Coupon definition — AccountingTools

A coupon is a voucher that entitles the holder to a discount on a particular purchase. The issuance of a coupon allows the seller to advertise the discounted price of a product or service, net of the coupon, while not necessarily paying the amount of the coupon; a buyer must take action to present the coupon in order to receive a discount. Only

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Coupon rate definition — AccountingTools

A coupon rate is the interest percentage stated on the face of a bond or similar instrument. This is the interest rate that a bond issuer pays to a bond holder, usually at …

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Accounting for sales discounts — AccountingTools

A sales discount is a reduction in the price of a product or service that is offered by the seller, in exchange for early payment by the buyer. A sales discount may be offered when …

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Net of discount definition — AccountingTools

For example, a coupon offers 20% off the $100 retail price of a product, net of discounts. Other applicable discounts are a 10% Christmas discount and a 5% volume …

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Purchase discounts taken — AccountingTools

To calculate the percentage of purchase discounts taken, divide the total amount of purchase discounts taken by the total amount of discounts available that are considered …

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Discount allowed and discount received — AccountingTools

Accounting for the Discount Allowed and Discount Received. When the seller allows a discount, this is recorded as a reduction of revenues, and is typically a debit to a …

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How to account for a sales discount — AccountingTools

A sales discount is a reduction taken by a customer from the invoiced price of goods or services, in exchange for early payment to the seller. The seller usually states the …

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Purchase discount definition — AccountingTools

As an example of a purchase discount, a seller offers its customers 2% off the invoiced price if payment is made within 10 days of the invoice date. Otherwise, payment is …

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Accounting for gift cards — AccountingTools

Fraud Reimbursement. A thief could obtain access to the identification codes for individual gift cards that are on display in retail stores, wait for someone to buy the cards, and …

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Cash discount definition — AccountingTools

How to Account for a Cash Discount. To record a payment from the buyer to the seller that involves a cash discount, debit the cash account for the amount paid, debit a sales …

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Accretion of discount definition — AccountingTools

Accretion of discount is the ongoing increase in the value of a discounted security as its maturity date approaches. As an example, an investor buys a bond at a discount, where …

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Coupon bond definition — AccountingTools

A coupon bond has interest coupons that the bond holder sends to the issuing entity or its paying agent on the dates when interest payments are due. Interest payments are …

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Right of setoff definition — AccountingTools

The right of setoff is a legal right by a debtor to reduce the amount owed to a creditor by offsetting against it any amounts owed by the creditor to the debtor. For example, a …

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Membership fee accounting — AccountingTools

Example of Accounting for Membership Fees. Viking Fitness charges a $500 initiation fee and $700 for one year of membership, which gives members access to its health …

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CPE Courses — AccountingTools

AccountingTools is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider. We are compliant with the requirements for continuing education providers (as described in sections 10.6 and 10.9 of the …

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Present value of 1 table — AccountingTools

A present value of 1 table states the present value discount rates that are used for various combinations of interest rates and time periods. A discount rate selected from this …

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Accounts written off definition — AccountingTools

Accounts are written off by debiting either the allowance for doubtful accounts or the bad debt expense account, and crediting the accounts receivable account. Example of …

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FAQs — AccountingTools

Use the following form to send an email to AccountingTools. Or, send an e-mail to You can also call us at 303-886-1772.

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Education Bundle

These four CPE courses are now offered together as an education bundle for 20% off their individual prices. Click on the course covers below to access more information about the …

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