Passed ANCC & AANPand these are the resources that I …

ive been with my employer for over a month now. I want to quit soo bad but i need the money. I got 3 days of training. Honestly, i didnt learn much. I have about 60 residents. I …

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Anatomy of a Code

Telemetry leads are placed. The blood pressure cuff is wrapped to the upper arm. The shock pads are put at the top right and bottom left of the rib cage. All are plugged into the …

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Morphine for Hospice Patients: What Nurses Need to Know

Morphine will not hasten death. We as nurses know that morphine can have terminal side effects like respiratory depression that can quicken an individual’s death. …

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UCLA New Grad Residency Spring 2023

Advice for coming off of orientation. by Sgates99, BSN, RN. I think I made the right choice. by foxypaws, BSN, MSN, RN. New graduate nurses require support and honesty, …

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Refusing to Sign Off On Others Assessments

Nov 23. Your DON or Charge should be an RN and reviewing and signing off on assessments. I’ve been both an LPN and RN, never did the floor nurse need to review my …

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I failed my AANP twice.what should I do now

Oct 4. AANP sends you a breakdown percentage of what you scored (I.e. 42% diagnosis, 85% treatment, etc). Look over where you scored on this exam and your previous …

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Refusing to Sign Off On Others Assessments

Nov 23. 23 hours ago, Nurse Beth said: I would want to know (in policy) exactly what "signing off" another nurse's assessment means. Worst case scenario you hurriedly sign …

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Refusing to Sign Off On Others Assessments

334 Posts. Yesterday. There is no RN signing off on an initial assessment at least in Texas. The initial assessment has to be done by an RN. Your company is pulling a fast one …

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Drug Calculation Help!!

The law of entropy would suggest an equal amount of medicine in each mL (because of diffusion). So, if 600 mg came out of these 500 mg bags, that’s no more than …

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Nursing Lay-offs: 6 Steps to Finding a Job You'll Love

In an article published on September 28, 2022, lists 23 organizations that laid-off workers to cut costs and remain open. While many listed companies cut back in …

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15,000 Minnesota Nurses to Walk Off Job

Thousands of union nurses walked off the job at 15 hospitals across the Twin Cities and Duluth area on Monday morning, launching the largest private-sector nurses strike …

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School Nurses, When To Call Parents!

Sep 13. My school has carbon copy nurse passes. #1, the kids think it is magic when I hand them the paper with the writing on it. #2, I tell the teachers that they can send that …

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Scripps New Grad January 2023

New grad worried about getting off orientation. by FeelingNursey. Advice for coming off of orientation. by Sgates99, BSN, RN. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023. by …

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Counseling Staff Members On Sick Leave

Counseling Staff Members On Sick Leave. Specializes in pediatrics, school nursing. Has 11 years experience. I am in a tricky situation - I have a staff person who was …

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Good vs Bad Handoff Report

Some people just like to show off for students, or, they're just jerks. It certainly doesn't sound like you're asking for anything unreasonable. And the instances you mention …

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