Error: Reason codes with automatic charge-off are not …

Reason codes with automatic charge-off are not permitted here. Message no. F5605. Diagnosis. The reason code entered is designed to ensure that the payment difference amount is posted to an account specially set up for this purpose. Postings of this nature usually require additional specifications (e.g. tax code, business area).

Actived: 7 days ago


How to block the TAx code

In FTXP t.code remove ur tax rates keep the cursor on tax percent rate coumn and deacativate it. otherwise delete the tax code in menu item Tax code-->Delete it (Shift+F2) In …

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Call Off Order SAP Community

As soon as the customer require partial quantity of his stock. Then you have to create a call off sales order referred to stock reserved and send the materials to him. For this …

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Function Module for Rounding Off to the Nearest Value …

Follow. Hi Friends, Is there any Function Module for Rounding Off the given Value. For Example.. Say v_variable contains the value 2.81. Now the decimal is more than 50 …

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Write off stock SAP Community

How I can handle it. When stock is more than 2 years then company move that stock into separate storage location by reducing its value that is called write off storage …

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company code and plant assignment table SAP …

In SE11 T.code , Give Table name and click on display and if you go to Utilities (M) -Table contents - Here you can see the Display and also you can create new Entries. in …

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How to disable the sound

3. On the top tool bar, right most, 4. In that select. 6. A new window will popup. AUDIO - OFF. amit m. Press ALT+F12 in any R/3 Screen.Choose New Visual Design in the …

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ABAP: Radio button SAP Community

In this way, you want to display two parameters and radiobuttons beside these two. Try this code. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF BLOCK B1 WITH FRAME TITLE TEXT …

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Incorrect tax code fetching into PO for GST non …

Need your support regarding the issue we are facing. Incorrect tax code is populating in PO for GST Vendor classification "0" (not registered vendor) from condition …

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WBS element creation SAP Community

Is there any way to create last level wbs element ,i am trying to create LSMW but i wont find any such way out for the same , or any standard LSMW method for WBS Element …

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Retained earnings acccount not supported in company code

Jan 05, 2011 at 05:21 AM Retained earnings acccount not supported in company code. 4640 Views. Follow

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Table & Field Name for Tax Code SAP Community

Oct 05, 2011 at 05:43 AM. Hi, KONV-MWSK1 is the table -field name of tax code. If you want to see go to SE16N and specify VBAK table and then pass VBELN as document …

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