Cecotec Black Friday 2021 offers: spinning bikes, treadmills and walking and fitness

Cecotec wants to celebrate its Black Friday 2021 throughout the month of November with pre-offers so succulent on exercise bikes and treadmills that you will not be able to resist

Playing sports and doing daily physical workouts at home is more and more frequent . In addition to offering you the comfort of training without the need to go to the gym or go out for a run, aerobic exercise, which is practiced with stationary bikes and treadmills, helps the body burn carbohydrates and fat, making it the perfect exercise to lose weight. But it also helps you reduce stress levels, improve sleep quality, and avoid cardiovascular disease. For this reason, Cecotec wants to give you a hand and, during its Black Friday 2021 , it wants to give you the possibility of getting one of its sports teams at incredible prices. Now, starting with a healthy lifestyle from home is possible if you equip yourself with one of the stationary bikes or treadmills from the Valencian manufacturer. Take advantage of the interesting offers that Cecotec launches during its Black Friday to always be in shape.
When is Cecotec's Black Friday?
Cecotec's Black Friday has already begun and, although the key date will be next Friday, November 26, the Valencian firm does not want to miss the opportunity to offer you its wide assortment of sports machines for the home with pre-offers to which no you can say no.
Photo: Cecotec Black Friday 2021: the best offers (Cecotec)
Cecotec Black Friday 2021: the best offers
Incredible discounts and bargains with which you can purchase their products at the best price throughout the month. Discover them and take them home this Black Friday 2021 from Cecotec. You just have to be attentive throughout the month of November to the large discounts that the company will launch and announce through its website.
How to choose a treadmill
When buying a treadmill you may have many doubts about which model is the most convenient for you and the one that best suits your needs . Taking into account these aspects and characteristics, you are sure to be right with your choice.
Power : a good treadmill must have adequate power, between 2 and 3 HP , and reach a maximum speed that exceeds 10 km / h, although there are some that reach 14, 18 or even 20 km / h. This allows you to do all kinds of workouts on them, from slow-paced shoots, sets, or changes of pace.
Number of programs : another important point that you should pay attention to are the training programs (some exceed 16 modes) that it incorporates, since the treadmill will guide you at all times and is especially useful for beginners who do not have a personal trainer.
Incline : Although it may not seem important, you should pay attention to the incline , as increased effort is key to burning more calories. This should not be less than 12-15%.
Cushioning : it is essential to avoid straining certain muscles and subsequent injuries.
How to choose an exercise bike
The exercise bike is a cardio-training device that allows you to lose weight, regain shape and improve physical performance every day from home, while improving cardiovascular endurance and leg muscles, regardless of age or the level of practice. That's why it's important to choose the right appliance so you can perform at your best. Playing sports at home has many advantages, especially when going to the gym is lazy One of the first things to consider before buying an exercise bike is where you plan to locate it . If you have limited space, you can opt for upright and reclined models, otherwise it will have to be a folding bike with wheels. It is important to guarantee the comfort of the bicycle while it is being used, so elements such as the saddle or the handlebar adjustable in height and depth are essential. The same goes for the pedals and footrests that provide better support. You should also make sure that the bike is equipped with a good stabilizer system . Mechanical or motorized resistance is one of the main criteria to take into account, since it allows the effort made to be measured with good stability. Also, the console allows you to determine the program, power, time, the average number of calories burned or the distance traveled and, some models, even indicate the heart rate.
The best Cecotec offers on Black Friday
Once we are clear about what we need in a device, it is time to take a look at Cecotec's offers and discounts on Black Friday 2021 .
Indoor bike PowerActive
With the PowerActive professional indoor bike you will be able to perform an efficient, agile, silent and safe training , with maximum comfort and without having to renounce design. Its high-quality belt drive operation incorporates the Silence Fit system , which contributes to very quiet pedaling. With this bike you will achieve an optimal training position and avoid fatigue and injuries.
placeholderIndoor bike PowerActive
Indoor bike PowerActive

Indoor Bike Extreme 20
This professional indoor bike has a 20 kg flywheel , a heart rate monitor and an LCD screen where you can check the time, speed, calories, distance and heart rate. Its Silence Fit system allows a more agile and silent pedaling thanks to its strap. In addition, it incorporates a shock absorber in the saddle, stabilizers and height-adjustable handlebar, covered with non-slip foam. It has an emergency braking system that prevents possible injuries.
placeholderIndoor Bike Extreme 20
Indoor Bike Extreme 20

Indoor Bike Extreme 25
The Extreme 25 indoor bike is the perfect tool for those fans of this sport who want to do a professional, intensive, comfortable and efficient training. It has a 25 kg flywheel and the new Silence Fit system that guarantees agile and silent pedaling . In addition to being robust, stable and adjustable, it presents an ergonomic design that simulates the position of road or road bikes, highlighting its triathlon handlebar and its sports saddle.
placeholderIndoor Bike Extreme 25
Indoor Bike Extreme 25

Indoor Bike UltraFlex 25
UltraFlex 25 is an innovative indoor bicycle , recommended for professional training without leaving home. It incorporates a front and rear damping system , which allows for dynamic exercise, and an emergency braking system to avoid any type of injury. It has a 25 kg flywheel that allows agile and fluid pedaling, it has a triathlon handlebar covered with non-slip foam for greater grip and adjustable in height and a sporty and padded saddle to offer maximum comfort.
placeholderIndoor Bike UltraFlex 25
Indoor Bike UltraFlex 25

RunnerFit Sprint Vibrator Folding Treadmill
The Runnerfit Sprint Vibrator treadmill is perfect for indoor running , in addition to having a series of elements such as a vibrating massage belt with liporeductive properties, dumbbells and foam bars. Thanks to its powerful 2 HP motor, the treadmill is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 14 km / h . Achieve your goals with 12 preset training programs and one of 5 preset speed modes. It incorporates a heart rate monitor.
placeholderRunnerFit Sprint Vibrator Folding Treadmill
RunnerFit Sprint Vibrator Folding Treadmill

RunnerFit Sprint

Forget excuses, sign up for indoor running thanks to the RunnerFit Sprint treadmill. It is perfect for those who want to do simple but efficient aerobic workouts. Choose the ideal speed from 0.8 km / h to 14 km / h thanks to its 2 HP engine . In addition, it has a running surface of 123 x 40 cm, with VCS damping system and includes three levels of incline that increase the intensity of the training.
placeholderRunnerFit Sprint
RunnerFit Sprint

Extreme Track

This professional treadmill has a power of 3 CV, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 18 km / h, and high-end features for professional training. In its control panel you can select any of the 12 predefined training programs , as well as one of the 4 preset operating modes. Its innovative UltraFlex Track damping system is responsible for absorbing the impacts and vibrations suffered by the knees, ankles and back, minimizing possible injuries. In addition, its Automatic Tilt motorized incline system allows you to simulate real inclines and add more difficulty to your routines.
placeholderExtreme Track

Extreme Track

ExtremeTrack Vibrator

The new Extreme Track Vibrator treadmill is the most complete in Cecotec's Fit range. It has a number of elements that make it a true multifunctional training machine, such as a vibrating massage belt , dumbbells and foam bars. You will be able to achieve and improve your training goals every day in a comfortable and safe way with Cecotec's best-selling treadmill.
placeholderExtremeTrack Vibrator
ExtremeTrack Vibrator

If you want to train efficiently to lose weight, tone your body, release stress, improve your heart rate and blood pressure, it's time to buy an exercise bike or a treadmill taking advantage of Cecotec's Black Friday 2021 discounts . Find that offer that you will not be able to resist and start exercising comfortably from home.

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