Week 3 – Air Force Journey

AF Portal Announcements – 7 Mar 19. This was probably my least favorite week at OTS due to the task saturation, but, it still wasn’t too bad. You will have academic assessment 2, so hopefully, you were able to study the weekend prior. There’s a lot of classroom lectures and you have to perform your first briefing.

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OTS Phases, Final Tips – Air Force Journey

WebPhase one: OTS complex privileges. Tight meals, no phones, but ability to go to the OTS shoppette. Phase two: Maxwell AFB privileges. Dinner is not a tight meal, …

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Air Force Captain Promotion – Air Force Journey

WebFirst Lieutenant: 9 November 2020. Captain: 9 November 2022. The quarterly cycles are as follows: A2.2.1.1. A cycle begins 1 Jan and closes out 31 Mar, for …

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General OTS Advice – Looking Back – Air Force Journey

WebHere are some general tips I have for those prepping for OTS: Confidence – Learn to have confidence in everything you do and in every way you think. Confidence is …

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Preparing for OTS – Air Force Journey

WebThe more comfortable you are in yourself and your abilities (i.e., confidence in yourself), the better off you will be. As a non-prior I recommend working on the …

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FY2022 USAF LO Board Schedule – Air Force Journey

WebHere is the projected FY2022 USAF Line Officer Board Schedule. Board #. AFRS Application Cut-Off. Board Dates. Estimated Release Date. Estimated OTS …

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OTS Reporting Instructions – Air Force Journey

WebInstead of letting your senior rater or commander decide how to notify your buddy, you tip them off. It isn’t necessarily wrong, but that isn’t your notification to give and you robbed …

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OTS Consolidated Help – Air Force Journey

WebTake it on the chin and move on. There are 3 main sections of MX, the Maintenance Ops (paperwork side), backshops (fuels, propulsion, off flightline stuff), and …

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Rolling Socks in OTS – Air Force Journey

WebWhen I was in OTS we were required to roll the socks just like she does in the video, but I had a different technique. I would flatten the socks like she does and …

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Mil-to-Mil Assignments – Air Force Journey

WebFebruary 2020. A “mil-to-mil” assignment or military couple refers to the situation where both married members are active duty military. For this post, I am going to just focus on if both …

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Basic OTS Eligibility (Part 3 of 3) – Air Force Journey

WebHere is a breakdown of the different types of boards: Active Duty – This board is for Active Duty Air Force personnel. Within the Active Duty board you can apply …

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Academic Week Breakdown – Air Force Journey

WebTFOT FY2019 – Week 1, Day 1-3 September 30, 2018 In "OTS Weeks 2019". TFOT FY2019 – Week 2, Day 1 October 1, 2018 In "OTS Weeks 2019". TFOT FY2019 – Prior …

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I want to become an officer… Where do I start

WebThe Air Force wants to: Be an effective contributor to your job (a.k.a. the mission) Be an active and involved citizen in your community (both on-base and off …

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Applicant Profile – Work Experience – Air Force Journey

WebIf my first job wasn’t relevant, in my opinion it shouldn’t be on my resume. Combined Experience. At the point of my application I had been in the Air Force for 11 …

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The Politics of Promotion – Air Force Journey

WebEverything should revolve around the mission, not the other way around. Lastly and most importantly, you need to take care of your people. As a leader you have …

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Space Operator Life – Air Force Journey

WebIn general crews work either 8’s or 12’s with the shift schedule being anything from 3 on/3 off, panamas (3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off aka every other weekend off), to …

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Week 1 (TFIT/TFOT) – Air Force Journey

WebAir Force Decorations Part 2 of 2. Week 1 was similar to Week 0 except we started TFOT on Thursday. We were also strange in that we got a holiday on Monday. …

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OTS Applicant Profile – Air Force Journey

WebThe BOT Applicant Profile is a tangible document which represents how well you fit into the board’s perception of the “whole person concept.”. If you look through the subheadings …

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