Bark beetles took advantage of weather, invaded dry pines

off the infestation. That, combined with the dry conditions, stressed the trees enough to let the beetles spread, chewing through so many trees that the die-off was quickly visible from satellites. The researchers used those satellite images to study the advance of half a dozen varieties of the pine beetle.

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U of A Study: Rich People Use Coupons More Than Poor

The majority of the people we talked to claimed they rarely use coupons because they are too much trouble. But they are in the minority. The study contradicted some longstanding popular beliefs. It found that wealthier shoppers tend to use coupons more often than shoppers who may not be as well off.

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Pine die-off, warming linked

Pine die-off, warming linked LARRY COPENHAVER Tucson Citizen Too much heat and not enough moisture is blamed for the deaths of millions of piñon pines in Arizona and other areas of the Southwest. The finding, announced yesterday by the University of Arizona, suggests big, fast changes in ecosystems may result from global climate

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Maricopa County Comments March 23, 2010

We need more advertizing and incentives (i.e. rebates, coupons, inexpensive products, etc.) to buy retrofit kits to convert toilets to high and low water flushes (for solids and liquids) More incentives and info on how to collect and store rainwater from roofs, etc. Its not hard and should not be too expensive.

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massive die-off of piñon trees across the Southwest, a new study has found. Between 40 percent and 90 percent of all piñon trees died at study sites in each of the Four Corners states between the most recent drought was at its peak, according to the study, which will be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of journal. The study

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Melanie Alvarez

The water runs off of these mountains and drains into the Colorado River, where it is then lost to Utah and must be distributed amongst other Colorado River users. The Central Utah Project was created to help Utah keep its fair share of this drainage water. This project will help to provide this critically needed water to everyone within the state.

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