Payment vouchers

Form RC160, Remittance Voucher – Interim Payments. Use Form RC160 only to make interim payments for a tax year-end for which we have not processed a return.. Form RC160 will show …

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Provincial and territorial codes

Provincial and territorial codes. Use the following abbreviations when you enter the province or territory on the T5 slip and T5 Summary. Province and territorial codes. Province or territory. …

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Benefits Finder Find government benefits and services

The Benefits Finder is a tool that can help you find Benefits and Services that you may be eligible to receive. It asks a few questions and uses your answers to search. It does …

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General Index of Financial Information (GIFI)

General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) You have to include financial statement information when you file a T2 Corporation Income Tax Return or a T5013 Partnership Information …

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Calculating CPP contributions

CPP contributions you deducted from your employee's salary in the month ($240.40) + your share of CPP contributions ($240.40) = Total amount you remit for CPP contributions …

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Energy Savings Rebate program

The Energy Savings Rebate program makes energy-efficient products more accessible to people across Ontario. The program provides $200 million over two years to …

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COVID-19 proof of vaccination in Canada

As of November 30, 2021, vaccination will be required for travel within and to depart Canada. A valid COVID-19 molecular test will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination …

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National Building Code of Canada 2020

Contact us. Email: Phone: 1-800-672-7990 or 1-613-993-2463. Opening hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Eastern time, Monday to Friday. …

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Payroll Deductions Tables

To determine Sara's provincial tax deductions, you use the weekly provincial tax deductions table. In the Ontario tax deductions table, the provincial tax deduction for $615 …

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Methods of calculating deductions – CPP, EI, and income tax

Employment in Quebec. Individuals who work or receive other income (such as pension income) in the province of Quebec have to fill out a federal Form TD1, Personal Tax Credits Return, …

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Overview of the parts of the Canada Labour Code and how they …

Part I: Industrial relations. Part I of the Code governs workplace relations and collective bargaining between unions and employers. This part contains provisions related to …

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National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2020

The trade-off compliance paths for HVAC and service water systems, which were complex and not widely used, are removed. A new compliance path with 4 energy …

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CPP contribution rates, maximums and exemptions

4.95. $2,163.15. $4,326.30. The above table is available in comma-separated value (CSV) format at the following link: CPP contribution rates, maximums and exemptions. 2000 to 2009. CPP …

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How much can you get

If your AFNI is under $32,797, you get the maximum amount for each child. It will not be reduced. For each child: under 6 years of age: $6,997 per year ($583.08 per month) 6 to 17 years of …

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Grants and funding from the Government of Canada

Select the type of funding you need to get a more specific finder. What type of funding are you looking for? Agriculture. Arts, culture and sport. Business.

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Annual vacations and general holidays for federally regulated …

In the Canada Labour Code, a general holiday is a specific day on which employees, including managers and professionals, are entitled to a day off with pay. As a federally regulated …

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