UPS Discounts, do they work

Entering coupon code cuts that price to $11. 5-piece Samsonite luggage set $128: This retails for $250. has it on sale for $159.99. Entering 20 percent off coupon code

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Eye insurance UPS Discussions BrownCafe

Plus, you get 20% off any amount over your allowance. Extra Savings: 20% savings on additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from any VSP provider within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam.

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UPS Store vs. Cost UPS Discussions BrownCafe

A local UPS store routinely publishes "50% off UPS Shipping" coupons. I was quoted ~$20 to ship a package (already boxed & ready to go) with the coupon; via my phone, the UPS website quoted me about half that. Shamefully, I shipped it FedEx Ground -- their megahub was less than a mile up the road, whereas my UPS center is over 40 RT.

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SmartSavings Website UPS Discussions BrownCafe

Just because I went in today off the clock and set up the center for preload to start tomorrow doesn't make me a company man. Reply. 2 2 IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U * Jan 5, 2020 #15 Well, I have to resort to online coupons, so much for employee benefits. Delete this thread.

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Employee Discounts

I went in search of new laptops today for the household and found myself at one of the Name Brand Brown Employee linked sites. Let me say that I had what I wanted in my cart prior to the call and was ready to purchase 3 laptops. I waited almost 10 minutes to …

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Fuel rewards

With my rewards card I automatically get 5 cents off too, they're not going to bat an eye if you're saving them cash on top of it. Using rewards cards is common at all types of corporations. My parents go on a trip to Hawaii every couple of years on the points they've earned from work trips.

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who likes wine

found a discount card on the floor of a feeder for "get $100 off any case of wine priced at $160 or more, delivery included" expires in about 25 days insult me the best you can and i'll pm the info tonight

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Do you remember when UPS Discussions BrownCafe

we got birthday cards signed by division mangers, a safe driver gifts, a5yr. 10yr 15 anniversary rings gold watches or another gifts. I felt like i was part of a great company and a great place to work, now i can hope to get my 25yr in get out of here..

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Sign of things to come Life After Brown BrownCafe

I get ticked off when I go into El Polo Loco and order something using the exact phrase on their menu and I get the look from the workers as if they don't know what the heck I'm saying. My cousin, who is a teacher, in Central CA. was almost forced to learn …

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Are Internet Affairs Cheating

Either she woke up, or I woke her up, being disapointed or peed off as I was. Told her, that I'm too angry to discuss the matter right now, but will sleep over it. Well, when I woke up, my opinion did not change, and actually instead of driving her home (800 …

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Redneck economics Current Events BrownCafe

Walmart is abruptly closing 63 Sam's Club stores and laying off thousands of workers . Reply. Knock off Gaining momentum. Jan 11, 2018 #3 Probably because Costco is kickin their but. You can actually do better if you shop the ads and use the Progresso Soup for less than 50 cents a can!!!! I stocked up. Reply. Baba gounj You

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Turkey Bonus UPS Union Issues BrownCafe

What I would like to see is a $50 or so gift certificate for free shipping so that the employees can get their gifts off to loved ones. It wouldn`t actually cost the company $50 as the trucks are headed out anyway but it would help the pocketbooks of the employee and would be a more off a good will gesture.

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Don't forget to tip your server Life After Brown

From now on, it's coupons and hugs! Reply. 1 1 scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank. Jan 4, 2016 #42 IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U said: You didn't melt Jesus before you left? The first thing I do when I get off the plane upon going home is stop at …

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Sos UPS Discussions Page 2 BrownCafe

Usually they are 3 for $5.00, and if I buy 10, then I get 100 airmiles ($14.00 value), and if I have stouffer coupons on top of it. I get them for free, or even get paid to buy them ! Basically, the most I ever pay for 1 of those packs are 27 cents a box. ($16.67 - $14.00 (airmiles) = 2.67 for 10 boxes = 26.7 cents per box)

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Whats Going On Here

Now one of the ISPs had a side business of washing trucks off-site. Reply. It will be fine Well-Known Member. Apr 27, 2015 #3 We had a company a year ago or so that came out on Saturdays to wash trucks, contractor has to buy coupons for that, it disrupts leaving time though, you have to get in line after you get your paperwork which can be

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Fired! From UPS: Stories About Employees Losing Their Job

Got bumped off my route by a guy checking up on his wife. I told him he wouldn't have time to "investigate". Took a couple of months but mgt. eventually caught on and fired him for stealing time. Stuck too as he was well hated by mgt. We had (apparently) a big time drug dealer(out of his pkg car) in my center. Busted by the FEDS.

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When are option/vacation days paid out

I was just wondering this today. I haven't taken a single day off since becoming a driver back in April. I don't feel like I need a day off. Plus I work weekends at my other job. Checked my pay stub and I have: 2 weeks vacation 48 h OPD 80 h other = 208 hours! Not even sure what all those hours are. How can "other" be 80 hours?

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Failed UPS Discussions Page 5 BrownCafe

My mechanic, lawn lady, bug guy, heating a/c, plumber, electrician and barber all give discounts for cash or check. My mortgage, truck payment, water bill, power and light, insurances and cell phones are all discounted when paying by check or bank transfer. My grocery store also offers some dbl coupons when you pay with cash or check.

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What's this I hear about 9.5 UPS Discussions BrownCafe

Now that's concerning.. give 14 hours to the people that want it or need it. Everybody else can get off around 6 and have a life. I know this place is full of weirdos that dont help so I fully expect trolls. That's fine it's funny to an extent.

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Failed UPS Discussions Page 6 BrownCafe

we are working on a living trust right now and I can't stand the thought of leaving the kids so much money. they didnt work for it. and we don't know what to spend it on. don't want or need anything. house is paid off. don't want to take expensive vacations. already live in a beautiful resort area near Lake Tahoe. can't see buying a new $40k

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RTS-C19 UPS Discussions Page 4 BrownCafe

My wife coupons over got enough tp for a year. Maybe Ups should supply all employees with wipes and sanitizer to disinfect diads and hands.too much cost ,instead they are doing 3 day rides to bring down over allowed.

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Amazon now delaying prime orders for a month UPS

One for $15 off and one for $25. There are minimum spent requirements that are more than reasonable. When I’ve exhausted them I’ll use a coupon code from one of the many YouTubers (“MAC5“ from The Military Arms Channel for example) to order something and will get two more coupons

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What are some of your biggest pet peeves working at Brown

Brown Cafe UPS Forum. UPS Discussions

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By Invitation Only Life After Brown Page 6411

All those women’s jobs are easy. I don’t know why they complain about them. Push a button - poof it’s done. I’ve been at my daughters for over a week and 3 times now a bell goes off and here comes a robot vacuum cleaner.

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Health Insurance for new FT Driver UPS Discussions

It is much cheaper if you use coupons. Reply. Indecisi0n Well-Known Member. May 26, 2015 #7 greengrenades said: For example, if you are laid off for the entire week, you will not have insurance for that week unless you pay for it. Just ask any driver whether or not it is Teamcare.

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OJ Simpson has been vaccinated Current Events Page 4

Don't even try to tell me that you and your family are independently wealthy individuals as evidenced by your disclosure of the fact that your refuse to pay for news and similar information. Oh btw, it's Saturday and that means that the grocery store coupons are out . Don't forget to cut yours out.

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rebates suck Life After Brown Page 2 BrownCafe

That's ok by me ---its better than not getting a rebate at all and as far as I know the rebate coupons are good for ever. Reply. Covemastah Hoopah drives the boat Chief !! I did that. * started peeling off after a year! It was not cheap. About $200 for a 5 gallon pail. Reply. 1BROWNWRENCH Amatuer Malthusian. Sep 28, 2019 #37 I did get my 40

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70 HOS exemption for vehicles under 10k LBS FedEx

I'm roaming around in the car while waiting to go to Argentina. It was this or sit at home while they did their call center work at home and I had to be quiet from 0730 to 1900. I paid my wife's car off $400 a month while traveling in the former Soviet Union and Colombia and Mexico. The house

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nike pulls betsy ross shoe Current Events Page 3

Nike is excluded in the Kohls 30% off coupons. Anything more than $50 no thanks. I'm old people. Click to expand Every time I leave Kohls I have the merchandise and the lucrative Kohls cash , 3 new credit cards, and more money than when I walked in. It's like I stole everything in the bag and they gave me money to do it..

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Out of control!! Inexperienced Maintenance Mechanics

The belittling harassment illustrates the culture/attitudes employees can have towards safety protocol, methods and us vs them mentality. This is the first link in the chain of events. Add UPS MGTS part and a tragedy is all but assured. Yet, highly preventable. Off topic? Shrug.

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Management Pensions UPS Partners BrownCafe

Other companies still perform these same type off-shore functions today as a result of the outcome of the UPS/OPL litigation. Last edited: Feb 28, 2013. Reply. R. rudy5150 Well-Known Member. As usual, the sham lawyers won and almost none of the "coupons" were used as is normal with these sham-type class action suits. The lawyers that file

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Meaningless Fluff Life After Brown Page 691

Brown Cafe UPS Forum. Life After Brown

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nike pulls betsy ross shoe Current Events Page 2

because its relatively better than these other corps. id definitely buy nike shoes, since i cant buy grand theft auto shoes, or wikileaks shoes. The Village Idiot ^^^^

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Ever been beat up by a package car

That will connect with I-91 near downtown Springfield. Coming from NY you would save some time by taking exit 4. If you choose exit 6, I'll be waiting on the side of the road with a case of Sam Adams at exit 5. I'll gladly share under one condition: When we finish it off, we have to drive to the Quabbin Resevoir and piss in it. Boston needs the

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Note to Amazon delivery UPS Discussions Page 3

If they don't have enough to fill a truck or van, they'll offer coupons and bonuses. So if 3 of us with small orders want a drop point at 8th and Main, but they needed 10 medium orders to make it worth it, they'll offer 5% then 10% off until the three people inevitably choose a drop point that'll be there in a week or less.

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Transforming Smalls UPS Discussions Page 4 BrownCafe

Or the (IMHO) fallacy of UPS being "broke". So broke, that the seasonal coupons were not given out, and that the company is too poor to pay for employees to do the jobs that management is doing to "pad" their numbers Oh, to stay on topic, LOTS of …

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Omaha Steaks UPS Discussions BrownCafe

Like Sano said, your better off going to a local butcher for good quality meat. I use Omaha only for gift giving. Just like years back you could get a UPS discount on Panasonic products when you bought directly from the Panasonic store. It was and is much cheaper to buy from Newegg on line - prices cheaper, no sales tax and free shipping specials.

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UPS Faces Class Action on Fuel Charges The Latest UPS

The only ones who make out in a class action suit seem to be the lawyers and Parade Magazine. I can see it now - UPS issuing millions of coupons worth 5 cents off the customer's next shipment while the lawyers laugh all the way to the bank.

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Panhandlers on your route UPS Discussions Page 3

20/20 or someone did a special on them one year. 99% of the time it's one of two things. A drunk or druggie who is just gonna blow the money. Or and this is pretty amazing. It's people who have nice homes in the suburbs who drive into the city and beg. They make a decent tax free living this

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Does UPS pays enough 2 have stayhome Wife UPS

I do Agree and disagree with some of the answers, my wife stays home while I work, to the guys that disagree about missing sport activities with the kids, must just work part time at UPS, because at least driving the earliest you will be off the clock is 5:30 to 6:00 pm, then a small commute, you are getting home at 6:30, by then at least my kids are already home doing homework, yes I did

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Dickies instead of Twin Hill

I can’t remember the exact year, the last few were just gift card/coupons to pick one up at the local grocery store. They cut off most of the perks after the 1997 Strike. I still have some turkey boxes in my basement I store things in.

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Personal Item Stolen UPS Discussions Page 2

Just my pride, dignity, and self respect. Why should anyone care, if people are too much of a puzy to get a drink and grab a snack from a machine, then that's their problem. You make it sound like they were some POW in a Vietcong tiger cage. Stop being such a drama queen Sally.

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GAS Prices and the Hypocrisy of the GOP Current

During the Bush administration, OIL rose 400% in his first two years. OIL sat at close to 150 a barrel and prices at the pump were at $5 and $6 in some parts of the country. At the time, the democrats were complaining about the price of OIL and argueing that the speculators were running up …

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No women-no minorities UPS Discussions Page 3

Over the years we had a bunch of women drivers. The majority of them quit because their lazy * husbands made them quit. They wanted supper on the table when they got off work at 5:00 and the wife was still out there pushing cardboard at 7:00. The majority of the women did a hell of a job.

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Union questions UPS Union Issues Page 4 BrownCafe

If you are PT it means you have a minimum wage job with no benefits. Ft means you have a $20/hr job with no OT protection working 6 days a week. At the same time your co workers are making $39/hr and taking the week ends off.

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How's UPS protecting its employees from the coronavirus

UPS's contingency plan. Brown Cafe UPS Forum. UPS Discussions

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Walmart anti-union video leaked UPS Union Issues

More so because I always seem to get in line behind that customer that has a stack of coupons and wants to write a check for the rest. And that is after having to navigate through the regular Walmart shoppers that are too dense to realize that they are blocking an entire aisle with their shopping cart while they are texting or comparing prices

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United Way force donations coming soon for 2011. UPS

And as a bonus, Safeway even gives you discount coupons for donating most of the time. Reply. jimstud Banned. Jul 29, 2010 I simply saw a way to approach a situation that might appease the misgivings of many that are annually turned off by overly aggressive management across the country (except where Tie is).

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Holiday disaster looms as UPS, FedEx overloaded after

Holiday disaster looms as UPS, FedEx overloaded after online shopping soars - Business Insider An unexpected surge in online purchases is putting pressure on UPS and FedEx to get packages out on time this holiday season, and that could result in extra costs for retailers. An executive at one

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