Coupon Bundle Box

Game shop item. - Description: Coupon Bundle Box. Press RMB to obtain: Function 20% DC Coupon. Apparel 20% DC Coupon. 20% Discount Coupon. ※ Items obtained from this box …

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Residence +1 Expansion Coupon

KR name: 주거지 1칸 확장권. Special Items. Weight: 0.10 LT. Bound when obtained. - Personal transaction unavailable. - Can be placed in the Family Inventory. - Description: Press RMB to …

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Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon

Allows you to exchange Combat EXP and Skill EXP with another character in your family.- You cannot use this item if characters on both ends (sending and receiving) are: equipped with …

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Main Weapon Exchange Coupon

Main Weapon Exchange Coupon. KR name: 주무기 교환권. Special Items. Weight: 0.00 LT. Bound when obtained. - Personal transaction unavailable. - Can be placed in the Family …

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Energy-exuding Hide

A hide exuding energies that you can only get from hunting rare animals. It gives off a profound and mysterious light that you can't see from regular animals. Rumors say the …

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Sugar Rush Outfit Box

Contains a box of class-specific outfits. Press RMB to obtain items suitable for your class.※ Some accessories equipped with this outfit's helmet may not be visible. Turning …

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[Daily] Dewdrop of River's Glee

Artina says that if you can process Bottle of River Water x20 for her so she can clean her instrument shop, she'll give you Dewdrop of River's Glee x1.※ Purchase an Empty …

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Perfume of Insight

An elixir with an offensive function.- Effects: All Accuracy +15 Ignore All Resistance +3% Max HP +100 Attack Speed +5 Casting Speed +5 Movement Speed +5- Duration: 20 min- Cooldown: …

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I Like How You Work

- Don't Slack Off - The Birthplace of Aal - Well Prepared - Paradise to quench the thirst - Fisher in the middle of the desert - Nothing's free in this world, queek! - Reawakened remnant of the …

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Wings Without Borders V

There is no location that's off limits to the Crow Merchants Guild. It was they who settled on a fog-covered island in the middle of nowhere that seemingly no one thought to visit.To …

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[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon

[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon. After graduating from the season when you first acquired this coupon, you must accept the quest [Season] Even Sharper Weapon OR [Season] Even …

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[Crossroad] Each of Their Reasons

Black Spirit. End NPC: - Isobelle Encarotia. - Description: After listening to Bobby Lauren's reasons, the Black Spirit urged you to listen to both sides of the argument. Talk to Isobelle to …

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A Dangerous Curiosity

End NPC: - Leona. - Description: A student of the Calpheon Holy College mentioned that Nella Encarotia was seen speaking with Leona prior to her disappearance. Go to the Church to ask …

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To Oquilla's Eye

The captain asked you to drive out the young ocean stalker on their way to Oquilla's Eye with the descendant of the Vell Pirates. Drive out the sea monster and go to Oquilla's Eye.

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[Boss] Witch of Horrors

Black Spirit. - Description: Activate the Witch of Horrors Summon Scroll given to you by the Black Spirit and go to the targeted place. Summon Hexe Marie and defeat her. ※ Recommended …

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Flat Mushroom-shaped Rock of Mediah

Along the Mediah coast, there is a natural landmark which is a flat mushroom-shaped rock attached to a cliff. It is located on the route from Altinova to Al Halam Sea, on the right side …

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[Elvia] Cause of Calamity

Show/hide full quest's text. Quest complete conditions. Standard. - Contribution EXP (300) Knowledge: - Rifts of Despair and the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon. Quest requirements. …

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