4 Tips for Effective Camp Discounts ActivityHero

Discounts are great for boosting enrollment. But, what kind of discount? How much? And what deadlines? We analyzed discount trends for thousands of camps to share these 4 tips.

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Bargain Places for Good Kids Clothes That Last

There are a lot of options for inexpensive kids clothes these days, but not all of it lasts very long. Many brands don’t hold up for the length of the time where my kid will wear it, let alone being in good enough condition for hand-me-downs for friends.

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Rock Music Lessons: Surprising Ways They Pay Off

To previously unappreciated musical territories… Winchel also brings up a point that many parents may not have considered: By taking rock-style lessons, kids can begin to explore previously unappreciated musical territories.

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Family Frugal Living: How to Live with Less & Get More offers free printable coupons every day. Some grocery stores even have double coupon days which can really bring in the savings. Just a little secret insider tip, many of the off-brand products are actually overflow of name brands that are sold under a different label. This varies by store, but just goes to show you that you can

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5 Surprising Ways to Get Your Math-Hating Kid to Embrace …

Take your kids along to the grocery store and have them keep a running tally of purchases — then let them figure out how much your coupons will save. Set a budget for holiday shopping or a birthday party and have your child check flyers for sales. If you have a coupon for a percentage off, let your child calculate how it impacts cost.

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Score Some “Me Time” this Summer The ActivityHero Blog

Summer means freedom for the kids--how about for parents? We share tips on how to get kids out of the house to score some much-needed "me" time this summer.

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5 Tips That Helped Me Succeed in High School

I found that organizing my work with a planner or notebook was one of the best ways for me to stay on top of my schoolwork in high school. I always had two sections going in my planners: weekly, I would write every assignment I had with its due date, and daily, I would write down what parts of each assignment I wanted to accomplish and check them off as I went.

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5 WORST Ways to Get Kids to Practice Music ActivityHero

Does a fight break out every time you try to get your kids to practice music? Make sure you are not making one of these common musical mistakes.

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Los Angeles Summer Camp Guide The ActivityHero Blog

Camp Galileo engages kids in irresistibly fun hands-on STEAM-based projects and active games outdoors with friends. Supported by our dynamic staff, kids get inspired to turn big ideas into reality and make the world better. 65+ locations in the Bay Area, SoCal, Chicagoland, Denver, Seattle and D.C. Optional extended care from 8 – 9am and 3

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Houston Camp Guide for Summer 2021

Texas Rock Gym has been offering Climbing Day Camps to Houston youth for over 15 years. Their camps are well structured, run by experienced counselors, and most of all… fun! Not sure of what to do with your kids when they have days off of school but you still have to work? Texas Rock Gym offers single-day and multi-day camps throughout the year.

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Fall Activity Guide: Los Angeles & Orange County

Jeanette Airen Performing Arts Studio is an award-winning music and drama studio that offers in-person and online classes including singing, acting and dancing. This session we will travel back in time to the 80’s for our production of Fame Jr.! Our small class sizes make it possible for more one-on-one attention and solo opportunities!

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Dance Class: Should I Drop My Kid Off or Stay and Watch

My answer is no. The door to the studio remains unlocked during rehearsal, and there is window on the door that makes the room viewable at all times. Should my child need me, I am just a few yards away. Should I have an urge to quickly peek in, the door window allows me to do that without drawing too much attention to myself.

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10 Summer Activities that will Satisfy Bored Kids AND your Wallet

Grab some pillows and blankets and build a fort worth writing home about. Shut off all the lights and bring out the lanterns so kids feel like they’re really at camp. Kids can share ghost stories, eat s’mores, and play flashlight tag all just steps from their bedrooms.

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Preparing Kids for Summer Camp: Why Communication is Key

Help kids get excited. Children feed off of what parents tell them. If a parent sends them off in awe about what a great experience they are going to have on that day or that week, the child arrives at camp with a great attitude that is immediately contagious throughout the group.

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5 Tips for Getting Your Children Excited About Kids Sports

Here are 5 tips to get reluctant kids away from their LCD screens and excited about kids sports. 1. Make it Fun. Both kids and adults will respond far less positively to any activity that feels like a chore, so making exercise fun is a great way to get kids excited about it. Classes like Zumba, which incorporates dance moves into exercise, are

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Summer Camp Diaries

Here at ActivityHero, we believe that kids’ activities including camps and classes help kids to grow, learn, and discover new passions and interests.. We interviewed inspirational writer Shawn L. Fink of Awesomely Awake about her favorite childhood memories from summer camp and what she looks for in a camp for her own kids.

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Pet Shop Activities for Kids The ActivityHero Blog

Then, it was off to bath time where the little guy insisted on two guests – turtles, of course. Tags kids' math , kids' pets , pet shop , pet store , scavenger hunt ← Starting Life on the Edge: Ice Skating for Tots → 5 Fast & Fun Rainy Day Play Plans for All Ages

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10 Fun Family Camping Activities

It’s easy to transform a regular campsite into the “summer camp” of a lifetime. Oftentimes family campgrounds have activities to keep kids busy, but in case yours is off the beaten path, I have compiled 10 unique and fun activities for family camping that will keep your kid’s imagination inspired.

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8 Great Holiday Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

Burn Off Some Kid Energy. Many public parks set up ice-skating rinks for the winter, complete with cheerful Christmas lights and skate rentals. Or simply grab some hot cocoa, soak up the holiday music, and sit and watch the skaters twirl by. Not a fan of ice? Hit the roller rink or ski slopes instead.

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School Holiday Camp Guide: Los Angeles & Orange County The

Join Design Hive for an in-person school holiday day camp focused on the creative exploration of all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics)! ⁣⁣Design Hive offers a combination of in-depth project work and one-off exploratory activities to engage kids in activities such as kinetic art, circuitry, game design

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SoCal Camp Guide for Summer 2021 The ActivityHero Blog

The Official Summer Camp Guide 2021 features our most popular and trending camps on ActivityHero – including outdoor camps, adventure camps, sports camps, LEGO® camps, maker camps, coding camps, and more! Learn more about camps’ updated programs for Summer 2021, including curriculum, group sizes, safety protocols, and cancellation policies.

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Fall Activity Guide: Online Classes The ActivityHero Blog

The best online classes & activities for kids in Fall 2021 - including after school, weekend, and drop-in programs. The Official Fall Activity Guide 2021 features our most popular and trending classes on ActivityHero that can be attended from home – including academic support & tutoring, music, coding, art, LEGO®, and more!

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Clue Archives The ActivityHero Blog

A spin off the common playground game, the hand-held Simon Says game flashes colors in a specific pattern which the player is then asked to repeat back. The sequences get faster and more difficult as the game progresses, encouraging hand-eye coordination and memorization. The game has settings for use as a single-player or multi-player game

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Parent Power: Importance of Art Education for Kids

Ginhee Rancourt founded Young Art and over the past seven years has worked to provide communities with a vibrant outlet for creativity as a children’s drop off art studio, activating experiential spaces in shopping centers and online. Making art enrichment and education accessible to kids is at the core of their values.

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