Microsoft Advertising promotional offers (coupons)

Note. An offer can have one of the following of statuses: Active: Your promotional offer is successfully redeemed, and you can track your credit balance or the amount of money you need to spend to receive your credit.You can't have two active offers at one time. Expired: The offer has expired and is no longer valid. Depleted: You have exhausted your promotional credit.

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Microsoft Advertising promotional offer

Coupons can only be used to pay for future advertising costs. If you have an account balance, the coupon cannot be used to pay off your balance. Coupons have expiration dates and come with certain requirements. Coupons are sent within 3 days of …

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Counterfeit product advertisements

This form is provided solely to report a counterfeit violation (e.g., a good that copies the trademark and/or distinctive features of a product in order to either pass itself off as the genuine product or promote a nearly identical replica or imitation of the original product). More information on this can be found in our Intellectual property

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What can I include in my Merchant Promotion feed file

This determines if the coupon code is required to redeem the offer. A GENERIC_CODE is a code that is the same for all users. long_title The full title of the promotion. Example: This attribute is optional for MONEY_OFF, PERCENT_OFF, FREE_GIFT, FREE_GIFT_WITH_VALUE, FREE_SHIPPING_STANDARD, …

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Best practices for Microsoft Shopping Campaigns and …

A high-quality feed is important in getting your shopping campaign off to a good start. Here are some things to consider: No need to start from scratch: Save time and effort by importing your existing Google Ads feeds and shopping campaigns.First, you'll want to look at this important information about importing shopping campaigns and product ads.

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About ad distribution

From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns > Ad groups > Ad groups . In the table, select the ad group you want to edit. From the page menu, select Settings. Under Advanced ad group settings, in the Other settings section, select Ad distribution. Choose whether to show your ads on all search networks, just Bing, AOL, and Yahoo

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Get to know your Microsoft Advertising account modes

Create an Expert Mode account under your Multi-platform credentials. From the top menu, select Tools > Switch to Expert Mode. Select Switch to Expert Mode when prompted to confirm that you’re sure you want to switch to Expert Mode. ext56915,app54662,app54663.

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What is billing threshold and how does it work

As a new customer, your billing threshold is set by default to $50 and your monthly billing date is the 22nd of each month. From October 22 to November 21, you spend $47.50, so we charge you that amount on November 22, your first monthly billing date. Your campaign takes off in late November and by December 7, you have $50 in charges.

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How do I disable ad-blocking extensions

To turn off ad-blocking extensions: Microsoft Internet Explorer. Select the gear icon to open Tools and select the Manage Add-ons option. Select Toolbars and Extensions, located in the left navigation pane. Right-click on your ad-blocking extension, then select Disable . Refresh Microsoft Advertising. Google Chrome.

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Deleting a payment method

From the top menu, select Tools > Billing & Payments > Payment methods . In the list of payment methods, locate the payment method you want to delete and select Delete . When the confirmation message appears, select OK . Notes. Only users with full permissions (Super Admins) can add, edit, or delete a payment method. Learn more about user roles.

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Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day with Bing Ads

Did you know that this year marks the 100 th anniversary of Mother’s Day? Hats off to President Woodrow Wilson for signing a bill to recognize Mother’s Day as a national holiday in 1914! Mother's Day is the 3 rd largest retail holiday, to the tune of $20.7 billion spent in 2013. With 87% of people celebrating Mother’s Day, this is a retailer’s heyday.

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Getting started with Merchant Promotions

From the top menu, select Tools > Merchant center > Promotions . Select Create > Promotion . Enter the Promotion ID . Select the Target country/region & language from the preset list. Choose the Promotion type: Amount off: Offer a monetary discount. Enter the Discount amount and, optionally, Minimum purchase amount.

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Opt out of the Microsoft Advertising optimisation program

Coupon code class: Request premium voucher . Premium voucher code: Premium user first name: Premium user last name: Premium user phone number: Premium user email address: What's new. Surface Pro 8; Surface Laptop Studio; Surface Pro X; Surface Go 3; Surface Duo 2; Surface Pro 7+ Windows 11 apps; HoloLens 2

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What are keyword match types, and how do I use them

Broad match; Syntax: keyword. What it does: Broad match triggers the display of your ad when a user searches either the individual words in your keyword in any order, or words related to your keyword.. Why use it: Use broad match when you want to sell a wide set of products to a large group of customers.. Examples:

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Microsoft Advertising Pro Derby

How to play: Take the Microsoft Advertising Certification exam and earn points by achieving a passing score during April 1, 2019 and June 14, 2019. Bing Channel Partner employees who take the exam and receive a score of: 80-89 will receive one point. 90-99 will receive two points.

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Microsoft Advertising Pro Derby

Just take the new 50-question quiz for recertification. Once you pass, you can earn the same points as indicated above, plus 1 additional point for good measure. Check the Microsoft Advertising Pro Derby scoreboard to track where your team ranks. Each team will start with points gained from accreditations from June 17, 2017, to April 30, 2018.

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How do I improve my ad campaign performance

Improve your ad copy by addressing your customers directly (use "you" and "your") and being specific (use "50% off" instead of "big discounts"). Here are some other suggestions for writing effective ad content. Organize highly related keywords and ads into their own ad groups. Use the keyword planner to build effective keyword lists.

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Get the power of Microsoft Clarity

Learn how TravelBoom used Clarity heatmaps to better understand drop-off to increase conversions by 30% on their homepage. “With Clarity, we were able to easily see where users were abandoning the page through the scroll heatmap feature.” Timeline. If you’d like to join the pilot today, please let your Microsoft account manager know.

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Work smart: Automate your tasks with scripts

Turn on and off campaigns linked to a launch or sale. Pause entities when merchandise is out of stock. Easily move budgets between campaigns. Schedule intraday bid adjustments based on custom events. Increase broad match keyword bids by 25% for keywords that generated more than 500 clicks last week. Monitor performance metrics. Example tasks:

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Pause or enable your campaigns

From the collapsible menu on the left, select All campaigns > Campaigns > Campaigns . In the Campaigns table, find the campaign that you wish to pause or enable and select the checkbox next to it. In the blue bar, select Edit and then select either Enable or Pause. Learn about Delivery status and Account errors . Set up a new campaign:70

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The Art and Science of AI + Creativity

It’s the classic right brain/left brain, the blending of art and science to drive innovation, which has become more important than ever before. Creating better experiences for your customers isn’t about handing off your advertising to machines. At a time of advancing automation, creativity remains the essential differentiator.

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Can I use custom parameters

Click the name of the item you want to add a custom parameters to and then click Settings . Under Advanced settings, click Campaign URL options or Ad group URL options . Under Custom parameters first box, enter the name of the parameter. Under Custom parameters second box, enter the variable of the parameter.

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What makes an effective ad

For example, “Great deals on swimsuits!!!! 50% off all styles!!!” Gimmicky spelling and jargon. For example, “Tell your friends to git their swimsuitz here.” Misleading customers in your ad or landing page. For example, “All items 20% off.” When only some of the items on the landing page URL you’re linking to are 20% off.

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The Art and Science of AI + Creativity

Creating better experiences for your customers isn’t about handing off your advertising to machines. At a time of advancing automation, creativity remains the essential differentiator. Join us as we present The Art and Science of AI + Creativity. Discover how market leaders are increasing engagement and performance by anticipating customer

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