How To Get The Cheapest Possible Prices on Used Games at

These coupons range from a “Buy Two, Get One Free” to a simple 40% off of a single game, and can really add up. Especially when you consider that they typically stack with your Edge Card. Check out page two for more great used game buying tips, including how to use the “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” promotion to get two games at a 30% discount.

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5 Best Places to Find Used Game Deals This Christmas

Signing up for their email newsletter will often net you coupons through email offering steep discounts like 30% off a single game for a given system or an additional trade-in credit bump. Gamestop also frequently runs a buy two, get one free promotion on all used games. With this promo, combined with your EDGE card, it’s entirely possible to

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Insider's Guide to Maximizing Trade In Values: Get The

There's no reason to accept the piddly amount of trade in credit most retailers offer you for your games. Through clever use of trade in promotions, bonus programs, and pre-order incentives, you can maximize the amount of store credit you receive at your favorite video game stores. Whether you buy your used games from Gamestop, Game Crazy, Game Rush, Hollywood Video, Best Buy, or any …

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City of Heroes Guide to Day Jobs and Temporary Powers

Check out our guide to Day Jobs in City of Heroes and City of Villains. Players can earn bonus experience and influence by logging out in certain locations in-game. Learn all about jobs for heroes including City Official, Law Enforcer, Commuter, Shop Keeper, Caregiver, Professor, Midnighter, Fashion Designer, Banker, and Mortician. Learn how to gain bonus experience, influence, inspirations

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Mafia 2 Help

We're off to a decent start. Derek Papalardo will give us some real work running a protection racket on the docks. If you can win a few fistfights then you'll be able to collect an easy $100. You also won't have to life the crates. After that you'll need to do some prep work for the gas stamp heist at the Office of Price Administration by talking to Maria Agnello.

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Mafia 2 Walkthru

Pay off the debt and then head back to Joe’s place. Go to sleep to end the mission. This post is part of the series: Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Chapters 1-5. We’re starting off Mafia 2 with a real bang. We’ll fight in the war in Sicily and then head home for a bit of work. I’ll take you through chapters 1 through 5 and tell you how to get a

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Mafia II Walkthrough

Pick off the two close ones and then make a run for the stairs. You don’t have much further to go. Just keep moving and make it to the fire escape. Follow Joe down to make it out of the mall and get your share of the money. It should be $1,000, which is …

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