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How to Fix a Windows PC that Randomly Shuts Off Support.com

(4 days ago) For a desktop computer Turn the computer off and unplug its power cable. Open the computer case and remove the side panel. Only open the computer if its warranty has expired.


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Why is My PC Suddenly Shutting Down? – NZXT Support Center

(3 days ago) Overheating. Sometimes a PC can suddenly power down if it were to go over a certain threshold in heat. A PC is designed to shut down automatically if it were to be at an unsafe temperature. We recommend monitoring your CPU and GPU temperatures via our CAM software. If your CPU were to exceed a temperature of 100C or your GPU were to exceed a


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PC turns off without warning – what to do? Fixed

(3 days ago) If your computer is acting really weird and keeps shutting off spontaneously, you should scan your system as soon as possible – such symptoms …


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Computer randomly shuts down in Windows 10 [FIXED]

(3 days ago) If your computer randomly turns off, there is surely a problem with your Windows. Updating your drivers manually or using a third-party program seems to fix this issue. Sleep mode might also cause your c omputer to randomly shuts down on Windows 10. Tweaking your advanced power settings should also get rid of the issue quickly.


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Computer Shuts Down Randomly? 15 Ways to Fix It TechCult

(4 days ago) Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error occurs when the system fails to start causing your Computer to restart or shuts down randomly. In short, after a system failure occurs, Windows 10 automatically restart your PC to recover from the crash.


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Windows 10 PC unexpectedly shuts down Microsoft Community

(8 days ago) I understand that your Windows 10 PC unexpectedly shuts down. Be rest assured, I am glad to help. This issue could be either due to some issues with the power settings or corrupted system files on the computer. Try the below methods and check if that helps:


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Question PC turns off randomly while gaming Tom's

(3 days ago) Just got this pc about 2-3 weeks ago and its been shutting off randomly in games with no bsod or warning. Just black screen like someone pulled the plug. My psu is a 700w thermaltake and I have a 5600x and a gigabyte 3070. Could it be my psu isnt a quality unit? My last pc


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How to Fix PC Shutting Down When Playing Games YouTube

(3 days ago) In today’s video we’re taking a look at how you can troubleshoot a PC shutting down randomly when playing games. This wasn’t just a simple power supply swap,


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Why Does My PC Suddenly Shut Itself Off? PCWorld

(9 days ago) Why Does My PC Suddenly Shut Itself Off? If Windows inexpicably closes and your PC shuts down, it's almost certainly overheated. The PC, which monitors the temperature of the CPU, is …


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5 Tips to Fix Computer Suddenly Turns Off and Won’t Turn

(6 days ago) 5 Tips to Fix Computer Suddenly Turns Off and Won’t Turn Back on Did your computer suddenly turned-off and won’t turn back on? The abrupt shut-down of your computer or laptop could happen because of numerous reasons. Read on to know the best solutions for this issue.


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PC shutting down randomly while playing games Internal

(5 days ago) An overheating power supply, due to a malfunctioning fan, can cause a computer to shut off unexpectedly. If your BIOS monitors the RPM of …


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Solved: Computer Shuts Down Randomly in Windows 10

(6 days ago) If your CPU or GPU overheat, then also you may face the issue of computer shuts down randomly in Windows 10. This happens because the motherboard is functioned to do shut everything off it finds any potential danger to the processor.


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What Happened When Your Computer Keeps Shutting Down By

(2 days ago) A lot of operating system errors can lead to computer randomly shuts off. Some serious problems can even cause your computer to fail to turn on again (such as operating system not found ). In this part, some of the common errors will be listed (the list is in random order).


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Solved: Computer randomly powers off completely. Dell

(Just Now) My wife has a Dell Inspiron 560 desktop computer she bought a few years ago. Over the past couple of months the computer will randomly power off and restart completely. This only happens when she's browsing around online. It's never a problem when online gaming or streaming media. All drivers are updated.


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How to fix a computer which shuts down when moved Quora

(3 days ago) If this is a laptop, it sounds like the battery is making a poor connection with the computer. If your battery is removable, check to see that the connector on the battery, and the battery connector on the laptop, are both in good condition and ma


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My Computer Shuts Off Randomly. What can I do?

(Just Now) Remove one PCI card or RAM stick at a time and monitor. Replace and try another if the computer shuts off. If you use external audio and/or graphics and …


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How to Fix a Computer That Turns On and Then Off

(1 days ago) Test the power button on the front of your computer's case. If the power button is shorting out or even just sticking to the case, it might be the reason your computer is turning off by itself. Replace the power button if it fails your testing or if you suspect it's not working properly. Reseat everything inside of your computer.


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Computer randomly shuts down: How to fix it in Windows 10

(Just Now) To turn it off, follow this guide: Right-click Start and open Power Options. In Power Options settings click on Choose what the powers buttons do option in the left panel. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable option.


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My computer suddenly shut off while I was using it and now

(2 days ago) Well beyond the power supply being bad, that sounds pretty bad. Like motherboard death bad. Try this: unplug the power cord, remove the battery, and hold down the power button for 1 minute. Now plug the power cord in and see if it turns on. Second


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PC shuts off randomly while playing certain games

(3 days ago) Hi, I'm having some problems with my PC. When running some games it just shuts off randomly at some point, mostly after a few minutes, but sometimes after like an hour of playing. Overheating is not an issue and I've just built in a new PSU today, since my old one couldn't provide enough power for my GPU (switched from 450W to 650W).


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PC Shuts Down When Gaming GameTechia

(9 days ago) Virus’s problem for pc shuts down when playing games: Generally, viruses and malware are a few other basic causes for pc shutting downs at certain times. Look, if your pc is frequently shutting off while playing games (with an unknown error) then confirmed Virus-infected your pc.


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Computer shuts off randomly but all the lights and fans

(8 days ago) So I built my own pc a week ago but I really need help, the problem is when I'm playing intensive games, randomly: monitor loses signal, keyboard shuts off, headset shuts off and the system shuts


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PC shuts off randomly : techsupport

(5 days ago) PC shuts off randomly. Open Software. Close. Vote. Posted by 4 minutes ago. PC shuts off randomly. Open Software. Hello I am in dire need of assistance my PC shuts off a few minutes after start up. I took apart the chassis fan and heat sink to clean the dust out and put it back together and that’s what started the issue it’s been 2


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SOLVED: Why is my laptop randomly shutting itself off

(8 days ago) Reasons Your Laptop Suddenly Shuts Off. Dirty Fan/Overheating. One of the first and the most likely reason your computer or laptop shuts off randomly, especially when you’re playing a game, is overheating. This is the bane of most computers, especially laptops, since the heat has nowhere to …


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What Makes a Computer Just Suddenly Power Off? Small

(5 days ago) A PC shutting down suddenly is usually a sign of a power problem and can be extremely frustrating. This can cause you to lose whatever you're working …


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Computer Shuts down randomly, fans still running

(7 days ago) Computer Shuts down randomly, fans still running Your computer is shutting down = Power However, shutting the PSU switch on and off acts as a reset, the next boot it's fine.


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How To Fix a Computer that Unexpectedly Restarts on Its

(5 days ago) Windows computers give you the ability to enable to automatic restarting of your computer. If this is what has been causing your issue, you can simply disable it. Go to the Start menu > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System. Alternatively, you can right-click My Computer and select Properties. Click Advanced > Start and Recovery


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Computer Shuts Down Randomly. How To Fix It?

(Just Now) Turning off the Fast Startup feature could prevent your computer from shutting down randomly. Fast Startup is a feature in Windows 10 (and also Windows 8) that provides a faster boot time when starting up the computer. It is a useful feature, and one that most people use without knowing.


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Computer turns off by itself suddenly TechRepublic

(6 days ago) Computer turns off by itself suddenly. Our desktop keeps shutting down. Let me describe the problem in detail: 1. One day, the computer suddenly shut off when we were working on it …


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Picture randomly shutting off PC Help Forum

(2 days ago) Picture randomly shutting off. Hi there and welcome to PC Help Forum (PCHF), a more effective way to get the Tech Support you need! We have Experts in all areas of Tech, including Malware Removal, Crash Fixing and BSOD's , Microsoft Windows, Computer DIY and PC Hardware, Networking, Gaming, Tablets and iPads, General and Specific Software


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Computer shuts down randomly. How to fix it? YouTube

(3 days ago) Video showing how to fix the problem with the computer shutting down unexpectedly/randomlyDetailed description with more solutions - https://www.pcrisk.com/c


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9 Reasons Why Your Laptop Randomly Shuts Off (And How To Fix)

(2 days ago) Most of the laptops either stop working or just turn off randomly because of ram crashing problem. This problem generally occurs when your ram stops working or by the displacement of your ram. How to fix: To resolve this problem, unplug your ram, cool and clean it out and plug it again. Check if the problem is solved or not.


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Why does my computer monitor randomly turn off?

(8 days ago) A computer randomly shutting off can also be an issue with the computer or video card overheating or a defect with the video card. My video card isn't working. If the video card is a known good video card or its part of the motherboard, there may be problems with the motherboard.


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Computer Randomly Shuts Off: The Main Culprits Computer

(9 days ago) It appears that there could be numerous reasons leading to the “computer randomly shuts off” phenomenon. Introduce yourself to the reasons and solutions listed below to address your specific issue and avoid future problems. Overheating. Your PC may suddenly turn off if it overheats. The most common reasons for heat-related problems are


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PC shutting down randomly while play NVIDIA GeForce Forums

(Just Now) 24 Jan 1:29PM. 0. Forum Actions. Report Post. . Most of the time a Computer SHUTS DOWN unexpectedly, its the PSU. Download DDU: Install run DDU Have it reboot in to Safe mode Run DDU if it does not auto start Select: NVIDIA software and Drivers Select: Clean and Restart Back in Normal Mode, Go here Use the Show / Hide tool to hide any NVIDIA


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SOLVED: Monitor turns off randomly. Display iFixit

(Just Now) Recently the monitor shuts off every 1~2 minutes, and after another 1~2 minutes turns back on. This cycle goes over and over. A few observations are as follows. During the turn off, its green power button also turns off (the power button will not become orange).


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How To Fix Windows 10 PC Randomly Shuts Down Issue

(6 days ago) The computer shuts down randomly in Windows 10 [RESOLVED]. Why did my Windows 10 suddenly shut down? This can be due to several factors, such as B. a thermal event on your CPU or GPU, a system failure, to try to find the event that caused these failures, try this: Type an event in the Cortana Finder (next to the Start menu) to open the event


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My PC Shuts Itself Off Mid Boot PCWorld

(2 days ago) Dominican1 asked the Answer Line forum why his PC shuts itself off partway through the boot process.. A PC that starts, then fails to boot, probably suffers from an overheated CPU or a bad or


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Unexpected Shutdown – Missing Data? Get It Fixed Here

(2 days ago) PC unexpected shutdown can be caused by many reasons including power outages, brownouts, depleted laptop battery or removed power cord. Besides, if you hit the power button by accident, your PC will be shut down. And, if the computer encounters some kind of problems, your PC will be shut down.


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Fix Internet Explorer Shuts Down Suddenly in Windows 10/8

(3 days ago) And IE browser - Internet Explorer is a top one tool which often crashes or shut down in Windows PC. If you are having a similar issue that IE browser keeps crashing or unexpectedly shuts down in your Windows PC, don't worry and just follow effective solutions here to repair suddenly crashed or shut down Internet Explorer with ease now.


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Solved: Laptop shuts off when moved Dell Community

(7 days ago) The steps are: Shut down and restart the computer. Press the F12 key immediately when the Dell logo appears. The Boot Device list appears. Select Diagnostics and press the Enter key. Also, as the issue occurs when the system is moved; you may check the functionality in the system BIOS.


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Computer Keeps Shutting Down Playing Games – What To Do

(5 days ago) Computer keeps shutting down when gaming. Having narrowed the potential causes of your system issues to power, temperature or graphics drivers, we can begin the real work.


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[MC 41198] Computer suddenly shuts off while playing

(9 days ago) The random crashing started happening on Wednesday night while afking at the spider farm in a survival white listed server on Minecraft. Everything is fine and okay as the spiders build up in the kill zone, getting ready to be crushed and killed for xp, and suddenly the computer shuts off out of nowhere.


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Why does my PC just shutdown unexpectedly??

Computer shutting down on its own

  1. Press Windows key and type Troubleshooting.
  2. Select Troubleshooting and click on System and Security.
  3. Click on Power and follow the onscreen steps.
See More....

What happens if my computer shuts down unexpectedly??

Most of the time when a computer suddenly shuts down for no apparent reason, it is due to the processor or other part of the computer becoming too hot. If you suspect this is the cause, the first step is to check the fan on the computer to make sure it is functioning properly.

Why does my PC suddenly switch itself off??

The computer turns off and on by itself issue may be caused by several reasons:

  • Windows fast startup
  • The scheduled maintenance
  • A scheduled wake up timer
  • BIOS settings

Why did the computer shut down unexpectedly??

There are several causes of unexpected computer shutdown including, hard drive failure, system crash, power hitches, software issues as well as other hardware malfunctions. However, most of the times a computer shuts down indefinitely as a result of power outages and this leads to the unexpected interruption of business operations.

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