[MC-158117] Game minimizes itself when it goes out of focus in

Confirmed in 1.19.2, on Fedora Linux 36, with GNOME and wayland on a single monitor. also, when I have another window overtop the Minecraft fullscreen window that is set to always on top, (like picture-in-picture from firefox) minecraft forces itself to be minimized making it unusable. > The game uses "true" fullscreen mode so this is expected

Actived: Just Now

URL: bugs.mojang.com

[MC-228420] World not loading / falling through the …

MC-234061 so ive made a server with atrenos and whenever i log onto my server that was working fine yesterday there is no land and all i see is clouds and im just falling …

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Minecart keeps kicking me out whenever it runs on …

Description. On my survival world, I built a minecart railing system to get up and down from the mines, as I finished I tested it and as soon as it ran on the Powered Rail, it shook and kicked …

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[MCPE-120140] Taking "fall damage" when not falling

Description. My friend was trying to make a pillar of concrete powder then suddenly took three hearts of damage. She brushed it off but then "fell from a high place" …

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Ghast fireballs do not deal projectile damage

Bedrock Edition ghast fireballs only deal explosion damage. This is affected by difficulty level and makes ghast fireballs stronger on hard difficulty and weaker on easy …

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[MC-249711] Items collected off the ground by allays …

MC-159959 Items are moved above the player's hitbox when picking them up while swimming/crawling. Open. MC-249743 Allay's hand goes through a shield and the shield …

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[MCPE-160254] Nametag is offset

MCPE-160903 Names/Hovering Text is off by a pixel. Resolved; Activity. People. Reporter: [Mod] LateLag Votes: 4 Vote for this issue Watchers: 2 Start watching this issue. …

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Screen and buttons pushed off to right on Pixel 6, unplayable

Description. In Android 13 on a Pixel 6 device, Minecraft refuses to scale, go fullscreen (there is a black bar where the front facing camera sites), and as a result the entire …

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[MC-252546] Poor audio quality compared to 1.18.2

So i fired up 1.19 just a few minutes ago and immediately noticed the audio quality isn't quite what i'm used to hearing from 1.18.2 and prior versions. Please take a listen to the 2 sample videos …

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Mobs are taking consistent, but incorrect fall damage

Steps to reproduce. Use fall damage test.mcworld; Push mobs off of the different towers to the landing platform. Expected results. Each mob type would take the same damage …

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[MC-253053] Tooltips are cut off at the bottom of the screen

In 1.19, tooltips that contain around 13 or more lines will display most of the text off the bottom of the screen. This seems to affect items higher in the inventory compared to …

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[MCPE-160903] Names/Hovering Text is off by a pixel

On named mobs, players, and hovering command block text, the characters have been moved upward by a pixel since 1.19.20. To reproduce, either: A. Give a Hover Note to a …

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I managed to break a boat by falling off a mountian

I rode the boat off the mountain, and it turned into sticks and planks Steps to Reproduce: 1. Ride a boat off a mountain on a server that loads chunks slow 2. Land in an unloaded chunk. …

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[MC-181280] Textures can sometimes display incorrectly

MC-198710 When Playing in a single player creative world it began to rain but instead of the usual rain particles it was switched with a chicken model. Nothing worked to get …

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[MC-255027] Throwing an Ender Pearl at the side of a wall while

Normally, you would be pushed out, but since you are crouching, you aren't able to fall off of the block in the wall that you are "standing" on. Attachments. Issue Links. duplicates. MC-2164 …

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[MC-255797] Both Sprinting on/off & Sprinting Speed is somehow …

2) I tried turning off the Low Latency, Ultra setting for my GPU; this had cause the number of random times my Avatar would speed up to the proper Sprint speed to be a slightly higher …

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'Z' Coordinates blocked by some text in f3 menu.

The 'Z' Coordinate gets blocked by '3.2.14830 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context 21.4.1 27.20.21002.112' I've only seen this happening when im playing on servers.

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[MCPE-154278] World corrupted/broken in 1.18.30

Off-topic comments and chatter may be hidden to avoid clutter, enabling us to focus on the information relevant to the bug. My 2 year old survival world corrupted or broke somehow. …

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[MCPE-161467] Allay Wanders off after given an item

I gave my allays (4 of them) items. All of the allays were tamed and were following me. I eventually went down a mineshaft that fell straight down and they got caught halfway …

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