which manufacturers intend for consumers to print

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Inventive Incentives

Some 2,500 $1-off coupons were distributed that could be redeemed at local retailers. “Coupons are very effective when sampling products, as there is usually a high propensity to purchase the product after trial,” says Jeff Frumin, CEO of Universal Consulting Group, New York.

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Coupons at Center of $5 Million True Lemon Summer Campaign

In July, Kroger’s organic newsletter to 500,000 loyalty members will include a coupon. Two national FSIs with 45 million coupons will drop at the same time product shippers reach stores. At Harris Teeter stores, racks holding True Lemon products and coupons will be placed in the aisle where bottled water is sold.

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Take the Time to Analyze Online-to-Offline Coupon

Couple time of day with day of week, and your conclusion is that Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. is the best time for a consumer to receive a promotional ad. Study data shows that proper timing of online promotions can increase the probability that the consumer will print the coupon by almost 20%, a significant metric.

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100 years of Promotion

Coupons trace a hoary history back into the 19th century. Asa Chandler, the druggist who bought the formula for Coca-Cola for $2,300 in 1894, gave out handwritten tickets for a free glass of his new fountain drink. By 1895, the idea had spread. C.W. Post distributed the first grocery coupon, good for one cent off his new health cereal, Grape Nuts.

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Do You Groupon

It’s a site that puts a new spin on coupons, offering a different discount each day — specific to subscribers’ geographic location (28 cities and counting). Each day a new offer pops up, like the one on New Year’s Day in New York for 47% off one ticket to that …

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Coupons Get Revisions, Restrictions and a $800K Bust

Also banned are bulk sales of more than 20 coupons for one product, or 100 mixed coupons, because such sales have higher potential for abuse. EBay also limited the sale of “free product, no purchase required” and home-printed Internet coupons to two per listing.

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Digital Coupons Get Notoriety, but Use is Limited

The bottom line for digital coupon marketers is that while these coupons makeup a very small percentage of total coupon distribution—much less than 1%—they are over 5% of redeemed coupons. “This shows that people who take the time to print-at-home or load-to-card digital offers are much more likely to use them,” STI said.

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Coupon Squeeze in California

That first criterion would cover all discount coupons, contends Steven Durchslag of Winston & Strawn, who fought the bill on behalf of the Promotion Marketing Association. “The vast majority of coupons are cents-off and by definition require a purchase for their use,” he says. The second test gets really hairy.

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Products: LABELS, FOLDED COUPONS, EXTENDED‑ CONTENT LABELS, IRCs, SCRATCH & SNIFF LABELS, STATIC CLING LABELS, DRY‑RELEASE COUPONS, SCRATCH‑OFF LABELS, CHANNEL STRIPS, SHELF DANGLERS PrinterS: SecUrity Scientific Games International 1500 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone: 770‑664‑3704 Fax: 770‑772‑7674

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Counter Attack

The line initially was promoted with heavy in-store advertising and marketing such as a launch-week 50%-off sale, gift-basket giveaways, and extra coupons for friends and family members. Over in Matthews, NC, Harris Teeter of Matthews, NC, went on the road and into homes to run a sweepstakes.

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Online Coupon Debate

There are several industry-accepted methods of securing online couponing: installing special technology (such as printers or kiosks) in stores to control distribution of the coupons; replacing the printed coupon with an electronic discount at the checkout stand; or delivering the coupon via a secure off-line method such as the U.S. mail.

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Not Your Mother's COUPON

Not Your Mother’s COUPON. Posted on April 1, 1999 by Chief Marketer Staff. There are three kinds of customers: new ones, loyal ones, and prospective ones. Coupons – especially the ones housed in colorful free-standing inserts found in Sunday newspapers – have historically been key in attracting the last kind, the prospect.

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Must the Mail Go Through

Discounts of the Rich & Famous: The Money Mailer had a few surprisingly expensive offers amidst the standard plethora of $5-off coupons: R&R Pool & Patio’s insert pitched $500 off any pool table and $1,000 off any hot tub. (If only the basement were finished.)

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CPG Coupon Volume on the Rise: NCH Study

Redemption, however, fell off to 1.5% in 2002 from 1.8% in 2001. And the time consumers had to redeem coupons was dramatically shortened, by nine days or less, to an average of 12.6 weeks, down from 13.9 in 2001. The top five retail redeemers of coupons in the U.S. are: Kroger, Wal-Mart, Ahold, Military Commissaries and Safeway, respectively.

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Join the Coupon Crowd: Examining the Social/Coupon

To judge how hot the social coupon space is now, try this unscientific experiment. Look up an online article on one of the category leaders say, Groupon

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Silk Soymilk, Kashi Target Offices Via Sampling Effort

On its Web site, Silk is offering $3 coupons off Soymilk products. Consumers register on the site for the offer and can opt in to receive additional promotions from the company or from its parent WhiteWave Foods. For more stories on sampling. For more stories on coupons. For more stories on event marketing

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Huggies Partners with My Gym for In-Store Promo

People can also take away $2 off coupons off Huggies diapers. About 1,000 coupons are being distributed to each store and will be replenished every two months. The promotion is “really about tying into the audience that is out buying these products,” said David Teichner, CEO of Channel M.

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J&J Melts Stress with Online Campaign

Visitors can also download $1 off coupons off products. The line, which hit retail shelves in December 2006, features a new product, Johnson’s Melt Away Stress Dreamy Night Crème. The campaign, which targets women 25-45, is the company’s second largest Web marketing initiative to date.

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Dr Pepper’s Social Coupon Referral Campaign Takes Off

Consumers were offered the opportunity to save $1 through a coupon if they shared the offer with friends via email or social media, or receive a .50-off coupon without sharing. People who participated could also get a $5 Walmart e-gift card if they submitted proof of purchase of three 12-packs of Diet Dr Pepper.

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What's Hot and What's Not

Coupon face value definitely influences coupon usage, according to 62 percent of consumers. Another 49 percent said that they preferred coupons good for a large number of brands – for example, $1.50 off any two General Mills cereals. Only 28 percent of consumers rated coupon expiration dates as a big influence on their rates of coupon use.

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Can Groupon Grow Up

Groupon's stat sheet is pretty impressive. Two and a half years after its November 2008 launch, Groupon now numbers more than 70 million subscribers worldwide and has sold more than 46.6 million coupons, amounting to savings of $1.9 billion for its users.

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Techno Marketing: A Promo Special Report

Techno Marketing: A Promo Special Report. Posted on August 1, 1999 by Chief Marketer Staff. Digital P-O-P. It’s expensive. It’s more bother than good old cardboard. And it’s a difficult sell to retailers. But digital P-O-P is coming. Advanced communications technology revolutionizing the customization of account-specific programs will

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Fork, Coupon Point The Way For McDonald's Salad Promotion

In addition, New York Sports Clubs will distribute $1 off coupons toward the purchase of a fruit and walnut salad and a drink. More. Related Posts. Grey Goose Prioritizes SEO, QR Codes and Experiences in Its Post-Pandemic Marketing. July 8, 2021 by Sherry Chiger - advertising.

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Target Shifts to Everyday Discounts for Branded

The new point-of-sale discount program for REDcards replaces Target’s former practice of awarding a 10% discount when new applications were approved—something Target cashiers could process from their registers—and then earn coupons for 10% off a future day of shopping.

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Dallas Airport Dangles Coupons to Get Travelers to Park

With coupons, consumers who purchase a cup of coffee will get a free pie at McDonald’s, while travelers who order an entree at TGI Friday’s earn a free appetizer. An estimated 50,000 coupons will be distributed each week to consumers before the program ends Sept. 5, Buchanan said. The program will boost traffic to airport businesses, he added.

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Sticky Situations

ConAgra mailed out 2 million $1-off coupons and is giving $1-off coupons at checkout to people buying other brands. Customers who contacted the company complaining that Peter Pan had made them ill — and some of the effects of salmonella poisoning are quite memorable — will get a coupon

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Coupon Distribution Drops Following Record Breaking Years

Overall last year, 89.4% of all coupons were distributed via FSI formats, including co-op, solo and shared mail. 2. Face value: The average $1.54 face value offered remained the same as in 2010 with grocery cutting 3 cents off the average value to $1.17 and HBC coupons averaging $2.09. Within those segments, however, the trends don’t all

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2017 Coupon Use Crosses Demos/Generations

2017 Coupon Use Crosses Demos/Generations. Last weekend, every visitor to the International Plaza Mall in Lake Forest, CA, was handed a coupon for 10% off to celebrate the grand opening of Johnny Rockets. Users of the 7-Eleven app are awarded 11 free Slurpee coupons once seven Slurpee drinks have been purchased.

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Sole Survivor

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Money Where Its Mouth Is

But manufacturers lose $400 million a year through coupons that are redeemed incorrectly, and another $250 million each year through coupon fraud, according to the findings of Aurora, CO-based In Store Media Systems, Inc. More than 137,000 grocery stores in the U.S. currently accept coupons, and some outlets process more than 1,000 coupons each

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Jimmy Dean Shares Metrics on Shareable Web Coupon Campaign

Basically the coupon campaign, which ran for a month, allowed online users to print off a coupon worth $1 off a 4-count pack of D-lights. However, if they chose to share the offer with three of their friends via email, Facebook Twitter or MySpace, they could score a coupon worth $2.50 off the same merchandise.

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Saputo Cheese Puts Crayola Promo on 8 Million Packages

A full-page FSI with $2 off coupons drops Oct. 7 to 28 million households. A microsite at visitors can play games and download pictures to color. People can also find nutrition information about their favorite Frigo string cheese product on the site. P-O-P, in-store signage and online marketing also support the promotion.

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GameFly Rewards Gamers for Loyalty

GameFly Rewards Gamers for Loyalty. Posted on March 22, 2006 by Chief Marketer Staff. Video game rental service GameFly has launched a new loyalty program that rewards subscribers with coupons and discounts off pre-played video games. Under the GameFly Rewards program, members receive five GameFly dollars off pre-played game purchases for every

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Best Book Forward

The dot whack also typically offers a coupon code to use for a discount on the first order. Returning customers of Thousand Oaks, CA-based G.W. Little receive a special offer, such as 10% off merchandise in a product category they’ve purchased before or in a related category. The cataloger, which sells apparel and other products for small

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Spring Breakaway

Spring Breakaway. Posted on February 20, 2007 by Chief Marketer Staff. ( Promo) Brace yourself: Spring Break, that annual college rite, is about to start. But it will be more than the beer-soaked party of legend. For one thing, more than half of this year’s revelers will be women, according to a recent poll by MTV. Not all will be rowdy.

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Perfect Profile

(Participating retailers include Sears, Borders Books, The Gap, J. Crew, Dunkin’ Donuts and Taco Bell.) A text message comes with a coupon code; shoppers show the code at Galleria’s customer service desk to get a paper voucher to redeem in-store. Redemption averages an impressive 18 percent. Shoppers control who calls, when and how often.

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