The best window cleaning robots for flawless windows

Cleaning windows can be a difficult task, especially if your home has many windows. If this is your case, you are probably looking for an easier and easier way to perform this task. Fortunately, there are window cleaning robots , devices created to facilitate the process of cleaning your windows without requiring any effort.

Best-selling window cleaning robots
Cecotec WinDroid 980 window cleaning robot, your best option: see price .
Ecovacs WINBOT 920 glass cleaning robot with state-of-the-art technology: see price .
Liineparalle Gecko window cleaning robot , protection against electrical failures: see price .
HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot cleans any glass: see price .
Novohogar W-Clean 900 window cleaning robot will make your life easier: see price .
Best window cleaning robots available on Amazon
If due to lack of time, you have neglected windows, find your window cleaning robot on Amazon, and polish your windows.
Window cleaning robot WinDroid 980 Cecotec
Nothing better than this option from Cecotec to start our selection. It has a smart app to quickly control and dry your surfaces. It calculates the ideal route, detects the limits of the window and cleans completely . Do you want to do other tasks while your robot cleans your windows? Quiet, WinDroid 980 has a comprehensive safety system that prevents falls thanks to its safety system with uninterruptible power, control algorithm, super resistant lanyard and vacuum control sensors.
placeholderCecotec WinDroid 980

Cecotec WinDroid 980

HOBOT-388 window cleaning robot with mobile control
Automatic device with glass cleaning liquid tank and liquid spray. It will give you the possibility of cleaning different surfaces, exterior and interior framed windows. You can control it easily from your mobile with its application. It has a high-volume and highly efficient centrifugal pump for cleaning different types of glass. You can dry clean or with your trusted cleaning product.
placeholderHOBOT 388


Robot window cleaner WINBOT 920 Ecovacs
The Winbot window cleaning robot leaves smooth glass surfaces shiny and clean by moving forwards and backwards, thanks to its WIN-SLAM 2.0 technology. Detects all edges and intelligently adapts to any surface. It is controlled by an application and has voice assistance. It provides you with real-time information about its status and is always kept up-to-date thanks to updates. Protect your windows from dust and dirt.
placeholderWINBOT 920 Ecovacs

WINBOT 920 Ecovacs

Robot window cleaner XLine AGX50 AMIBOT
Whether flat, vertical, horizontal or inclined surfaces, this AMIBOT model adapts to any surface . It works efficiently, yes, only plugged into electricity. It guarantees a complete cleaning of surfaces of more than 50 x 50 cm. It has motors located under the rotating discs, thus guaranteeing a strong fixing suction, which keeps it firmly attached to the surface on which it is placed.
placeholderAMIBOT XLine AGX50


Gecko Liineparalle window cleaning robot
This model is fully automatic. The Gecko robot will clean everything and stop once its task is done , without having to worry about a thing. Offers power failure protection, UPS support, built-in uninterruptible power supply. In the event of a power failure, the Gecko model has continuous power for 25 minutes, anti-fall control algorithm and automatic return to the initial position. Its strong microfiber cleaning cloth will save you a lot of time and effort.
placeholderLiineparalle Gecko
Liineparalle Gecko

Robot window cleaner W-Clean 900 Novohogar
If you are looking to clean your windows in complete safety and comfort, the W-Clean 900 robot is perfect for you. Cleans glass with a minimum thickness of 50 cm and frames of at least 5mm. In addition, it has fast drying thanks to its incredible wringing function . Its smart navigation will enchant you. It has a sensor to detect frames, which will allow the robot to clean thoroughly by moving around the glass safely.
placeholderNovohogar W-Clean 900

Novohogar W-Clean 900

Hobot 368 EZlclean Window Cleaning Robot
For a personalized and effective service, this EZIclean brand device features a new navigation technology known as Navig +. No matter where you place your robot, Hobot 368 will be placed on the highest part of the glass surface before beginning its cleaning cycle. It is perfect for cleaning flat surfaces, regardless of their thickness. It works on inclines between 15 and 90 degrees, perfect for partitions, glass and even tiles.
placeholderEZlclean Hobot 368

EZlclean Hobot 368

Robot window cleaner DDC55 HUTT
Getting rid of dirt from your windows has never been easier. The DDC55 HUTT glass cleaner automatically adjusts to the glass and recognizes different levels of dirt . Thanks to its battery, the robot will be able to remain subject to the glass in the event of a power failure for 20 minutes and will produce an alarm sound to warn us of this.
placeholderHutt DDC55

Hutt DDC55

Chovery CL-1 robot window cleaner with remote control and intelligent system
With a suction power of 5,600 pa, this uniquely designed glass cleaning robot can clean 1 square meter in 4 minutes , making it the perfect glass cleaning robot. Although its greatest efficiency is while it is plugged into the electrical current, it also has a lithium battery for moments in which there is a power cut, having an autonomy of up to 30 minutes.
placeholderChovery CL-1

Chovery CL-1

IKOHS WIPEBOT Window Cleaning Robot
Thanks to its mapping technology, this window cleaner can zigzag surfaces up to 1 square meter in 4 minutes. It has two rotating mops, which do not damage or scratch, leaving your crystals clean and shiny. With its battery backup, it continues to run for 30 minutes in the event of a power failure. In addition, it has a 6 meter security cable.
placeholderIKOHS Wipebot

IKOHS Wipebot

What to consider when choosing a window cleaning robot?
A good window cleaning robot must have certain characteristics to be considered a good option. We mention some aspects that you should take into account when choosing your window cleaning robot.
Speed. One of the most important points to consider is the cleaning speed of the robot. The faster it is, the more time you will save on cleaning your home. The minimum speed that the equipment you choose must offer you should be 1 m2 x 4 minutes of time. Although also, you have to bear in mind that the higher the speed, the higher the price.
Autonomy. In general, most models work through a cable to be able to offer the correct power. In other cases, they have a battery backup in the event of a sudden power outage. This prevents the robot from falling abruptly to the ground. Normally, this autonomy is 30 minutes of work.
Programming. Another of the most important aspects to consider are the cleaning programs that the robot can have. Your choice will depend on the type of cleaning you do. Many robots allow dry cleaning or regular cleaning.
Some models have special features that allow you to clean the glass efficiently and much more thoroughly.
Why buy a robot window cleaner?
We are talking about robots, so their price may not be the cheapest of all. However, when it comes to saving time and making housework easier , any investment is worth it. With a robot to clean your windows, you will save more time than you can imagine.

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