2023 AHIP Certification Discounts

Aetna's certification process includes AHIP and only costs $125 – that's a $50 savings off of the AHIP retail price. Mutual of Omaha: $50 Discount. A $50 discount will be applied when a producer completes their 2023 AHIP certification via Mutual of Omaha's SPA link. To access that link, log into the agent portal and click on the Products drop

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An Independent Medicare Agent’s Guide to Getting Started with …

Step 3: Reporting on Commissions. Reporting is crucial to help you understand the health of your incoming commission payments and the health of your business overall. When …

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How to Complete Your Free AML Training for Life and Annuity Sales

AML training might seem like another annoying box to check off on your annual to-do list, but it's a pretty good feeling knowing you could stop a criminal running a sex …

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The Ultimate 2022 Tax Deductions Checklist for …

If your entire home is 2,000 square feet, you can only deduct 10% of your mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, repairs, and so on. All of the information found in the …

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The Safest Way to Be Risky: Fixed Annuities with an Indexing Option

For example, let’s say it’s January and the gains are 5.5%. That interest caps off at 2.25%. In February, you might see a dip to -1.5%. In essence, the interest made between …

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A Beginner's Guide to Selling Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs)

A Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) is a type of annuity that earns interest based on how the stock market performs. FIAs offer principal protection and accumulation, which are two …

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How to Prepare for AEP This Fall (10 Tips)

Tip #3: Hire seasonal help/interns. At our local agency, we have 2-3 interns every year that run drug comparisons and man the phones. We call them Agent Contact …

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Tax Implications of Selling Your Insurance Book of Business

Let's look at this from the seller's point of view. If your book of business is valued at $200,000 and you sell it as goodwill in one lump sum, you will pay $23,950 in taxes. If you …

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Fixed Index Annuity Review: A Real Client's Annual Statement

That interest caps off at 2.50%. In February, you might see a dip to -1.5%. In essence, the interest made between January and February would be 1%. Because of this, this …

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Plan F Is Dead… Or Is It

I have never liked the fact that the insurance companies have been taking $200 off the commissionable premium for a $147 benefit. My recommendation is to start selling the …

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31 Best Questions to Ask Life Insurance Prospects Ages 60+

A Single Pay life insurance policy is a great way to take a modest deposit and turn it into a rich death benefit. As an example, a 65-year-old female could deposit $37,318 for a …

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How to Actually Present a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) to a Client

The major benefit of a FIA. Then, I explain the major benefit of this product over a traditional MYGA – which they happen to have already. I said, “This is going to give you the …

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5 Steps to Help Medicare Clients Deal with Expensive Prescription …

Sometimes, using the discounts or coupons from GoodRx is significantly less expensive than getting the drug through your insurance. Canada Drugs Online is another …

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How to Track Mileage for Independent Insurance Agents

It automatically tracks your mileage, but you can choose from six unique different ways to track it using your smartphone app: MagicTrip. Car Bluetooth. Plug-N-Gp. Manual. …

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The Medicare Supplement Carrier You Need During AEP

The Medicare Supplement Carrier You Need During AEP. November 9, 2021. We are deep into the annual enrollment period and are seeing a new, bright and shiny star with …

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How to Help a Client Roll Their 401(k) or IRA Into a Fixed Annuity

A 401 (k) is a retirement savings plan that your employer sponsors, and it’s named after s section of the tax code. A 401 (k) helps employees save a portion of their paycheck for …

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How to Sell Medigap Plan N: Is Plan N Worth the Risk

Plan F. $153.54. $114.36. $117.49. $133.60. $124.73. The average savings between a Plan N and a Plan F is about $40. The average savings between a Plan N and a G …

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How to Sell Medicare Part D

Now, when your client reaches the coverage gap, which begins after you and your drug plan have spent $4,020 for covered drugs (as of 2020), they will be responsible for 25% …

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Agent to Agent: Americo Med Sup Review by Russell Meskimen

*For agent use only. Not for public use. 19-052-1-AGT (02/19)* "If you're selling face-to-face with your clients, this is a company you have to get," says Russell Meskimen. …

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