Sales promotion in health and medicine: using incentives

a 50% off coupon which could be applied toward the purchase of prescription lenses, combining direct marketing and sales promotion. These decisions, of course, are dependent on the desires of given healthcare establishments, as echoing the availability of incentives via mass media or …

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Sales promotion in health and medicine: using incentives

Sales promotion—the use of incentives to encourage patronage—is a staple of marketing communications in the health services industry. Sales promotion applications commonly used by health services organizations include free samples, free trials, coupons, contests, and loyalty programs. These avenues engender goodwill, appreciation, and attentiveness; they also serve as small, but powerful

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Maternal and child health voucher scheme in Myanmar: a

The Maternal and Child Health Voucher Scheme (MCHVS) was introduced in Myanmar to address the high rate of maternal and infant mortalities. It aimed to increase access to maternal and child health (MCH) services by skilled birth attendants (SBAs) and improve the health of pregnant women and their babies. A study to pilot a voucher scheme was implemented in May 2013 in Yedarshey Township.

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Mathematical modelling for health systems research: a

Mathematical modelling has been a vital research tool for exploring complex systems, most recently to aid understanding of health system functioning and optimisation. System dynamics models (SDM) and agent-based models (ABM) are two popular complementary methods, used to simulate macro- and micro-level health system behaviour. This systematic review aims to collate, …

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Use of high-level health facilities and catastrophic

Overcrowding of high-level health facilities is a major concern in a Vietnamese health system. This may increase an economic burden to the households since health insurance is still insufficient in providing financial risk protection. This paper sought to examine the association between the use of high-level health facilities and household-level expenditure status such as out-of-pocket …

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Facilitating smoking cessation in patients who smoke: a

This procedure examines in a data-driven manner whether predictor variables interact, and searches for optimal cut-off values in predictor variables. The minimum number of participants per leaf was fixed at 10, and the minimum increase in fit (complexity parameter) was set at 0.0001. For the remaining parameters we used default options.

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The rise of digital direct-to-consumer advertising

Pharmaceutical marketing is undergoing a major shift in the United States, in part due to new transparency regulations under the healthcare reform act. Changes in pharmaceutical marketing practices include a possible shift from more traditional forms of direct-to-consumer advertising towards emerging use of Internet-based DTCA (“eDTCA”) given the growing importance of digital health or

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