How to Use Coupons to Promote Your Business

F. Coupons build store traffic which results in additional impulse purchases. G. Coupons are measurable and accountable. Don't overlook that couponing is the most measurable and accountable form of promotion. It's simply a matter of counting the number of coupons

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How to Market Your Business Effectively on Twitter

A percentage online coupon, such as “50% off” A money discount online coupon, such as “$35.00 off” A free product in-store coupon, such as “FREE Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Package with the purchase of Two Fragrance Boosters” Twitter coupons offer a mutually beneficial social opportunity. Your followers are likely to find them quite

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Customer-Attracting Cross-Promotions

The convenience store operator placed a similar box, displaying coupons worth $3 off the customer's next dry cleaning. That proved so successful that they recruited more partners and offered customers additional value: coupons from their cross-promoting at a nearby hardware store, beauty salon, fitness gym, and shoe repair shop.

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Four Ways to Resolve Customer Service Issues

Simply provide them with an extra percentage off their next purchase. Or give them a $10 gift card. You could even send the customer a coupon code for free shipping on their next order.

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Is Your Advertising Working

This works for both online and print advertising. For radio and TV, you could give them a coupon code to mention at the store or to type in online. You could also offer an incentive. “Mention this ad and we’ll give you an extra 15% off.” Use an E-mail Service Provider

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How to Improve Your Online Presence

You could offer people a $20 discount if they post a status on social media about the class. You can even create that ad and all they have to do is hit the share button and they get a coupon code for $20 off. Pretty cool, huh? 4. Improve Your Website. Your website is a giant piece of science. Every square centimeter matters.

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Small Business Strategies & Ideas That Work Business

Small business help: How-to start, market, finance, manage and grow a business. Strategies, tips and hints for success. that work. Get proven ideas and tactics for running a business.

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6 Ways to Get Customers to Opt-In to Mobile Marketing

One of my favorite examples of financial incentive is the following Bath & Body Works SMS coupon: “BBW: Hello Yellow SALE starts TODAY! Show text for $10 off $40 purch Max1/cust val 6/11-6/27 in BBWUS stores only [email protected] #2684 TextSTOP2endMsg&DataR8sAply.” You will notice that the coupon used many abbreviations, but it was all

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8 Easy Ways to Show Customers You Care

Everyone likes to get the fifth car wash or soda or entree free. I don't do many coupons that aren't pizza related, but those punch cards are golden. Run a weather related discount. If the temp exceeds 75 today everyone gets 20% off. Or your discount this month is whatever 100 minus yesterday's high temp was. A jewelry store ran a similar sale

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18 Ways to Find Customers

6. Use coupons and special offers to attract customers. Everybody loves a bargain. Offer a discount to new customers on their first purchase. If you sell products or services that need to be purchased repeatedly, consider making that first discount contingent on the customer signing a contract for a year of service. 7. Sponsor Events.

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12 Status Updates You Should Never Post

People aren’t on social media to view ads. In fact, most people are turned off when they see a blunt call to action. Instead, advertise with images, coupons, humor, or information. You can get the point across without saying “Act now before it's too late.” “You’re a bad person if you don’t…”

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Customer Usage Model

A customer usage model is comprised of three important buying processes. You do not truly know your customer till you know each step of their customer usage model like the back of your hand. 1. How your customers search for your product. If you’re a towing company your customers will search in phonebook. If you’re a lawyer your customers

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How to Get Customers to Buy More

RELATED: How to Use Coupons to Promote Your Business. The More You Pay, the More You Save. You can also increase sales by increasing the amount of money a coupon is worth when the person spends more. For instance, you might offer a $10 off coupon for those who spend $50 and a $25 off coupon for those who spend $100.

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How Two Bakeries Pivoted to Bring in Business During the

Encouraged repeat orders by included a coupon code in each order which would entitle the customer to a discount on their next order. Enhanced the packaging for gift orders, since many customers did purchase the cookies as gifts. Studied social media options to discover new ways to reach out to customers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and

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Where to Get Money to Start a Business

It will take patience, but you don't have to live like a pauper or waste hours searching for 50 cent-off coupons to live frugally. A few simple changes may save you hundreds of dollars a month. For instance, when one Newsday reporter tallied up what she spent on buying lunches, family meals, and fancy coffee drinks, the total for one month came

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Membership Marketing: Turning Occasional Buyers into Loyal

Membership programs help to properly allocated company resources, increase customer loyalty, provide predictable revenue streams, sells more products and services, generates higher revenue per customer, and improve referrals. Every business has products and services they can package into a membership program.

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How to Turn Holiday Shoppers Into Year-Round Customers

Kick off the New Year with a Special Offer. Encourage old and new customers to come back to your store with special promotions in January and throughout the year. Run an inventory clearance sale or a BOGO. These will entice customers into your store and help you reduce inventory that might otherwise go out of date.

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Customer Service Mistakes

Bend for thy customers I purchased a book of coupons with two-for-one deals at local restaurants. One sandwich shop -- clearly listed as a participating establishment -- refused to honor it. One sandwich shop -- clearly listed as a participating establishment -- refused to honor it.

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Cost-Cutting Tips for Small Companies

Include promotional material in outgoing packages: coupons, newsletters, fliers. Use email and social media instead of direct mail to test new offers and coupons for your customers. Shop around for better rates on printing, shipping, and office supplies. Use free shipping materials from USPS, UPS and FedEx.

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52 Low-Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Online and offline marketing methods work hand-in-hand to bring in customers and clients and keep them coming back. Here are off-line promotional strategies that are just as important now as they were in the past. If you're just starting out and don't have a business card and business stationery, have them made up -- immediately. They tell

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10 Easy Ways to Make Your Flyer Stand Out of the Crowd

You don't need to fill your flyer with wall-to-wall text and graphics. Incorporate some white space to make certain elements stand out and to make the flyer easy to read. 6. Make your points easily identifiable. Highlight titles and subtitles in bold, but avoid using ALL CAPS because they are more difficult to read. 7.

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How To Use SMS Marketing To Reach Customers

Good ideas for small businesses are special limited-time coupons and promotions such as: Secret daily lunch specials at a cafe; Buy a pedicure get a manicure free at a nail salon; 25 percent off computer repair if you mention the secret word when you book an appointment; A free 1-hour consultation with a tax expert; These are just suggestions.

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5 Ways to Use Direct Mail in Your Business

Sending a postcard with a chance to win a new product or offering $15 off a purchase of $60 or more, will inform new and existing customers about what you have to offer. Be sure to set an expiration date and make it prominent on the mailing so customers will rush to save money now before the promotion is over.

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36 Marketing Ideas for Small Business

About the author: Janet Attard is the founder of the award-winning Business Know-How small business web site and information resource. A small business and home business expert, Janet is the author of several books including The Home Office And Small Business Answer Book and of Business Know-How: An Operational Guide For Home-Based and Micro-Sized Businesses with …

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10 Ways to Use Periscope for Your Business

It’s the new social media network that’s gaining traction and you need to know how to use it. Periscope is a platform owned by Twitter. According to Twitter the platform now has about 10 million users and nearly 2 million people use the app daily. That’s pretty small when compared to the larger social networks but Periscope represents something more that you should understand for your

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3 Key Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

The health club's monthly newsletters included a reprint of the restaurant's healthy new menu items recommended by the club's nutritionist. They also distributed the restaurant's discount coupons to their members. 2. Uncover New Niche Markets Continually look for new niche markets you can serve. Then develop customized versions of your

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Top Ten Frugal Ways to Market Your Small Business

7) Create coupons offering a free or discounted product or a free hour of service for every two or three hours of paid service. Give them out to prospective clients and to organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce to use in contests and give aways.

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29 Marketing Strategies for Business

17. Co-market your business with another business. Make arrangements with another business that reaches the same customer base that you do, but sells a different product. Share mailings, give away coupons for each other and refer business to one another.

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How to Advertise

The headline you think is clever may not appeal to your customers. The buy one, get one half price offer coupon you send out might not be as effective as sending out a 25% off everything coupon. But you'll never know if you don't test your ad headlines, copy and offers and measure the results. Related: How to Promote Your Business

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Coronavirus: Small Business Survival Strategies and

Include coupons, links to buy, and your phone number. If you run a gym, or a physical therapy facility, or other facility consumers can’t visit during the pandemic, give them tips for staying healthy and active until you reopen – and include a coupon for future use.

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How to Promote Your Business at Community Events and Festivals

Complimentary gifts can include items featuring your company name—like pens, mugs, and reusable grocery bags—and even coupons good for free products in your store. Additionally, companies sometimes use community events as opportunities to give away new products that they’re looking to introduce to a wider market.

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Business Referrals

To make this system more effective, give your referral partners customized coupons, tickets, or cards that the referral brings with them to your business so that you can correctly track each referral source. Referral System # 2 Approach charities in your local area to get a list of donors that already give to the charity. The United Way is a

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How to Hire a Web Developer and Work with them Effectively

If you will be selling directly on the website, realize that you will need to get a merchant account that can be used on the web and/or a PayPal account to accept payments. If you have a retail storefront, don't assume your off-line merchant account can be used on the web - they often can't. Call the service provider and ask.

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Service That WOWs Customers Into Loyal Devotees

Send coupons, deals for past customers only, and items of interest specific to that customer. For instance, if you own a ladies clothing store and you just got in a fancy red handbag collection, you might want to contact all of the ladies who purchased red shoes in the last two years and let them know this might be a match.

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The Ten Pillars of Leadership and Business Development

(2) Leaders must be willing to take a stand- based on their vision and their values. This does not happen in a vacuum. Leaders must be willing to admit that they need strong support from an executive coach or a strong mentor who can guide them to doing the tough internal work required to shift their thinking and to get off the ego trip that many leaders live. They must be willing to carefully

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Motivating Your Workforce Toward High Performance

The coupons are redeemed for $10 certificates for food, movies, golf, and the like. Everyone in the company, from the president and vice presidents down, is eligible for a coupon. A work environment that attracts, keeps, and motivates its workforce is one that gives workers a sense of pride, accomplishment, and purpose in what they do.

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Relationship Marketing: Key For Small Local Business

Once you have the email address, point your visitor toward helpful resources. A restaurant could offer recipes or discount coupons. A plumbing business might offer tips for avoiding costly repairs. A small business site could offer a collection of articles. Whatever the business, there's some sort of information or gift customers would find useful.

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32 Years Online Providing Small Business Information, Tips

Summer 2020 marks Janet Attard's 32nd year online providing small business information, tips and hints. She started in 1988, and then started using the brand name,Business Know-How® in 1990. Find out what the online world was like before the Web in this first of 2 articles about Janet's experiences launching and running online small business sites.

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Word of Mouse

Often segmentation is the result of extensive off-line data mining to determine statistically different populations. Segmentation recommendations are, therefore, group recommendations. Statistical summarization is the presentation of ratings data in aggregate, rather than an attempt to turn that data into a personalized recommendation.

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Marketing Strategies: Power of the Marketing Pyramid

Send a summary of your meeting. 3. Send an article of interest to the prospect. 4. Send an invitation to a special networking event, seminar, or webinar you are hosting. 5. Send a special note about a speaking engagement that might be of interest to them (even better if …

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Marketing Ideas, Strategies, Tips and Hints

Marketing ideas, sales strategies, and customer service tips for small business. Get strategies that work to find customers, increase sales, beat the competition.

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Ways To Market Your E-Book

The cost of owning your own domain is only $35.00 per year. There are an abundance of hosting companies where you can park your site inexpensively, and owning your own name as author is crucial. Should success smile upon you and your hard work pay off, it only makes sense to reserve your own name, right? This site should be considered your office.

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How to Get Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

To boost the odds of clients sharing their thoughts, offer benefits like coupons, special offers, and even prizes. Sites like Facebook allow businesses to share offers that are exclusively for fans, so you can reward those individuals who take the time to leave testimonials. Finally, companies should refrain from grabbing reviews off review

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Street Marketing for Small Businesses

Street Marketing for Small Businesses. Door-to-door selling is an extremely effective, yet often overlooked marketing technique that will work for most any small business. Click here to learn how and why it works so well. It's 2:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon and you're watching the Dallas Cowboys beat up on the San Francisco Forty-Niners.

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Become a Better Leader. The ability to communicate, motivate and show genuine concern may be considered "soft" skills, but they are much more important to the retention of employees than you may think. Become a better leader by showing people you care.

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