TravelTab is your perfect travel companion when renting a car

We also offer other deals including shopping coupons at over 80 different locations throughout the US, which could help users save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Mark explains that a partner of TravelTab manufactures the hardware, and it …

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Finding yourself indoors – without the help of GPS

Likewise, if a supermarket wants its app to display a voucher for 10 per-cent off organic muesli, it needs to know you’re in aisle 6 looking at breakfast cereal and not three aisles down with the pet food. One way of improving the accuracy is called …

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Tourism: great for the economy, tough on destinations

The free mobile app promotes certain attractions around London that, when visited, earn users points that are redeemable for travel-related discount coupons. This is a smart way to gamify the dispersal of large sightseeing crowds and alleviate congestion. The game’s developers hope to expand in several other cities in the future. 3.

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