2021 USAF & USSF Almanac: Specialty Codes

780. 99G. Gold Bar Diversity Recruiter. 12. Unknown/other. 2,713. TOTAL. 506,267. Crew chiefs from the 77th Fighter Generation Squadron and 77th Expeditionary …

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Cracking the Code Air & Space Forces Magazine

In fiscal 2017, USAF sent 990 Special Warfare and combat support candidates to Basic Military Training, but only 145 actually completed their full pipeline. After the 330th stood …

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The Second Offset Air & Space Forces Magazine

June 24, 2016. Vast columns of Soviet tanks, troops, jets, and ships haunted American defense leaders in the 1970s and 1980s. They couldn’t hope to match Russia’s …

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Air Force Looking for New Stand-off Attack Weapon

AddThis Utility Frame. Maj. Jacob Rohrbach, a pilot assigned to the 40th Flight Test Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., releases the first Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff …

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The Ups and Downs of Close Air Support

The A-10 airframe was essentially built around the gun. A total of 713 A-10s were eventually built, and the ultimate model, the A-10C, could reach a top speed of 518 mph. The …

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The Future of COIN Air & Space Forces Magazine

A United Launch Alliance rocket lifts off carrying a GPS III payload from Space Launch Complex 37 in August 2019. Satellites and sensors are the backbone of global COIN …

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Stand In, Standoff Air & Space Forces Magazine

The Long-Range Strike Arsenal. America has long relied on the Air Force’s bombers to rapidly project power globally, but the bomber force is aging. USAF’s 76 B-52Hs, …

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USSF Was Almost ‘No Go’ for Artemis Moon Launch—Had to …

Nov. 17, 2022 | By Amanda Miller. A snag in Space Launch Delta 45’s testing of the Artemis 1 flight termination system contributed to a delay of the very-early-morning launch …

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Open and Advanced Displays for the Next Generation of Air …

Both the Collins LAD and AFD are derived from a proven family of commercial off-the-shelf, rugged, lightweight and resistive touchscreen liquid crystal displays with multi-touch …

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F-35 Lot 15 Will Include Up to 129 Fighters, Cost $7.6 Billion

AddThis Utility Frame. A U.S. Air Force F-35A Lightning II pilot with the 58th Fighter Squadron, 33rd Fighter Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., prepares to take off on a …

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Dozens of Lawmakers Urge Pentagon to Move Forward With …

Oct. 11, 2022 | By Greg Hadley. Nearly 50 members of Congress have urged Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III to fund a new phase of development for advanced fighter …

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Air Force Sends $4.6B Unfunded Priorities List to

The F-35 is fifth on that list. “The Air Force unfunded list would add just seven F-35 jets, less than half of what’s needed to match the 48 requested in each of the past three …

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The Raider Comes Out of the Black Air & Space Forces Magazine

Nov. 21, 2022. Less than two weeks after a T-38 trainer aircraft crashed near Columbus Air Force Base, Miss., another experienced an in-flight emergency that ended with …

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How the Burkina Faso Coup Could Impact U.S. Air Force …

The State Department provides about $65 million in security assistance, primarily for peacekeeping operations, and the Defense Department provides another $30 million in …

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Space Force Builds Off Flag Exercise, as USAF Exercises ACE

Feb. 17, 2022. The Space Force will debut a new training exercise this year, aimed at improving the service’s command and control capabilities, the head of Space …

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Kendall’s Top Seven Priorities to Cope With Peer Adversaries …

Dec. 9, 2021 | By John A. Tirpak. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall’s top seven priorities are oriented toward giving the Air Force rapidly deployable capabilities relative to …

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Air Force C-37 Carrying National Guard Chief Forced to Land After …

The C-37 is a modified Gulfstream business jet that transports high-ranking military leaders and civilians. The aircraft involved in the incident, tail code 70400, bears the …

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The Zero-Emissions Aircraft: How the Digital Transformation Fuels

Of course, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles bring a new level of technology and excitement to the marketplace, and not just to the commercial side. In fact, …

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Coping With COVID Across the Force Air & Space Forces Magazine

Nov. 21, 2022. Less than two weeks after a T-38 trainer aircraft crashed near Columbus Air Force Base, Miss., another experienced an in-flight emergency that ended with …

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