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Few sensations are more pleasant in life than coming home from work, taking a good shower and sitting on the sofa in the living room to relax reading a book or watching a movie. Therefore, when it wears out and loses its comfort qualities, it is advisable to buy a new one as soon as possible.

ew sensations are more pleasant in life than coming home from work, taking a good shower and sitting on the sofa in the living room to relax reading a book or watching a movie. Therefore, when it wears out and loses its comfort qualities, it is advisable to buy a new one as soon as possible.

However, it is a significant investment. That is the reason why here we are going to collect the best offers on sofas during Black Friday 2021 and why we are going to offer some interesting shopping tips. If our comfort and our budget are at stake, all information is little.
When is Black Friday

November 26, 2021 . The Black Friday is celebrated every year on the last Friday of November, ie the day subsequent to the Thanksgiving (is a commercial event of US origin). It serves to kick off the Christmas shopping campaign.

However, most online stores specializing in the sale of sofas not only make offers during those 24 hours. The usual thing is that they extend them during that whole week or, even, one before . They also extend them until the following Monday, which is celebrated on Cyber ​​Monday (November 29, 2021).
Tips and tricks to save when buying a sofa

When buying a sofa on Black Friday 2021 we must follow the following recommendations. Only then will we really save money and get the model we want:

    Make a wish list . Based on the budget we have, we will make a list with the different sofas that interest us. We must sort them by priority and save the links to check the promotions during Black Friday. This way we will not make the mistake of buying impulsively.
    Establish a maximum budget . We must be aware of the amount we can spend on Black Friday for sofas. It would not make sense that, by taking advantage of an offer with a great discount, we end up spending more than we can.
    Do not hesitate . Many of the sofa deals on Black Friday are limited to a few hours or a specific number of units. So, if the right one appears, we must go for it (not without first consulting the terms and conditions of sale and the shipping, warranty and return conditions).

How to choose a sofa: what to consider

We should buy the best possible sofa during Black Friday. The reason? We will spend many hours in it throughout the year and it will provide us with the most comforting relaxing moments. But, to finish choosing the right one, it is essential to consider these aspects:

    Size . We must measure the dimensions of our room and make sure that it leaves traffic areas between 70 cm and 90 cm. In addition, its volume must be in accordance with that of the rest of the furniture in the decoration. If not, it will not look good aesthetically.
    Number of places . It will depend on how many of us are at home. It is a factor in accordance with the previous one (the more places, the more space it will occupy) that we must take into account. If we do not have enough with 3 or 4 seats, it is best to opt for two pieces.
    Internal materials . They will mark the useful life and resistance of the sofa. Without a doubt, the internal frames made of solid hard woods such as birch or oak are equipped by the best sofas on the market. Those made of iron, steel or aluminum are a good alternative unless we live in a humid climate that can cause corrosion. Likewise, the comfort will be marked to a large extent by the material of the frame. The elastic crisscross webbing with springs is the best option.
    The padding of the seats . Polyurethane foam is the one chosen in the best value for money sofas this Black Friday. They recover their shape quickly after standing up and offer a good density (around 25 kg / m3). On the other hand, feather fillings are softer and more comfortable, so it is necessary to shake them to regain their original shape. The cheapest sofas are filled with a variety of synthetic fibers with a low density.
    Upholstered . Many people believe that the choice is between fabric, synthetic leather or natural leather, but it is not like that. Currently, within what we call 'fabric sofas', the combination of nylon and polyester is the protagonist. It is very resistant to the sun and humidity and repels stains. So much so that it can be washed with detergents and stain-resistant products. Polyurethane and PVC is the recommended option within the 'synthetic leather' category. Without a doubt, the most suitable option when there are children at home. Natural leather offers a much higher quality in finishes, but it requires maintenance and has a fairly high price.
    Adaptability . The sofa must be ergonomically shaped to provide the maximum possible comfort. In addition, if you can adjust the position of the backrest and headrest, as well as remove a footrest, the feeling of sitting on it will be unsurpassed.
Other criteria, such as the patterns of the exterior design or the possibility of choosing a sofa bed or a sofa bed, depend on the needs and tastes of the users. That said, we can now start this comparison with the best offers on Black Friday 2021 sofas .

We started with a comfortable gray sofa without armrests. Without a doubt, this gives it a very modern and elegant design. It offers enough space for 3 people and can be converted into a bed if there are guests . In this sense, Miriam assures that "its click clack opening system is very easy to use".
placeholderSofa bed without armrests by Hogar 24
Sofa bed without armrests by Hogar 24

The upholstery has been made of synthetic stain-resistant fabrics and its backrest is quite comfortable. It includes two cushions and reaches 190 cm in length. As Róber says, “a sofa bed with a great value for money”. It has a 3.7 out of 5 average mark.

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Click Clac Sofa Bed by Hogar24

Here we find a variant of the previous model. The only difference is in the color of the upholstery. While the old one was gray, this one is dark blue. It also reaches a 3.7 out of 5 and includes two cushions that can be used as pillows at bedtime.

placeholderClick Clac Sofa Bed by Hogar24
Click Clac Sofa Bed by Hogar24

“In his storage chest I usually keep the blankets to watch TV and some coats. It is ideal to save space ”, says Victoria about it, to which Manuel adds that“ it is very elegant. For this price it is difficult to find a better sofa bed ”.

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Sofa bed with storage chest by Hogar24

Yet another alternative on the same model. Undoubtedly, it is ideal for the most classic salons due to its elegant and distinguished chocolate brown color . In this sense, Verónica affirms that “its tone works well with all types of furniture. Quite a success ”.

placeholderSofa bed with storage chest Hogar24
Sofa bed with storage chest Hogar24

It is a 3-seater sofa that, as it becomes a bed, allows two people to sleep comfortably. In addition, in its lower chest it is possible to store bedding or anything else that is needed to save space. It reaches a 3.7 out of 5 and, as Javier clarifies, “it doesn't take more than 2 minutes to convert it into a bed or a sofa”.

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Elastic and adaptable sofa cover Eiffel Textile

Over the years and use, it is normal for the upholstery of our sofas to deteriorate. However, that does not mean that it has to be changed. Many times, it is enough to place an adaptable elastic cover as elegant as this one over it. It is designed for 4-seater sofas (between 230 and 270 cm long) and has a sober gray color.

placeholderElastic and adaptable sofa cover Eiffel Textile
Elastic and adaptable sofa cover Eiffel Textile

Its average score on Amazon is 3.5 out of 5 . In this sense, Marisa clarifies that "it is not necessary to iron it and it can be machine washed at a maximum of 30º C. This is possible thanks to its combination of polyester and elastane which, in addition, makes it" very easy to clean. (Yolanda).

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Anti-slip and anti-stain sofa cover Umi

“A little water, a neutral detergent and a clean cloth are enough to clean the surface of this cover . It does not absorb any type of stain ”. This review, written by Mateo, perfectly sums up the main quality of this protective sofa cover. In addition, “it is very easy to put on and adjust. It is perfect ”.

placeholderAnti-slip and anti-stain sofa cover Umi
Anti-slip and anti-stain sofa cover Umi

For its part, it has a non-slip design that prevents it from moving no matter how much we sit on it. As indicated by the manufacturer, it is specially designed to protect the original upholstery of the sofa from scratches, spilled drinks and pet hair.

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Adaptive protective cover in ivory Eiffel Textile

Another noteworthy creation of the Eiffel Textile brand thanks to its 3.5 out of 5 on Amazon. "It has a great value for money" specifies Charo about it. Undoubtedly, the fact that the offer includes a cover for a three-seater sofa and another two to match for individual armchairs is what has motivated this opinion.

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