The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing: Everything You Need

Here’s another way to collect opt-ins through your website. Knix offers a 10% off coupon for subscribing to text messaging. Clicking the link in the offer automatically opens the messaging app on the user’s phone with a boilerplate message to subscribe. Source: Knix. …

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Facebook Marketing in 2021: How to Use Facebook for Business

The platform wants to prioritize meaningful, engaging content… not just coupons. Once you’ve decided what to post, deciding when to post it is your next step. You can glean some insight on engagement from Page Insights , but our research shows that the best time to post on Facebook is at 6:15 AM and 12:15 PM PST on weekdays .

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How to Write a Good Twitter Bio: Tips, Ideas, and Examples

An informative introduction, good keyword density, subtle social proof, a call-to-action, and a link to the support account are neatly packed into 152 characters. Pro tip: If you plan to include a link in your bio, make sure to save space with a URL shortener. 8. RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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How to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Grow Your Business

Revel Systems: Optimizing pays off. With the goal of generating more customer leads for its point-of-sales system, Revel Systems tested lead ads against link ads that directed people to a campaign landing page. Early results showed that the in-app lead ad format led to 619 times the amount of leads and a 74 percent lower cost per lead.

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Pinterest Ads: A Simple Guide to Set You Up For Success

Pinterest advertising clicks so well with Pinners, it’s kind of inspiring. Pinterest is a discovery platform. Almost all searches on Pinterest are unbranded, which means Pinners are open to new ideas and products. In fact, 73 percent of Pinners say content from brands makes Pinterest more useful. We’ll dive in to the differences between Pinterest ad formats and provide a step-by-step guide

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What Is the Line App

The Line app is big in Japan. In the 10 years since its launch, Line has become the leading social platform in the country, with roughly 68% of the population on the app. Apart from YouTube, no other social network has been able to rival Line’s hold on the Japanese market.. Line started as a mobile messaging app, but has since evolved into a “super app” of sorts, with a mission …

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What is WeChat

The most effective way to market your business on WeChat is by opening an Official Account. There are two types of accounts for WeChat marketing, Subscription accounts and Service accounts. The Subscription account is designed for marketing but is not open to overseas businesses. WeChat’s Service account is made for sales and customer support.

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Social Media Security Tips and Tools to Mitigate Risks

With the increased use of social tools for business communications, social media security is more important than ever. While the benefits of social are clear, there are risks to be wary of. According to the latest EY Global Information Security Survey, 59% of organizations had a “material or significant incident” in the past 12 months.. If you are on social (and who isn’t?), you need to

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