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Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples: 4 Brands That Got

According to a 2019 survey, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter account for four of the top five most important channels for influencer marketing.. As you can imagine, as more brands turn to influencer marketing as a tactic for finding new customers and building relationships with existing ones, these platforms have become oversaturated with reviews and sponsored content.

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Can I preview a link before clicking on it

If you aren't so sure about where a link will direct to, it is possible to preview the link before clicking on it. To do this, simply add a + sign to the end of any link in your browser. For exampl

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4 Ways Businesses Use Bitly for Bulk SMS Communications

A staggering 65 percent of the world’s population sends and receives SMS messages.Impressed? Wait until you read this: SMS marketing campaigns have an open rate hovering around 82 percent, beating email’s 20 percent open rate by a longshot.. Considering these numbers, brands continue to have huge opportunities when it comes to using mobile to reach their customers.

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How to Leverage the Bitly API to Improve the Customer

Many businesses use Bitly as a solution for SMS campaigns that enable them to share coupons and promotional offers with their own customers. Powering SMS-based appointment reminders. Companies send thousands of customers unique, reliable links at scale to communicate important and confidential information about their appointments.

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