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FLASH SALE !!! Panther Chameleons

All day today and till noon (Eastern) tomorrow we will be offering $100 off your Nosy Be Chameleon purchase! Just use coupon code "FLASH" at checkout. Nosy Be Panther Chameleon Male from Azul Jr Who is ready for some Azul Jr babies!!!! We can’t express how excited we are to have babies from Azul Jr getting ready for their new homes.

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Reptile Medicine And Surgery Chameleon Forums

This is an unbeatable price $101 shipped using the coupon code ERP5253K. 30% off Reptile Medicine And Surgery Description: This outstanding clinical reference provides valuable insights into solving clinical dilemmas, formulating diagnoses, developing therapeutic plans, and verifying drug dosages for both reptiles and amphibians. The

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Save on Substrates TODAY! 10% OFF all Josh's Frogs Brand Substrates! Save on the substrates your pet reptiles and amphibians NEED! Use coupon code JFSUBSTRATE at checkout. Offer good through November 8th, 2013.

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Careful if you buy from Josh's Frogs!

Jun 4, 2017. #1. First off I want to say that I LOVE Josh's Frogs and use them for my feeders and other needs for my Cham! They have the best customer service and quality feeders!! However, I received a letter in the mail from them stating that their systems were hacked and credit card information stolen. I didn't see the letter for several days.

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Anyone Using Apogee's Reptarium Enclosures

and they have a coupon code for 11 % off - 11off - today! summoner12 Avid Member. Dec 31, 2008 #6 Just my two cents. I have reptariums and screen cages from LLL Reptile. I have never had an issue with melting either. I would go with a Reptarium if you have a new small cham. If you have an adult I would go with a 24"x24"x48" cage sold at LLL.

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LLL Reptile Rep Cal Coupon

Hey all. You may be aware of this already, but I was searching for deals through LLL Reptiles and found a $2 off Rep Cal Calcium. It worked for me and I bought The Rep Cal -D3 and Phosphorous. The code is: rcal Found it here: Rep Cal Coupon. Its been running for at least a year and I think it works on all Rep Cal dust.

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ambilobe Chameleon Forums

Mango & Cosmo Ambilobe Offspring Sale 50% off using coupon code Forum. Only a few left but they need to move! Hatch Range June 1-7, 2019 Sire Cosmo Dam Mango Coupon Code Forum Discount 50% How go to and use the coupon code Forum Sire Cosmo Sire's Sire Outline from

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Sansi 70W grow light

On amazon - click the button to clip the $12 coupon code - then use the promo code 75uvflood to take an additional 75% off. Mine was $5.xx shipped! I'm looking at …

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LLL vs ZooMed ReptiBreeze 2x2x4-foot cages

The coupon code cham3 is just for the (it is the only place I posted this coupon code) . As for the sale on the cages, it should last hopefully through the week. We have had them on sale for a bit now. The $3 off is on top of the sale Thanks again to everyone here! LLLReptile & Supply

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Housing insects Chameleon Forums

A coupon code for Josh’s frogs was just posted too. Reactions: Snuits. L. Lindasjackson Chameleon Enthusiast. Sep 14, 2021 #6 Welcome to the forum! If you have questions let us know. We’d be happy to help. Reactions: MissSkittles. I. insectovore Member. Sep 17, 2021 #7 Mealworms I put in sterilite bins with the lid off. Get the cheap ones

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Sansi 70W grow light

Go to amazon, search for 60w sansi grow led check box for amazon’s 20% off coupon, and use code GROW60WW for an additional 50% off. SANSI 60W Daylight Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb, Foldable Sunlike LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Plant Light for Hydroponic Greenhouses, Houseplants, Vegetable Tobacco, Sunlight White E26 …

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Best website to buy BSFL

I use calcigrubs they are a site sponsor and they offer free shipping and it’s always fast I get really healthy juicy larvae haven’t had a problem with any D/O/A and I live in Vegas with temps as high as 115 so that’s pretty huge for me and they always have either. 10% coupon code or 20% if it’s your first time

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vines and branches from michaels

Yes I got them at Michaels and there is a coupon on their sight for 25% off and I think there is sometimes a coupon for 50% off in the Sunday paper . grccola New Member. Feb 25, 2015 #14 just a quick update. I was just at michaels to get more branches and they take AC Moore coupons witch was 40% off so I got them for 12 bucks . Chance Leon G

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Lll reptile coupon code

Looking for a coupon code at checkout ordering a bunch of supplies for my new panther cage! jeanjacket812 New Member. Apr 3, 2010 #2 Umm RCAL will get you 2.00 off repcal calcium . Syn Avid Member. Apr 3, 2010 #3 If you become a fan of their facebook page they will send out messages about coupons occasionally. gpmo New Member.

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Sansi 70W grow light

You know I love me some Sansi grow lights. Their new 70w LED is a small low profile, water resistant 9”x9” box. Amazon has it for $63 plus a 15% off coupon SANSI has a black friday code (works right now) for 20% off that STACKS. I just ordered two for $44 each thats almost what I paid

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Cheap UVB bulbs and lighting Chameleon Forums

Only $10.39 and up at Josh's Frogs! New at Josh's Frogs - Exo Terra UVB150 Reptile lighting! Formerly the Exo Terra 10.0 UVB bulb, the new Exo Terra UVB 150 is a great UVA and UVB source for desert and sun loving reptiles and amphibians. Effective up to 20" away, the Exo Terra UVB 150 provides plenty of UVB to promote formation of vitamin D3

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NEW LLLREPTILE Store now open! Mission Valley

It is NOW an LLLReptile with BIG CHANGES to come! Grand opening sales will be in mid July with HUGE specials, FREE stuff at the door, raffles with awesome FREE prizes and tons more. 6628 Mission Gorge Road. San Diego, CA. If you are going to the San Diego Super Reptile Show this weekend - stop by our booth for some cool scratch off coupons for

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Show me your (Individual) baby cage setup! Page 3 Chameleon …

You should definitely share this coupon code with us, unless it's a one time code lol . cyberlocc Chameleon Enthusiast. Apr 27, 2020 #58 T5 UVB and 6500K for the plants it's providing plenty of heat for my Jackson's in fact I'm using a small fan to move off the excess. I put a valve in the line of my misting system to reduce the pressure

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How high is too high

There are also a lot of coupons available (scroll down). Reactions: Horaceunit. H. Horaceunit Established Member. Jul 10, 2021 #104 Mistking arrived. Retrofitting commencing! I realized I'm going to need a cut off valve too. I think I'm going to want to one of the zip drip connections too. Reactions: Beman. H. Horaceunit Established Member

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Plant light Chameleon Forums

It sells for $23 on their site and elsewhere, and coupons are available for all Sansi's lights. The best I've found for chameleon enclosures is the 70W pad. (Again, sales & coupons apply). I have 2 on my double-wide enclosure, and …

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First Veiled! Supply check pls

I have my plant light set for 12 hrs. on/12 hrs. off. At sunup & sundown, the sun has to penetrate a much thicker atmosphere, which filters out both heat and UVB, so I have basking & UVB set to turn on an hour later, and turn off an hour earlier. This has an added effect of extending the life of a UVB bulb by approx. 2 months.

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Sansi 70W grow light

Yes the cloud Feature, has Clouds and Lightning Combined. However its a simple On or Off Feature. You cannot say Schedule a storm at 12pm, and run the misters at 12pm as well. The storms go off either randomly, (of which you can program probability) or via location base. You can not choose when a storm will happen.

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Sansi 70W grow light

Either wire the four leads to the wire off the driver with wire nuts or use wago 221-415 to connect the five wires. If you go the wago route, go with wago brand not the knock off versions. This driver for parallel wiring, free shipping from this …

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