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Programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads on and off Amazon with our demand-side platform. Video ads. Put your brand in the spotlight with Streaming TV ads and online video ads. Audio ads. Turn it up with ads on Amazon Music's free …

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Sponsored ads guidelines and acceptance policies

This includes deals, offers, or savings such as Save 50% on {Product} or $20 off {Product}. We permit the following types of promotional messaging, including close variations, on Sponsored Brands if the promotion is i) visible on the product detail page, and ii) …

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eCommerce display creatives

Display ads with e-commerce creative include animation on some sizes and placements when a custom image is being used*. This includes 300x250, 414x125, and 320x50 on the Amazon mobile shopping app and mobile website for smartphones. In addition, this animation may occur on 320x50 ads running on third party sites or apps.

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Guidelines and Acceptance Policies: Advertising Copy

If the ad promotes a percentage savings (for example, “10% off”), the landing page must also reference the percentage saving, not only the dollar saving. If the claim on the ad becomes inaccurate due to dynamic pricing on the landing page, creatives must be paused and updated to use qualified claims.

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Guidelines and Acceptance Policies: Restricted Content, …

In creating these policies, Amazon considered industry best practices, local laws and regulations, product features, and business objectives that are specific to Amazon. As the advertiser, you are responsible for complying with applicable laws, regulations, and best practices. 7.1 Alcohol. 7.2 Appstores. 7.3 Charities and Other Non-Profits, and

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How to open your Store on Amazon Amazon Ads

To enroll in Amazon Brand Registry, you need: An active registered trademark for your brand that appears on your products or packaging. The ability to verify yourself as the rights owner for the trademark. An Amazon Brand Registry account, which you can create by simply signing in with your existing vendor or seller Amazon account credentials.

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Stores creative guidelines

Section limits per page. Every Store page has a header section built in and needs to have at least 1 additional content tile. Each page can have up to 20 sections total, which can consist of a maximum of: 4 background video tiles. 1 product grid tile. 1 gallery tile. 1 featured deals tile.

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Customer-centric marketing: Definitions, tips, and …

In addition, The Honest Company used Sponsored Products to reach high-intent shoppers who were seeking products like theirs, and offered customers coupons available on product detail pages. By providing valuable content at each interaction, The Honest Company saw a fivefold increase in detail page views from OTT impressions, a 39% higher return on ad …

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What is customer engagement

Customer engagement refers to the quality of the connection between brands and customers—the relevance of the message and the inspiration it sparks in customers to take action. This could take the form of a customer clicking through an ad to shop more from a brand, or subscribing to a newsletter, or following on social media.

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7 steps to prepare your Store for key shopping events

Sections: 1. Create a deals page 2. Make your Store seasonally relevant 3. Optimize the mobile experience 4. Experience the customer journey 5. Review Store policies around key sales events and deals pages 6. Schedule a new version of your Store 7. Engage your shoppers for your major shopping event. 1.

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Increase campaign performance with e-commerce creative

This solution uses multiple data points to automatically assemble ad creative that maximizes campaign performance at scale. When tested against standard ads without e-commerce capabilities, we found that our real-time optimizations drove a 23% lift in purchase rate on average. 1. Display ads with e-commerce creative enable managed and self

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How Amazon Ads helped Lumive connect with Saudi Arabian …

Lumive leveraged coupons and promotions in ad campaigns to gain instant attention and linked their Sponsored Brands ads to their brand Store to help enhance brand awareness. helped Lumive create a more enduring presence on and off Amazon. Those tactics helped improve the brand’s social media following, and in turn, possibly boosted orders

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Mobile shopping trends: The power of programmatic

Consumers are spending more and more time on their mobile devices, and this is inherently fueling the growth in mobile commerce. Mobile has changed the way people shop. Consumers are using their mobile devices to not only buy products and services but also research, read reviews, and use coupons. Amazon is a key contributor to the growth in

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How one grocery brand increased product page views Amazon Ads

Consideration: They used Amazon DSP to reach audiences off Amazon and direct them to the Amazon detail pages. The ad creatives focused on driving awareness about the health benefits of using MG Atta and SRC Atta. Conversions: They used sponsored ads to drive conversions with audiences browsing for products in the atta and related subcategories, such as high fiber, low …

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Partner Spotlight: How Pacvue drives success with display …

Partner Spotlight: A conversation with Pacvue on their display advertising strategy. Pacvue is an enterprise solution for managing Amazon Advertising campaigns with holistic performance data, smart automation, and recommended actions. Every day, Sok Khann, Director of Customer Success, works with Pacvue’s brand, seller, and agency clients to

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Stores creative guidelines Amazon Advertising

Safe zones for hero images. To ensure your hero image looks great on any device, we require a safe zone, which is an area in the centre of your image that will always be visible. In some cases, up to 30% of the hero image will be cropped, which …

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How The Honest Company grew sales with a full-funnel …

The Honest Company began selling and advertising on Amazon in 2017. Since then, it has executed a full-funnel advertising strategy with Amazon Ads to align with its goals and broader marketing efforts. To reach new audiences and build brand awareness, it used a combination of Amazon DSP and Amazon Streaming TV ads.With Amazon DSP, the brand …

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Sponsored Brands – Increase brand awareness Amazon Ads

5.5% increase in return on ad spend. Advertisers who used a combination of Sponsored Brands video, Store spotlight, and custom image ad formats saw a 5.5% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to advertisers only using one Sponsored Brands ad format. 1.

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3 ways to extend your holiday momentum using Sponsored Display

Our research suggests display campaigns should run for a minimum of 90 days. In a study of 266 first-time display advertisers, we discovered that advertisers who ran display campaigns for 90 days or more were 20% more likely to outperform category trends in traffic and 36% more likely to outperform category trends in sales than advertisers who ran campaigns …

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