How do I save a print-only coupon on my Mac

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 20% off is a good deal, so I’ll click on ‘View Details” and that’s when I see that it’s (ostensibly, at least) a print-only coupon: All good, but I don’t want to print my savings certificate, I want to save it to my desktop.

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7 Best Practices For Click-Worthy Abandoned Cart Emails

They are sending a friendly reminder that you left something in your cart and offering a 15% off coupon code to entice you to come back. They also did a great job with designing the email to get your eyes to go right where they want them, the 15% off promotion. For items like a designer handbag, an extra 15% off the items in a person’s cart

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A 500GB drive in my MacBook Pro

• Use coupon code “TWEET” to save $10 off the upgrade service. If you’re going to jump and it’s not yet June 1, $50 is a nice savings! Just to be clear, TechRestore upgraded my computer without charge in return for me writing about the experience and the …

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YouTube Video Reviews Archives

Don’t forget to use coupon code: “GBMBP” for an additional 8% off too. Review: 1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones. March 24, 2017 / Dave …

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How do I Redeem a Barnes and Noble eGift Card

Congrats on the gift card, I hope it’s enough to buy your next favorite book, audiobook, or NOOK ebook! I’m always reading one book or another – and you can find me on Goodreads! – so I know the joy that a gift card to Barnes & Noble can bring. Unfortunately, you’re right that the online experience seems to be a bit confusing, particularly when compared to how easy it is to show the

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Can I Sign Up to Get Free Samples from

Make sure you specify Yes at the top, then check off one or more categories that are of interest. There doesn’t seem to be any limit, so if you want to sign up for all of ’em, go for it. Better yet, you don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the free samples either. And that’s it.

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How do I get rid of America Online (AOL) pop-up ads

Searching around, I found a setting in my browser (Internet Explorer 8) that allowed me to switch off the pop-ups. In the browser tool bar click on “Tools” and select “Manage Add-Ons”. Click on “Tool Bars and Extensions” on the left side, and click “Shockwave Flash Object” on the right. Then click “Disable” at the bottom.

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What is a ponzi scheme

A Ponzi scheme, named after New England resident Charles Ponzi (from the 1920s), is one where each round of investments is used to pay off or offer dividends to previous investors. For example, let’s say that I invested $1000 in the scheme — the original was related to postage stamps — and a month later you invested the same amount.

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Do I need a digital TV converter box

The first 22 million requests received will get a coupon (if you’re keeping track, that represents a potential liability of $88 million to ensure people can keep getting their soap operas and crime drama) then the remaining coupons in the program will be allocated to people that don’t have a pay service (e.g., cable or satellite).

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Video Review: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Smartphone

When Gearbest sent me a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x, I was happy to put it through its paces and check out all the smart tech jammed into the device, including a fingerprint scanner, IR transmitter so you can use the phone as a TV remote, support for dual SIM cards, FM radio receiver circuitry and app, MIUI interface and much more.

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