Best Recipes of 2009

The meeting of two ocean currents – the southern Humbloldt which brings cold water from the seas off the north Chile, and the El Niño bringing warmer water from the north – provides a rich marine environment where 400 species of shellfish thrive. Peruvian cooks put them to good use in another of our delicious seafood recipes”

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5 Reasons to Stop Using Antibacterial Soap

And despite concluding in their own report the costs of antibacterial soaps outweigh the benefits, the FDA will now unbelievably give manufacturers until 2016 to prove the chemical is safe before removing it off the shelves, instead of demanding that triclosan be removed immediately.. Alternatives. Kaiser Permanente and several other companies have recently stopped using antibacterial soap.

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Earthly Concept Restaurant Charges $1 For Tap Water

Inquisitive foodie with a professional investigative background and strong belief in the organic farm to table movement. Author of Bad Seeds: A FriendsEAT Guide to GMO's.

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Interview with Maria Lange of Maria’s Biscotti

We were told about Maria Lange from a friend. Maria started a Biscotti business called, well…Maria’s Biscotti.It is inspiring to us to see people who strive to succeed during these rough economic times (Maria reminded us of Marlo Scott of Sweet Revenge); women who are not put off by challenges and thrive when they are told that their dreams won’t be reached.

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Interview with Chef Sam Freund of One if by Land in NYC

Chef Sam Freund, formerly of One Hudson Yards and Eleven Madison Park is now gracing the kitchens at One if by Land; one of NYC’s most well known restaurants.He took a few minutes to chat with us about his career, the restaurant and the reasons why his life brought him to OIBL.

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U.S. General Bans “Fast Food Nation” in Afghanistan

General Stanley A. McChrystal, Nato's top Afghanistan commander, and the Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, has banished fast food across the war-torn

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Top 10 Hangover Cures

The fact is, there is NO CURE for a hangover. All you can do is mitigate the effects of withdrawal. Time is the most effective cure. But let’s see what we can do to whip you into to shape for Monday morning.

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Top 100 Restaurants on Twitter for 2010

HarryCole1908 was founded in 1908 by Harry Cole, a legendary Downtown LA entrepreneur. Cole’s sandwich contains the finest ingredients and the highest quality hand carved meats.

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Halo-Halo: a Filipino Dessert

Halo-halo is a traditional summer cooler from the Philippines that can be compared to an American ice cream sundae, but with added flavors, textures and protein. Literally translated, halo-halo means “mix mix,” and that is exactly what is done to the layers of ingredients in this delectable dessert.

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