5 Ways to Recognize Student Achievement in Your …

WebHere are five easy ways you can recognize student achievement without needing to plan an elaborate ceremony or reward system. 1. Positive phone calls home. Most parents have …

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Making A Mural: Your Guide To An Engaging End Of …

WebDraw a draft – Hang up a large art paper (roll) in the classroom, the same size as the mural space. Have your students outline an early version of the mural, ensuring that everyone …

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How to Create a Before-School Fitness and Running Club

Web8:15 a.m. – 8:20 a.m. Demo the run course and pit stops. You can use older students to go out and demonstrate the course for the rest of the group. For the run course, set out …

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Picky Eaters: 7 Tips for Kids with Special Needs

WebAs the holiday season approaches we know that all children can get thrown off their regular routine of preferred foods, established mealtimes and rituals. For children with special …

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Starting Your Classroom Library Off Right

WebThis can turn a lot of students off from borrowing from the library. Remember that, above all, you want reluctant readers to use the books. They will be even more reluctant if they …

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Tips for Keeping Classrooms Cool in the Summer

WebOffer a small scoop of ice to eat or use to cool down to students who participate in class. Allow students to add a few pieces to their water bottle at the beginning of each class …

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At-Home Learning Tips for Children with Special Needs

WebWith remote learning on the rise, Special Education Teachers and Related Service Providers, as well parents/guardians, are rapidly shifting and adjusting learning options …

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The Importance of Family Engagement in Physical Activity and …

WebDust off an old lawn game or buy a new one and play it in the yard, at the park, or on vacation. Spikeball is a HUGE family favorite in my house. There are many videos …

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10 Ways to Increase Activity in Your After School Program

Web8. Create a Positive Learning Environment. One of the biggest killers of MVPA in an after school program is off-task behavior. Create a positive learning environment from the …

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5 Helpful Tips for Sensory Seekers and Sensory Avoiders

WebStudents with sensory processing challenges may do better with additional structure. Providing a visual support schedule like SchKIDules or visual timers may help support …

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Get Back In the Groove for the New School Year

WebWhile it’s tempting to take the whole summer off, seasoned educators recommend preparing for the new academic year at least a few weeks before it starts. Locate the …

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Eight Evidence-Based Extended Learning Opportunities That …

WebWhen the five components of an effective learning opportunity drive the design of a school and/or district plan educators can move students towards academic growth and …

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Forensic Science & Fingerprint Activity Ideas for Elementary

WebA smooth surface. Black paper. Have students start by wiping a smooth surface clean and ensuring that it is completely dry. Then have them place their thumb firmly, straight down …

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Enjoy Summer Without Worrying About Classroom Prep

WebSleep in, stay up late. Wear your pajamas all day long, or take off on a last-minute day trip. 3. Dive Headlong into a Hobby or Project. Direct your thoughts away from school by …

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The Golden Rules of the Teacher’s Desk

WebNever near the door. One of the first things I learned as a new teacher was never to have your desk near the door. In fact, it shouldn’t be anywhere where it can reasonably be …

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Early Childhood Classroom Prep: 10 Must-Have Supplies

WebMost schools shut off their AC systems during the summer, which allows dust to accumulate. Have some dust wipes and polish ready to start the year, and keep some …

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How to Design Safe Schools That Convey Confidence and Inspire …

WebSchool security isn’t just about keeping intruders out of the building and off school grounds. It’s also about establishing the right culture. “Creating a safe campus starts with helping …

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Battling Low Physical Activity Levels: Making P.E. Class Fun

WebIn RPS Push-up Planks, student face a partner in the push-up plank position. Students’ right hand clap (1 or Rock), left hand clap (2 or Paper), right hand clap (3 or Scissors), and left …

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