Printable Birthday Coupons

How to Make a Coupon Book with the Printable Birthday Coupons. After you have printed out the birthday coupons you want to use in your coupon book, cut them out with a paper trimmer. When you cut them, do not cut off the white space to the left of the coupons. This is the area where you will punch your holes.

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Father's Day Coupons Printable

That way, you will have a nice straight edge. This is very important: When you cut out the coupons, leave the white space to the left intact. Please do not cut it off. This is the area where you will punch two holes in the coupons—one on the top and one on the bottom. Then you can thread ribbon through the holes and tie it off in a bow.

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Printable Christmas Coupon Booklet for Kids or Adults

You will want to cut out the coupons. You can use scissors if that is all you have, but a paper trimmer or cutter will give you a nice straight edge. This is important. If you are making a booklet from the coupons, do not cut off the white space to each coupon’s left. This is …

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Birthday Printables

First off, if you are looking for a true DIY birthday gift idea, these free printable birthday coupons should do the trick. You can print them and make a coupon book to give to the birthday person. There are covers for the coupon book, blank birthday coupon templates, and pre-filled coupons. Also, there are coupons from spouses or significant

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30 Day Savings Challenge

Here are ten ways off the top of my head that you can do to save some extra cash each day. 1. Don’t buy that coffee on one or more days. 2. Use coupons to save on groceries. 3. Save on your cable bill by using a streaming service instead. 4. Pack your lunch rather than buying it one or more days. 5. Don’t buy that new piece of clothing. 6.

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Christmas Archives

Are you looking for a quick DIY Christmas gift? Make a printable Christmas coupon booklet for kids or adults. You can print out these free printable Christmas coupons and put them together as a coupon booklet. If you need a quick gift idea, they make great little Christmas gifts that kids and adults will love. …

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Mother's Day Tags

There are five different designs below to choose from. You can pick one design and print off as many copies as you need, or you can mix two or more designs. How to Use These Mother’s Day Tags. There are six tags to each 8.5 x 11 sheet. You can print them on card stock so they will be sturdier.

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Father's Day Candy Bar Wrappers

Cut the 1.55 oz wrapper just inside the grey area. For the mini candy wrappers, you will want to cut them in the middle of the grey area vertically and off the grey area at the bottom of the wrappers and leave the grey area at the top of the wrappers. You can see this in the picture below.

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How To Get Kids To Do Chores

Checking off their chores in whatever manner you decide on can give kids a sense of accomplishment. Just think of how good you feel when you are able to tick off all of the items on your to-do list. This is the same concept. Some kids will thrive on completing all of their tasks and checking them off.

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Mother's Day Candy Wrappers

You will want to cut off the bottom gray area and leave the top gray area as shown in the picture below. This is how the wrappers will align best on the Hershey’s Miniatures. Next, if you are wrapping a 7 oz bar or a 1.55 oz bar, I like to tape the ends of the original Hershey wrapper to the front of the bar so that they are not sticking out

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