9 Marketing Promotion Strategies From Concept To Practice

7. Use Free Samples, Sales Coupons, and Promotions to Boost Sales. Alright, let’s face it. Discounts are everywhere, and people love that. Whether they take the form of a free sample, a coupon, or a promotion, sales can actually be a great example …

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195 Online Advertising Statistics You Must Know

While 84% of retailers are sending coupons or other promotions via email, over a third do not allow customers to redeem email-based promo codes by simply scanning the code or entering it at the point of sale., 2016: 56. The average open …

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13 Sales Promotion Techniques To Boost Sales + Case Studies

12. Coupons. Coupons are women’s most sought sales deals. They used to be present everywhere in women’s magazines, back in the old days of print press. But digital marketing has taken coupons to a whole new level, keeping up with today’s woman and her new devices.

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16 Online Marketing Tools That Will Help Your Business Grow

Automation is a $5 billion industry and the future of marketing, but there’s no automation in the way social media teams review and approve content. Signing off content is still manual, painful, and time-wasting. Today, the collaboration standard is to …

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40 Eye-Catching Color Combinations In Display Ads

White balances the feast while black introduces an element of premium treats. 4. Grey & Green – The technology of health. Though we tend to associate green with nature, this is an urban color scheme, due to the surprising combination with city grey. Green is the color of grass, trees, and forests, of spring and crops.

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Everybody Talks. How to Build a Powerful Strategy Around

11 minutes read So, hear me out. You’re at a lovely coffee shop with your friends. Before going there, you just received the product you ordered two days ago. It came in an exquisite box that made the unboxing process a delight. The product is exactly how you pictured it, maybe better. Image Source Once you arrive at the meeting spot, you feel like talking about your experience with the

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