Thirty-five years ago, The Beadsmith came into being. From its roots as a one-man operation run from a garage, The Beadsmith has grown to become an 85-employee, family-owned and …

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Papillon Round Beaded Bead

beadwork until secure and then cut off flush. (photo 11b) Flip the beadwork. Then stitch back through the tied on bead if necessary to set your thread to travel in your preferred working …

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Pocketful of Posies Bracelet

Repeat the thread path from Steps 8-9, and finish off the thread. Finish off the tail thread. Step 10: On 3’ of thread, string (11) peanut beads and (1) 11° bead, leaving a 6-8 inch tail. Skip the …

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“Wheel of Fortune”

Designed by Bianca van der Molen © 2016. All rights reserved. For distribution and teaching by customers of the Beadsmith. 3 Step 1 - Figure 1

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Sparkle Plenty Beaded Bead

2 Sparkle Plenty Beaded Bead Materials List: (quantities listed are for 1 beaded bead) Matching or close to matching 11/0 and 15/0 Miyuki seed beads (1 gram each) 3.8x1mm Czech O …

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BEAD SHOP ZÁSADA 468 25 Zásada +420 488 117 743 50°41‘49 N, 15°15‘55 E GLASS SHOP DESNÁ Krkonošská, 468 61 Desná

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designed by Betty Stephan Beadwork Cecil

8. Come out the side of the toggle in the center. Pick up (1)11°F ,(1) 8°E, (1)11°F. Go through the 8°E at the end of the neck chain.

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6. Attach the needle to the tail thread. Finish it off by sewing through any of the other beads, always following an existing thread path. Tie a few overhand knots along the way. Trim the …

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Tie off the ends of the lines with three knots and pull them into the surrounding beads. Cut it off. Stick it onto the clasp. PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Chilli™ pressed …

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The variant on memory wire

off the ends with a 2-3 mm reserve. Step 2: Thread the line through the second hole in the C and add 4x R10 between each bead. Straighten the seed beads and beads, tie off the stringing …

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Lady Beadle Designs by Carolyn Cave TRIN’Y MINI MUSHY

Attach a needle to the tail thread and finish it off like the working end of the thread. 7. Open one jump ring with two pairs of pliers. Insert it into an open hole of a free trinity bead at one end of …

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BI-BO BARS Design, Text and Graphics by; Paul C. Ricks,

length for your project, pull enough thread off of the spool or bobbin to warp The Ricks Beading Loom with 8 warps (plus a about 2 extra feet). Attach one end of this warp thread to the head …

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PRECIOSA Candy PRECIOSA Rocailles MOssy cushiON

again. Tie off the line using three knots. Pull the ends of the lines into the holes. One to the right and the second to the left. Step 2: Sew 3 C1 to the three C2. Step 3: Sew 1 C1, 1 C2 and 1 C1 …

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Art Deco Beaded Bead

21) Now make a ring by connecting the ends of the strip together. Add one 8/0 and then pass through all the Miniduos and 11/0s on the other end

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the stringing, sew the line in and cut it off. Step 4: Tighten the second end of the bracelet, secure the line between the rocailles with knots and cut it from the bobbin. The earrings Step 1: …

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DUO-DIAMONDS Design, Text and Graphics by: Paul C. Ricks, …

Tie off your thread and trim off close. Re-peat steps 14 and 15 for the other component of your clasp. See Figure 15 below: Fig. 15 4. DUO DIAMONDS This project is …

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The Ricks Loomatiks

All official Ricks Loomatik Chapters receive the following: 1) Direct access to loom inventor Paul Ricks. 2) 10% discount off of all Ricks Beading Loom purchases of 10 pieces or more. 3) 10% …

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