5 Best Reasons To Offer Corporate Wellness Retreat

Reasons To Offer A Corporate Wellness Retreat. 1. Create a strong and resilient team. Building a strong team who share a common goal is the foundational block of every successful business. Also, diversifying the team encourages new ideas and gives a …

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101 Latest Employee Wellness Program Ideas That Work Wonders

56. Encourage An Off-Day. Free time is essential for an excellent work-life balance. It is also the number one reason for employee wellness. 57. Initiate The EAP Program. Positive feedback does wonder for morale. So, celebrate all small victories and steps toward wellness goals your employees make.

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12 Features A Well Designed Health And Wellness App Must Have

For example, there may be a task to work out 30 minutes every day for a week, and the ones who complete it will get rewarded with prizes. Rewards can be monetary or non-monetary, like gym memberships, free lunch coupons, etc. With a reward up for grabs, users are more likely to push harder to reach their goals. 9. Leaderboard and Chat

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Fitness Motivation: The entire gist to It

Once you like what you do, there is an entire area to explore. Also, walking is a pretty good place, to begin with. 4. Create a Backup Plan. Having a backup becomes a necessity when you are not that great at fitness motivation. Because, in that case, if your plan fails, you get the perfect excuse and leave it halfway.

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