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Closed-End Fund (CEF) Discounts and Premiums - Fidelity

(Just Now) For instance, if a CEF is trading at a 15% discount, people often tout this as an opportunity to buy $1.00 of assets for $0.85. The unstated premise is that eventually the price will reach $1.00.


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What to Know About Buying Closed-End Funds at a Discount

(6 days ago) One of the appealing attributes of closed-end funds (CEFs) is the potential to buy shares at a discount to their net asset value (NAV). CEFs frequently trade at discounts. In volatile markets, such


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CEF Relative Discounts and Premiums - Fidelity

(5 days ago) For one, they can help you avoid value traps. Let's look at the mythical CEF trading at a 15% discount. According to the oft-cited "CEF wisdom," this would be a good trade because the market is offering investors $1.00 of assets at the bargain price of $0.85. (Forget the fact that the $1.00 worth of assets may fall in value to $0.85!)


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GIM: Global Income CEF With A Well Deserved Discount To

(Just Now) GIM: This Global Income CEF trades at a discount to NAV. See if the discount to NAV is an opportunity to buy. Recently, we highlighted two closed end funds that had no business trading


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Discount To NAV CEF Screen CEF Channel

(1 days ago) Discount To NAV CEF Screen - Page 1: Updated 4/24/2021. Rank CEF Category %Discount #1: NHF: Diversified-40.46% #2: SRV: Energy-24.99% #3: HGLB


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Discounted Closed-End Fund Strategy Matisse Capital

(3 days ago) First, the shares of closed-end funds frequently trade at a premium or discount relative to their net asset value. When one purchases shares of a closed-end fund at a discount to its net asset value, there can be no assurance that the discount will decrease, and it is possible that the discount may increase and affect whether one will realize a


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How To Find Bargains In Closed-End Funds - Forbes

(9 days ago) That discount (or premium) is one of the elements of a cost analysis. A discount interacts with a cash payout from the fund to deliver an instant profit into your hands. Consider Central


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Closed-End Funds - 3 Cheap, High-Yielding CEFs to Buy

(7 days ago) While the CEF might be trading at a discount of 10% on the value of the municipal bonds under management, if interest rates rise, the value of …


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A Guide to Investing in Closed-end Funds (CEFs

(9 days ago) In other words, if a closed-end fund’s assets are worth $10 per share but it is trading at $8.50 per share, you could buy the fund at a 15% discount to its net asset value. If the discount gap closes, you would enjoy some extra capital appreciation on top of the fund’s basic return.


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Closed-End Funds Key Concepts - CEF Connect - Brought to

(6 days ago) There are many factors that influence the up-down movement in a fund's share price, including the fund's yield or distribution rate, portfolio performance, the demand for a popular strategy or manager, the fund's sponsor, the availability of timely fund information.This is commonly called trading at a Premium or Discount.. Dividends & Distributions - Closed-end funds distribute their earnings


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Statistical arbitrage in closed-end funds · Reasonable

(8 days ago) For example, if the CEF were trading at a 20% discount to NAV, a pairs trade would involve going long the CEF and “short the NAV”. In this case, even if both the NAV and the price of the CEF decrease, your position would be fine because the short side hedges you.


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Closed-End Fund Screener - CEF Connect - Brought to you by

(2 days ago) Closed-end fund historical distribution sources have included net investment income, realized gains, and return of capital. For more detailed information on the distributions of a specific Fund, please visit the Fund sponsor's website. CEFConnect.com makes data for the universe of closed-end funds available as a courtesy to its users.


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How to Invest in CEFs (for 8% Dividends, 20%+ Upside

(8 days ago) And now that many trading platforms require a low (or no) minimum to open an account, along with zero (or very cheap) brokerage fees, there’s really no barrier to anyone getting into trading CEFs. Also, the average price for a CEF is $11.83 as I write this, so don’t worry about the shares themselves being too expensive—they’re not.


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CEF Premium or Discount? Choose Wisely for 76% Returns

(5 days ago) It pays to be picky in CEF-land, when there is usually some great fund trading at a discount to the value of its holdings. Speaking of which, we …


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5 Reasons to use closed-end funds in your portfolio

(7 days ago) At any given point in time, a CEF’s share price may be above or below its underlying NAV, which is referred to as the CEF trading at a premium (market price is above NAV), or discount (market price is below NAV) to NAV.


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Cef Trading At Discount - Updated Daily 2021

(4 days ago) For instance, if a CEF is trading at a 15% discount, people often tout this . as an opportunity to buy $1.00 of assets for $0.85. The unstated premise is that eventually the price will reach $1.00.


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3 Closed-End Funds With Juicy Yields Trading At Big Discounts

(5 days ago) In the CEF universe, funds are trading at a median discount of 6.5% compared to a 20-year historical median of 5%. Fertig, who is based in Chicago, stopped by Barron's today to …


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Open Your Eyes To Closed-End Funds - Investopedia

(9 days ago) When closed-end funds trade at a significant discount, the fund manager may make an effort to close the gap between the NAV and the trading


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3 CEFs Trading at Big Discounts With Big Yields

(4 days ago) Meaning, you can own the fund and not worry about getting snagged by the AMT hassles. The CEF’s managers hunt for those bonds that are currently …


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EVT: A Very Attractive 6.5%-Yielding CEF Trading At A Discount

(1 days ago) However, the fund only trades hands for $27.01 per share, which gives it a 1.39% discount to net asset value at the current price. That is reasonably in-line with the 1.83% discount that the fund


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Earn Up to 9% With These Closed-End Funds Kiplinger

(4 days ago) For closed-end funds, it’s yield, yield, yield. Investors can realize gains by buying a CEF at a discount and selling if the discount narrows or, more rarely, if the fund begins trading at a


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The 11 Best Closed-End Funds (CEFs) for 2020 - Yahoo

(Just Now) Investors should be seeking out diversification and income-producing assets as they enter a potentially wild 2020 - especially after 2019's monster run. Closed-end funds (CEFs) provide both


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The Best CEFs for Rising Interest Rates – Contrarian Outlook

(Just Now) The Double-Discount: CEFs After a Pullback. In buying an excellent fund like GDV at this impressive discount, we had three ways to profit: First, the fund was yielding a fat 7.3%, Plus, it was trading at a 15% discount to its intrinsic value (NAV), and


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Closed-End Funds: A Deeper Look at Discount/Premium: Some

(7 days ago) The discount/premium gives a snapshot of the current valuation of the CEF with respect to its NAV: if the CEF is trading at a wide discount then it is attractively valued. However, what if the CEF has always traded at a wide discount? To get a perspective on the recent history of the CEF's discount/premium, a moving average is useful.


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Pros and Cons of Closed-End Funds Investing US News

(8 days ago) "Closed-end funds can be subject to liquidity problems both at the level of the fund and at the level of the shareholders," Faust says. "The overall market is currently trading at a discount


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Closed-End Fund Definition - investopedia.com

(1 days ago) This investor demand can lead to a closed-end fund trading at a premium or a discount to its NAV. A premium price means the price of a share is above the NAV, while a discount


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The Best CEFs for Rising Interest Rates Nasdaq

(2 days ago) Plus, it was trading at a 15% discount to its intrinsic value (NAV), and Its NAV was likely to increase as the market bounced back (hence the importance of …


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7 Best Paying Closed-End Funds to Buy Funds US News

(7 days ago) The Saba Closed-End Funds ETF is an actively managed closed-end, fixed-income ETF that generates income by investing in other closed-end funds trading at a discount to NAV at 8.9%.


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ETF Screener - Fidelity

(2 days ago) Closed end funds are subject to management fees and other expenses. ^Premium/Discount to NAV represents the percentage by which the fund's market price exceeds or is less than net asset value (NAV). Shares of closed-end funds frequently trade at a market price that is a discount to their NAV.


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Want Income? Closed-End Funds Offer Yield, But Beware Of

(9 days ago) "BlackRock believes that it may be advantageous to purchase a (CEF) when it is trading at a discount to its NAV, as each dollar invested purchases more than a dollar of net assets," the giant


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Two interesting closed end funds at a discount ($CET, $PSH

(9 days ago) Anyway, that's my high level overview of closed end funds trading at a discount: in general, they're interesting because of the discount, but with higher expense ratios and no path to narrowing the discount, the discount is probably deserved and there's simply better places to put money to work. Of course, there are a few possible exceptions to


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Why CEF Stocks Are Worth Considering for a High Return

(1 days ago) A CEF, as an investment structure, has a few distinct characteristics. Here are the key differences between closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds: No share buybacks: Contrary to a mutual fund, a CEF — like an ETF — is not required to buy back its shares from the shareholders. As a result, it can maintain a steady asset base.


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CEFS ETF Report: Ratings, Analysis, Quotes, Holdings ETF.com

(4 days ago) CEFS Fund Description. CEFS is an actively managed fund-of-funds that seeks to generate high income by investing in closed-end funds trading at a discount to net asset value and hedging for


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Closed-End Funds

(5 days ago) Current & Historical Premium & Discounts for U.S. Closed End Funds. Current Report: April 23, 2021 2021 Historical Reports. 12/31/2003-04/23/2021 12/31/2003-04/16/2021 12/31/2003-04/09/2021 Aberdeen Closed-End TV Asset TV — CEF Channel CEF Connect Cohen & Steers CEFs Knowledge Center Harvest — CEFA Channel Legg Mason CEFs


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EVT: A Very Attractive 6.5%-Yielding CEF Trading At A Discount

(3 days ago) Seeking Alpha - EVT is generating more than enough income through realized capital gains and dividends to cover the 6.5% yield. The fund trades at a slight discount


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Closed-End Fund Discounts Explained Morningstar

(4 days ago) Discount strategies: In one way or another, many hedge funds and proprietary trading desks at investment banks trading closed-end funds will …


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4 Closed-End Funds Trading at a Discount - TheStreet

(5 days ago) The three-year average discount for the global equity fund is 10.1%. The pipeline MLP closed-end fund fell 35% in 2015 due to the drop in energy prices, …


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Welcome to CEF Electrical Wholesalers / Suppliers

(2 days ago) CEF is the UK's largest electrical wholesaler / supplier with almost 400 branches nationwide. We supply everything from cable and lamps to sockets, fans and much more.


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Closed End Funds Biltmore Capital Advisors

(1 days ago) Moving Forward with a Closed End Fund Trading as Part of a Diversified Portfolio. Biltmore Capital Advisors has a carefully-derived model that analyzes a fund’s expense ratios (including its various components), its distribution rate, provisions (if any) to terminate, potential shareholder activism, each fund’s discount/premium history and each fund’s discount (in real time) to determine


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Shareholder Activism at Closed-End Funds in the Wake of

(8 days ago) Shareholder activism in the United States and worldwide was noticeably down in 2020 when compared to 2019, and that decline was largely due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, for US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered closed-end investment funds, COVID-19 had the opposite effect. In the wake of the market dislocations […]


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Closed-End Funds With an Options Twist - Yahoo

(6 days ago) Closed-End Funds With an Options Twist trading at a 12.5% discount to NAV. SPXX and EXD should be considered extremely short-term buys to squeeze income out of a CEF while betting on CEF


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CEFs Trading At Discount How to Create Monthly Income

(9 days ago) A High Yield CEF Trading at a Double Digit Discount. November 30th, 2013 Author: admin. For CEF Investors seeking income, they may want to evaluate Liberty All Star Equity Fund (USA). This fund has a current distribution rate of 6.97% and still trades at a 10% discount to net asset value (NAV). While the fund is setup for income purposes, it


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3 Closed-End Funds Selling Oil at a Discount

(2 days ago) If these whipsawing oil markets are making you dizzy, you're far from alone. But this isn't the time for worry — it's time to tap oil's woes for 7%+ dividends and upside, asserts closed-end fund specialist Michael Foster, editor of CEF Insider.. Adams Natural Resources Fund (), one of the oldest closed-end funds (CEF) out there.Founded in 1929, this fund has survived a lot of turbulence


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2 CEF Mistakes to Avoid Morningstar

(7 days ago) Most closed-end funds don't offer a unique exposure that you can't get somewhere else, either through a different closed-end fund that's trading at a discount


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NZF Nuveen Muni Credit Income CEF Channel

(1 days ago) NZF CEF - Nuveen Muni Credit Income TRADING SYMBOL. NZF. TTM RETURN. 23.92%. RECENT NAV DISCOUNT-2.53%. HISTORICAL NAV DISCOUNT-7.33%. RECENT PRICE. $16.54. RECENT YIELD. 4.79%. See full: Discount to NAV CEF Screen


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Can a CEF be bought at a discount?

The silver lining is that CEF investors can get around the active fee by buying when the CEF share price is at a deep discount to NAV. If a fund charges 1% per year in active management fees, and you buy it when it is trading at a 10% discount to NAV or more, you are effectively cancelling out a decade or more of fees.

What is CEFS ETF?

CEFS offers closed-end funds in an ETF wrapper: An actively managed manager-of-managers strategy for income and capital appreciation. The fund manager uses a proprietary process to select a diverse group of closed-end funds trading at a discount with additional fundamental and quantitative analyses. The fund also hedges for interest rate risk.

Can a CEF drive the share price higher than the fund?

Therefore, they might drive the share price much higher than the fund’s NAV. Likewise, if a CEF is under-performing lately (even if it’s well-managed and the sector the CEF focuses on happens to be in a downtrend), investors may want out, and are willing to sell the shares at a price far below the fund’s NAV.

Can a CEF trade for 97 cents on the dollar?

A hallmark of CEFs is that their limited number of shares means that at times, they can trade at premiums or discounts to their NAV. So at the moment, you can buy the assets in AIO for, effectively, 97 cents on the dollar.

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